Play Doh Town Review


As part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe, I have been very lucky and been sent two awesome Play Doh Town sets. I LOVE Play Doh (who doesn’t?) and these play sets are absolutely great and the perfect gift choice for any little person you know.

Play Doh Town Review

I have the Firehouse set and the 3-in-1 Town Centre and they are both fantastic sets. You may have seen the adverts for them on the TV.

The Firehouse RRP £12.99 

You get 4 small pots of Play Doh in the set, a fireman figure, a doggy and lots of other cool stuff. All over the play set are little moulds to find that you can make flowers, tools and so much more from. The best thing is that the doggy does Play Doh poops! I think this is the funniest thing ever!

Play Doh Town Review play doh town 2

3-in-1 Town Centre RRP £39.99

This set has 8 small pots of Play Doh, two figures, a truck, and 3 mini play sets which link together to make a little town.

There are tons of cool features including a pizza maker, a garage and a flower shop.

Play Doh Town Review play doh town 4 play doh town 6 play doh town 5 play doh town 7

With the town centre you can create everything from the clock tower, to hairstyles and a beard, to little birds! Go to the garage to make hubcaps and some Play-Doh petrol for the car or make Play-Doh dinners, snacks, and desserts, slide the table back, press the stamp, and pop out a pretend pizza or cake!

Both sets are really sturdy, brightly coloured and chunky – perfect for me and my little hands, and all tots aged three and over. They are so much fun and I lose myself in my Play Doh world for ages, playing, pretending, making cool stuff and more.

Is it too early to mention the C Word? As big sis told me today, it is only four months until Christmas! I know any of my friends would just love a Play Doh Town set for a present, and I am definitely going to ask Santa for some more!

Does anyone in your life love Play Doh?


  1. Oooh sounds like a great set and lot’s of fun. I have a couple of Nephew’s who would love this! xo

  2. My children have grown out of Playdoh which is a shame as they would have loved these when they were younger!

  3. These look so good, playdoh is always a lot of fun, my lad loves it.
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  4. Anything to do with PlayDoh an even i am wanting to join in x

  5. My guys love play doh but we tend to use cutters and loose parts instead of the big sets however this is awesome they would really love this!
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  6. Sounds like great fun! I loved play doh and a kid X

  7. Ha he looks very pleased with himself. We LOVE playdoh!

  8. This looks gorgeous; so big and bright and tactile! Thanks for the review :).

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