Planning the Perfect Playroom



Tired of tripping over toy cars, dolls and Lego? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about creating the perfect playroom for your children. That way, they can make a mess without you asking them to clear up after themselves. We have these handy tips to help you create the perfect space for your children to play.

Planning the Perfect Playroom

1. Layout : It’s exciting to think about endless fun design possibilities when planning this space, but it’s also necessary to consider the more practical matters, such as storage and layout. Think about the positioning of the playroom too. It may seem tempting to place the playroom as far away from the living area as possible, but you don’t want to be running up and down the stairs to attend to them every five minutes. Why not consider turning one of your larger rooms into a playroom and fitting a folding or sliding door between, for example, the living room or kitchen. This gives you the option to shut off the noise where necessary, or alternatively hide away any toys when your guests arrive. Oakwood Doors have a great selection of affordable sliding and folding doors, suitable for any playroom.

2. The Overall Look : We all know that children grow up fast. It’s important to choose a scheme that will stand the test of time. A great way to do this is to keep the background colour neutral and brighten up the playroom with replaceable accessories. That way then you won’t find yourself replacing the wallpaper or repainting the walls just a year later.

3. The Walls : There are loads of ways to make your playroom walls stand out. We particularly love new trends such as magnetic wallpaper and chalk paint. With magnetic wallpaper, you can easily stick up your child’s current artwork and replace it the next day with new ones. Similarly, chalk paint gives your children the option to draw on the wall and then rub it off instantly.

4. Chill Out : It’s important to provide your children with a space where they can sit, think or do their homework. You could buy a table and chairs or perhaps create a comfy corner for book reading. Bean bags, hanging chairs and small tents are popular options for these chilled out areas. If you have older children to occupy, why not purchase a magnetic dartboard to keep them amused for hours.

5. Storage : Storage is vital in a playroom. Make sure you’ve got plenty of storage that is suitable for different activities. To keep things in order, why not label the storage units with fun name badges. Bookshelves need to be at an accessible height for younger children to reach. If you don’t have much space, think of alternative storage ideas, such as seats or benches that have storage hidden inside.

6. Flooring : Flooring in a playroom always matters. You want the flooring to be easy to clean, whilst at the same time being safe for your children to run around on. Painted floorboards look great in a playroom and they can always be covered with fun rugs to protect hands and knees. Alternatively, rubber flooring is a great option. It’s hard-wearing, wipe-clean and stain resistant. Wipeable foam matting for the younger ones is also popular.

What would you have in your perfect playroom?


  1. I remember my mum made our dining room into a playroom for us when we were little and it was amazing! 🙂
    Nikki recently posted…#Benji’sBlog … Living with a Dog with DementiaMy Profile

  2. I think storage is probably the best tip on there! We’ve never had a playroom but have always tried to find a little corner dedicated to the kids downstairs! 🙂

  3. Storage must be essential when you have a kids room as most of them have so many toys x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Dream Wicked Cast For The 2019 MovieMy Profile

  4. Fantastic tips here! I never had a play room but this makes me want to give my future kids one! I shared a room with my brother so she painted it a neutral colour of lavender so she kind of planned in advance haha!

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