Learning can be Fun!


As we enter the summer holidays, it feels as though we have had years of serious learning in our house – and we have! With my big sisters we have had four years of constant learning with ‘mock’ exams, GCSE’s, A Levels and Uni exams. Phew!

Learning can be Fun!

I am just starting my school journey, having completed my first term of afternoon nursery school, moving to mornings in September. I am discovering that learning can be fun!

Big bro Luke is just starting his GCSE – or Key Stage 4 – journey as he turns 14 next week, and goes into Year 10 in September.

Mummy is always looking for ways to show us all that learning can be fun, and has come across a great website that has fun quizzes for revision which she is keen to tell you about….

‘It has been a constant stream of revision and exams in our house for what seems like forever, and it has been difficult and stressful at times for us all! Particularly though for my teens, who feel under so much pressure, and who worry quite a bit too. I am all for anything that helps them to see that learning can be fun, it makes these years so much easier for them (and me!).

As Luke starts Year 10 I am really keen to help him, and love the website which has 10 Question Quizzes, written by teachers, to help keep him to think and keep his mind focused too.

As well as Key Stage 4, the website also covers KS1, KS2, KS3 and has a great section for Students where it explains – in their language – how the quizzes can help, and how to use them. It is a great resource for anyone who has children age 5 and over. There is also a Parents section which answers any questions you may have.

For a small monthly fee of less than a cappuccino a week we can access a huge range of quizzes, and some exciting news is that in the last week or so, there has been a launch of a Schools Section where schools can sign up students on their behalf, and depending on how many students there are, it can only cost £2 a month!

So, with Luke’s revision quizzes sorted, there are lots of other ways to help him too, including how to beat exam stress and mindfulness to help him relax, ease anxiety and put everything into perspective.’

Have you used, or thought of using educational quizzes to show that learning can be fun?


  1. I used to teach kids when I was younger and educational quizzes definitely helped a lot. Its a great way to show that learning is fun!

  2. Love the idea of educational quizzes – definitely a great, fun way to learn!

  3. That website looks fab! My son is only going in to year 2 but he has recently started asking for learning things to do at home so this would be perfect for him, such a great price too! x
    Jess (TantrumsToSmiles) recently posted…BubbleBum Junkie **REVIEW**My Profile

  4. I think it’s so important to keep learning fun – some people aren’t so big on it – but it is something I will be doing with my kids!
    Sam Jeffery recently posted…5 Summery Lip LovesMy Profile

  5. The quizzes sound good. I bet they would be useful.

  6. There are so many different ways to making learning fun now, or at least make it the least boring possible.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Perfect Herb Pairings by Harriet from Toby & RooMy Profile

  7. I love the sound of the quizzes Pickle and I have no doubt you will ace them x
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