Win Two Disney Adult Art Therapy Books


We have a fantastic competition for you – you may be starting to think about….that. (Dare I mention Christmas?) Well, these would make gorgeous stocking fillers for any teen or adult. We are sure you have seen this type of book everywhere, but these are particularly lovely. Read on to see how you can win two Disney adult art therapy books..

Win Two Disney Adult Art Therapy Books

With the weather as it is at the moment – unsettled and quite cold and wet, it does feel that Christmas is around the corner! Mummy has been invited to some Christmas in July events too which adds to the Christmassy feel here.

It is never to early to think about Christmas presents, and we have these two Disney adult art therapy books to start your shopping! One is Frozen themed, the other is Disney Princesses. They are stunning, beautiful quality by Parragon books and they are normally £9.99 each.

You can read more about them here.

All you have to do is enter below, answer the question which is simply ‘Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, when do you usually start?’

Good Luck! This is a brand new, unused prize from us to you, and will be sent out by us. We have lots of competitions planned, so make sure you keep popping back to check the latest in our Competitions section.

UK competitions at ThePrizeFinder & Loquax

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  1. I’ve actually nearly finished my shopping. I start in January though because my girl’s birthday is on New Year’s Day!

  2. I buy bits throughout the year because I have a big family – so yes, I have started. And today (yes 10th July) I passed a card shop in my town centre and I saw boxes of Christmas cards for sale in the window!

  3. I have not started as yet but I aim too in the next couple of weeks, it seems to be coming round fast this year 🙂

  4. Oh wow I’ve never seen Disney ones before. Will have to pick these up for my little ones!

  5. No I have not started my Christmas shopping yet I usually start im October ☺

  6. Not a fan of adult colouring books normally but need one of these
    Kara Guppy recently posted…Rethinking Toddler Portion Sizes #rethinktoddlerportionsizesMy Profile

  7. Not started yet as living in Finland means that you are almost tempting the snow to come early and as it stays til April or May…

  8. I have just bought a few pressies the other day. But I bought all my wrapping paper, cards, etc straight after Christmas. My box of £4 cards I got for just 25p
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…My 5th Blogiversary GiveawayMy Profile

  9. Christmas already I am not ready to start thinking about it yet but loving the giveaway
    Anosa recently posted…Cheap and Effective Ways of Cutting Down on Your Heating BillsMy Profile

  10. A great competition. Sylvia and I love colouring together and these are fantastic.
    Angela at Daysinbed recently posted…My 2016 Health Goals Mid Year ReviewMy Profile

  11. Not yet, I try to enjoy Summer first, and then make a start.
    fashion-mommy recently posted…Maxi dress style – Perfect for SummerMy Profile

  12. I shop for Christmas all year round to spread the cost so I’m almost there. Got loads of stuff for kids and also all birthdays for the rest of the year. It’s also a cheap time of the year to buy on amazon and eBay. Also to order and customised products.

  13. I like adult art therapy books. I have some and they really make me relax. What a lovely pairof giveaway.
    Jessica recently posted…5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets that Travel Bloggers Should Invest In #Ad @westerndigitalMy Profile

  14. These look like a great gift for a Disney fan!
    Katykicker recently posted…#SagaSpendingDiary updateMy Profile

  15. These have my name written all over them and nope not started my shopping yet, I always ignore Christmas until November ha x
    Rachel recently posted…MY PURRFECT GIFT BOX | JUNE EDITIONMy Profile

  16. We are really into the adult colouring right now and my daughter-in-law is a big Disney fan so this would be a lovely present for her 🙂 Christmas shopping? No way, not even thinking about it!!

  17. Not yet – I usually wait for the eldests birthday to be out of the way (end of Aug)

  18. What a great giveaway, I need these in my life!

  19. I tend to start picking up a few things June if I see them on offer x

  20. I started in January lol I can’t afford to buy everything at once around xmas solo ok out fro Jan on for offers all makes things easier and less stressful

  21. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I usually start in December.

  22. Yes, I start in the Boxing Day sales.

  23. Yes … I’ve started my Christmas Shopping -Cards, Paper and decorations all brought in January to save a few pennies!

  24. Yes I started Christmas shopping last week! With five children it is a costly time. But luckily I love it!!

  25. I am disorganized so I definitely have not started yet but I am loving the look of these adult therapy books.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Its Ok To Have Mental Health IssuesMy Profile

  26. I started in January and i aim to be done by october,

  27. No, I haven’t started yet..will start mid December, so a little while yet 😉

  28. With 3 kiddies I really should be more organised, but I haven’t started my Christmas shopping. I will probably start after my daughter’s birthday in September.

  29. I’ve started mine early this year in the interests of spreading the cost, but normally it’s a mad panic from November onwards! Feels nice to be a bit more organised.

  30. I didn’t start my Christmas shopping, it’s still too early for me. The prize is great. x
    Anca recently posted…The beautiful English countrysideMy Profile

  31. I am terrible for Christmas shopping. I start mine at the beginning of December (with the exception of some food stuff that needs to be prepped in advance e.g the cake) but mostly do the Christmas Eve mad dash round the shops and I have to confess I love that experience.

  32. I usually start around September 🙂

  33. It’s always the first weekend in November,you can’t beat that run up to the festive season

  34. I always start xmas shopping towards the end of November.

  35. I started my xmas shopping in the January sales 🙂

  36. Mine starts on Boxing Day in the sale! I like to grab some bargains and little presents throughout the year to save on the costs and it means I can give something a bit more to my friends and families.

  37. Not even thought about it yet. Theoretically I start in September. More honestly it’s nearer November!

  38. Yes – I start my Christmas shopping, in January, and buy presents throughout the year.

  39. Disney + adult coloring book .. a great combination to buy or gift someone.

  40. i have started on stocking fillers for my daughter, and a few other things

  41. Not yet after the children go back to school in September is when I normally start

  42. I haven’t started yet, but I am tempted every day when I see a nice bargain – it’s Amazon Prime Day today too – but I worry about buying things and not being able to take them back as it would be too late!

  43. Christmas!!!! I leave it until December 1st normally, but always seem to have to rush-buy something on Xmas Eve that I forgot

  44. No, I usually start at the beginning of December.

  45. I start in the boxing day sales; )

  46. No. Will probably start November – December.

  47. I make quilts and donate or gift them so I start right after Christmas of the year before

  48. I use to start as late as September/October but now finally started in January

  49. Not started yet, I usually start as soon as the kids go back to school in September 🙂

  50. Every year I plan on buying a few things every month but always end up leaving things until the end of the year. I usually start in October but buy most things in December.

  51. Not until October!

  52. I’ve bought a few bits, my partner’s birthday is in December so I tend to buy throughout the year when I see things as he is so hard to buy for and I need to buy double!

  53. I usually start after my eldest’s birthday in august x

  54. Yes started in January sales always do 🙂

  55. I have not started yet. Usually no until September

  56. No,I do all my christmas shopping in december.

  57. Not yet, but I do try and start in early November x

  58. I’ve bought one present for my mum as I happened to see it but I normally start in about September / October.

  59. I haven’t started yet, I usually start around September, October 🙂

  60. No, I wouldn’t start until December!!

  61. i have started a bit, i got some bits in the sale in january

  62. I buy little bits throughout the year, especially if it is perfect for someone. Otherwise I’ll get started nearly November.

  63. I usually start July/August but things have happened so had to delay it. Might start it in September

  64. Yes I’ve started mine. I always pick up things I know the ppl I gift will like throughout the year esp wen on special offer

  65. Yes it saves me loads starting early, got quite a bit already and have a notebook i store all buys in.

  66. I buy 2 presents every week starting in june, wether it be for my children or a family member. By the end of november xmas shopping is all done! *Well minus the wrapping * i try to find bargains where ever possible. Doing it this way saves time and money ⏰ Oh also less stressful battling the stores with the kids

  67. I usually start in mid November

  68. We start at the end of november xx

  69. I start in september x

  70. No not yet, I am terrible for leaving it until the last minute

  71. Not yet I normally begin to worry end of October!

  72. Christmas shopping starts in the Jan sales ,so I start off super organised and it rapidly goes down hill after that!

  73. I am making all my Christmas presents and cards this year,so I started in February

  74. Not started yet I usually start mid-december. I’m not very organised!

  75. I started my Christmas shopping in the sales last year but still have a hell of a lot to get 🙁

  76. I’ve done some, but not much yet.
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Random Acts of Unkindness, and What I Read In JuneMy Profile

  77. haven,t started yet

  78. I started in June. I wasn’t as organised last year it was crazy got there in the end

  79. I have picked up a few things. I don’t usually start until about September. I need to start early with four kids.

  80. Yes I have already started but only for my little girl and her cousins

  81. Phew, gosh no. I might start putting a little away each month though.

  82. no way! i start in November

  83. Nope! Nowhere near yet but i’ll probably start around October time

  84. I haven’t and I usually start in October.

  85. haha..nooo im a last minute shopper.normally i do it a week before christmas

  86. Not yet! But I’ll probably start buying a few bits soon!

  87. I haven’t started yet, but I really should start getting things in the sales.

  88. Not even thought about Christmas let alone started shopping

  89. I’ve started saving up so that’s a step in the right direction!

  90. Bought a few things half price earlier in the year, I look out for offers all year round I hate paying full price

  91. ive ben putting some money each week on a savings card x

  92. I’m terrible and usually start xmas shopping about two weeks before xmas and do it all online!

  93. I started my Christmas shopping in The January sales!!

  94. I start mine when kids go back to school after the summer

  95. Definitely not – I’d probably start in a few months.

  96. I actually bought some things for Christmas in January!!!

  97. actually i got my first xmas present a few days ago for my little man it’s the earliest i’ve started :O x

  98. im terrible and usually leave it till the last minute ! fab giveaway thankyou x

  99. I don’t usually start Xmas shopping til at least late October but I’m on the ball this year and have a slowly growing pile of little bits, go me!

  100. i haven’t even thought about christmas yet! i’m usually the person that leaves everything until the last minute haha

  101. Usually around October.

  102. I always plan to start early but I never actually do. So oct/Nov I end up starting in a panic

  103. Course I have….I start on Boxing Day! I love it!

  104. OMG – Can’t even think about it yet! Have no money! And have run out of ideas!

  105. Not until after my Birthday (30th November) xxx

  106. Whenever I find a great bargain or a lovely item I pick it up when I can so I’ve already collected a few stocking stuffers but I’m still on the hunt for other great items! 🙂 Merry Christmas in advance! 🙂

  107. I start getting ideas about now and buying in the summer sales.

  108. I start in about September!

  109. ive started saving amazon vouchers not actually bought anything yet though

  110. I usually start in September, when the kids are back at school.

  111. No have not started yet , usually end up leaving all last minute , this colouring books are amazing I did not know there were disney ones , would be perfect to keep amused on my way to Disneyland Paris next month 🙂

  112. No! I usually start in November
    Rebecca English recently posted…#MySchoolYears with Marks and SpencersMy Profile

  113. Not started yet. That’s reserved for Christmas week!

  114. yes i have!! for a change, i usually have best intentions then end up doing it the month before, but we have just moved and getting married next year so really need to spread costs.

  115. No, I haven’t even thought of it yet, usually mid November

  116. I’ve started to think about what to get the kids but I won’t be buying anything until at least November!!!

  117. I haven’t but I usually start in September

  118. started a month and a half ago

  119. Not started as yet but normally start about October time as thats when the offers tend to start on the toys 🙂

  120. I shop for Christmas throughout the year. looking out for bargains that will appeal to my grandchildren. It helps with budgeting doing a little at a time >)

  121. I tend to start after Bonfire night, it’s an unwritten rule in this house that we never plan too far ahead due to the kids always changing their minds!

  122. Haven’t started yet this year. Usually get a few things throughout the year, but been such a busy year haven’t really thought about it. Need to start soon!

  123. I like to start at the end of November,Anything else is overkill

  124. Yes, I’ve started this week

  125. I’ve picked up a couple of things just this week but I won’t start properly until Oct/Nov.

  126. Not yet, but definitely starting to think about it!

  127. I pick up a few things during the year, but do most of my shopping in November

  128. I always get tge majority done after the end of June, once all my children have had their birthdays, although i often pick bits up throughout the year, in sales as I see them.

  129. yes i have to spread the cost

  130. I’m really into adult colouring as I have anxiety and depression and find that he really helps me and as I’m a huge Disney fan these books would be perfect for me

  131. I normally leave Christmas shopping to the last minute.

  132. Liked and commented on instagram as stevie_fairbairn.

  133. Yes I always start my Christmas shopping on either Christmas eve or Christmas day for the following year,I start by checking Boots, Superdrug etc for my gift sets.I have to be super organised because of how many family and friends i buy for!

  134. Yes i started last month, just a few bits for the kids that were on offer x

  135. Don’t do any. I have liked a pic and commented on Instagram

  136. I start in the January sales and buy throughout the year whenever I see something that is perfect for a present

  137. havent started yet but hope to in the next month

  138. No I haven’t started yet. Usually I start about the middle of October.

  139. I shop throughout the year, usually from towns we visit or craft fayres

  140. Yes, I’ve already started, having 4 children you can never really start early enough ! .x

  141. yes i have, i tend to buy throughout the year

  142. Yes i have. i have to as i have to budget early on in the year 🙂

  143. Yes i buy things as i see them throughout the year and but them away.

  144. I’m usually a last minute shopper but these books would encourage me to get started early.

  145. I collect stuff all year round then still have a mad moment about a week before!

  146. No, I usually start Christmas shopping in October

  147. Already started. I pick stuff up during the year (which I know people will like and will keep until then) and then just add things nearer the time. Cards, wrapping paper, decorations etc were bought in the January sales.

  148. I start in october

  149. I run a Christmas savings club so have nearly finished this and in October i will be doing all of my Christmas shopping

  150. Nope. I usually do all my Christmas shopping in the 2 weeks leading up to it.

  151. No – I usually start sometime in December!

  152. Not yet but I will go October ☺

  153. I’ve got a few things put away, I’m trying not to do too much though, as I tend to go overboard!

  154. Sort of, I buy things as and when I see them throughout the year. I dont have an exact time to start but generally like to get it all sorted by october as my work gets really busy

  155. I’ve got a few bits and pieces already. I do try to be organised!!

  156. I pick up bits and bobs all through the year if I spot something I know a particular person would love. By November I will just have the ‘special big gifts’ to get and these I love going out for on a designated Christmas shopping day.

  157. I always start in January and get a few bits throughout the year, so yes I’ve started.

  158. I’ve not started yet but, I will have to soon for my large family.

  159. Not yet.

  160. I started mine on January 🙂 Got some bits and bobs in the sales

  161. I have actually started Christmas shopping! We haven’t even been on our summer holiday yet! I like picking things up as I see them as then I don’t feel too stressed in the huge build up to the big day!

  162. no, but i think it is a good idea to start early to spread the cost – but, other things get in the way

  163. I start my christmas shopping in the jan sales lol and im usually finished by end of oct

  164. ive got a few bit in yeah

  165. I will start Christmas shopping around October.

  166. I normally start around November when I get lists off of all my family

  167. I bought a playdoh set the other day reduced from £20 to £5 and put it away for my daughter for Christmas 🙂

  168. Nooooo I will leave it to the last minute as per usual though hopefully not as last minute as last year!!!

  169. Not yet, but should start soon. September most likely 🙂

  170. Just bought 2 Frozen annuals from last year for £1 as little wrap ups for my girls,will be trying to spread out the shopping and expense over the next few months though.

  171. Yes started 🙂 got a box under the bed with bits in,

  172. No I have not started my Christmas shopping yet! It’s only August!!

  173. Yes, I buy things throughout the year, that way it doesn’t seem quite such a huge task x

  174. I’m actually guilty of doing Christmas shopping all year round! So yes I have started.

  175. october time is when i start

  176. With 4 kids, I like to get my shopping started early to keep organised and to allow plenty of time to pick things up. Plus it means I get to shop around.
    I tend to start in September once the kids are back at School.

  177. Once my son goes back to school I start making lists and buying bits and pieces

  178. l start next month except presents that I’ve already bought in the sales.

  179. Not yet but I’ll prob start thinking about it in October

  180. Yes I started buying for the kids a few months back

  181. I start my Christmas shopping in August as it’s my sons birthday 6 days before.

  182. very soon

  183. I have a few bits, I start to do it properly in September.

  184. I start my Christmas shopping in the January sales

  185. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, but I will start any time – I don’t have a set time, it just depends when I see bargains!

  186. Yes I buy when I see bargains x

  187. Not yet, but I need to start early this year as our first baby is due on 21st December! So will be spending all of December preparing for the birth and not running round getting presents like i normally do!

  188. I usually start late in the year but this year I have quite a few presents so far. I would like to finish in November so I have spare money in December to do more festive activities x

  189. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet as I still have Stacey’s birthday to sort out, but I’ll definitely be starting soon!!

    Louise x
    Louise Smith recently posted…31 Times I Wished I Owned Rachel Green’s WardrobeMy Profile

  190. I’m a shop throughout the yearer too. Great prize to add to the piles.

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