Top Tips for Sleeping Away From Home


Going away from home by yourself can be hard enough as it is. But it hard for us little ones too! This can be a whole new challenge. Whether you’re with your partner or are heading on a single parent holiday, there are ways to make everything a little bit easier. Here are some of my top tips for sleeping away from home:

Top Tips for sleeping away from Home

1. Give us a bath

For many very young children a bath before bedtime is part of our nightly routine. If you disturb our routine too much it can lead to a disturbed night which in turn can lead to bedwetting. Of course, this isn’t what you or we want so wherever possible, book into a room with a bath and not just a shower. Stick to any other parts of our routine too, if you can, like cleaning teeth and any bedtime stories. The more ‘normal’ everything the feels to us, the better we will fall asleep.

2. Pack our familiar stuff from home

A great way to make us feel comfortable enough to drop off to sleep is to surround us with our favourites from home. It will also soothe us if they wake during the night. So, how about packing my bedsheet that I’ve been sleeping on recently at home? This will have a familiar feel for me and will also help my new bed smell the same as mine at home. My bedsheet is a good option for packing too, as it isn’t as bulky as a duvet or baby sleeping bag! For little babies, pack their usual mobile, and also let toddlers pick a couple of their favourite toys or teddys.

3. Pack new pyjamas

Sometimes, the best way to calm us down if we are are distressed or upset is with a suitable distraction. How about a new pair of Paw Patrol pyjamas, or pyjamas from one of my our other favourite TV characters or cartoons as a distraction! Alternatively, how about a new character toothbrush or a new pair of slippers. Guaranteed to make us smile!

4. Match our usual temperature

Something else that can really make a difference to how we will sleep is our temperature. If we are too hot, we may have trouble falling asleep. I have always been a very hot baby / tot. I get restless, kicking my covers off and wrestling with my pyjamas. But, If I am too cold I can’t a good night’s sleep either. Take some time to match the room to the environment that we usually sleep in for a peaceful night for everyone! 

If you are planning a trip away from home, we hope these will help you. Do you have any top tips for sleeping away from home?



  1. I think packing our familiar stuff from home is a great tip x
    Rachel recently posted…Choosing Your Wedding Makeup LookMy Profile

  2. I think that bringing stuff from home will help the kid feel safer in their surroundings and the same can be said for adults too!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Planete Chocolat Luxury TrufflesMy Profile

  3. Great post. I find that if children have familiar items it helps them settle better.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Kaya JewelleryMy Profile

  4. Spot on with temperature, people often think about keeping their temperature stable (which is brilliant) but also keeping it a familiar temperature to what they normally is key to helping them drift off. Brilliant tips 🙂

  5. Great tips! I’m with you on packing the familar stuff from home, don’t think my girls would sleep without their comforters

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