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Another busy month here – we hope you enjoy reading what we have been up to. We try and take at least one photo a day to record our lives and adventures. Here are our photos from May –  (yes, we have had decided to record a month in one hit again).


photo a day

1 May – Bank Holiday Sunday – wet, chilly day. Mummy, Lea and Luke went to see the new Captain America film. I didn’t know this – as you know I LOVE Super Heroes, but am too little to see this. Boo. I stayed with Nana and Grandad. Mummy did buy me some more Imaginext figures though. I drew this guy with a pigs nose!

2 May – It started wet and miserable, but brightened up and by mid afternoon was like 14 degrees and boiling hot! We went to the big town with Daddy and had lunch in Wetherspoons. We did a bit of shopping – paint and boring stuff for Daddy. I did see some Chinchillas in Pets at Home which were cool. Lea practised her photo for her end of school year book.

Tuesday 3 May – beautiful warm, sunny day. Met Nana for nice coffee, then after popping her to the Doctors for a quick check we went to Tenby. It was beautiful. School. Boo. I still ask Mummy to ask Miss H if it alright for me to be shy. I got a bit upset. I said I didn’t feel well, but I knew really that I had to go. When I came out I told Mummy that I didn’t want to do anything today, and I helped Miss H. (Mummy had told Miss H that I wasn’t happy about going to school today).

Wednesday 4 May – Not happy about school. (Mummy says….Miss H told me that Pickle needs to settle in again after being off ill. I disagree as that was a while ago – he only missed one day last week. I guess it hasn’t helped though. I think it is because of the long weekend. I vowed today that he will not miss another day unless he is really too ill to go). More drawing from me.

photo a day

Thursday 5 May – Very upset at going into school today. I was sobbing. (Mummy says….. It is breaking my heart seeing Pickle like this. He comes out happy, but going in is torture. I hate it). Lovely sunny day.

photo a day

Friday 6 May – Lea off to study, but we had an hour over at Stackpole looking for bluebells. Mummy wanted some photos of me after seeing all the lovely ones on the internet. There were no bluebells, just white wild garlic flowers, which were very pretty. It was a lovely day, and supposed to be very hot at the weekend. Upset again at going to school. Mummy asked another Mummy if she would like to meet up next week with J (Not Jay, another little boy in my class) so we could play. She said yes – good idea, so that should be fun.

photo a day

Saturday 7 May – We met Nana but first we went bluebell hunting, and found some!  A lovely day, so we went to Amroth for a nice coffee and a little walk.

photo a day

8 May – Annas Welsh Zoo – it was a beautiful warm sunny day. We had fun with selfies whilst sitting on a bench near the monkeys. This photo is of us, not the monkeys 😉

photo a day

Monday May 9 – I had my first play date with James, and loved it! Funny day with showers and some sun. Mummy was trying a new phone messaging app and taped up my Super Heroes…. no, don’t ask.

May 10 – Torrential rain, and we got soaked. Lea was off school, revising. Mummy worked from home. Only photo today was of me asleep.

May 11 Rain. Leah off worked from home – I was at Nana’s. Showers then warm but grey. I drew some more lovely pictures.

May 12 – Met Granny Jane in Tenby for breakfast then met Daddy for coffee. A lovely hot sunny day. School, and  Miss H said I  been much better today and yesterday. I brought home my Australian kangaroo ears hat and didgeridoo. We have been looking at Around the World and different countries. Lea’s first GCSE Cida. (Some computer thingy) First time I needed sun cream for school and no jumper.

photo a day

May 13 Hot and sunny. Lea off school revising. Mummy fond a field full of rapeseed plant for some fab pics. Mmmy bought my first ‘doodles’ canvas shoes of the year and Avengers crocs! Plus a Spidey sun hat. Mummy put my sand and water table in the garden and bought some sand for me. It was boiling hot. Went to Saundersfoot beach after school for an hour. I cried going into school. First time wearing my hat –  no jumper again.

photo a day

May 14 – Saturday, cooler to start. We went to Carmarthen for some holiday bits. It turned hotter. We bought a French phrase book! Mummy and I had some gorgeous new raincoats from Lighthouse.

May 15 –  I woke up with a head cold and runny nose. We had lunch in Saundersfoot with Daddy, then ice cream. It was a nice day 🙂 I wore Mummy’s Twirly Woo headband with my new Marvel shorts set. As you do.

May 16 –  We went to James’s house again. I had lots of fun. I slept on way home from school. Feeling unwell. Another nice day.

May 17 – Mummy went to London to meet Super Nanny – Jo Frost. Nana looked after me. I slept after school again, and when Mummy got home, I had a temperature at night.

photo a day

May 18 – I was poorly with a cough,  temperature and a stinky cold. Weather much cooler. I went onto the beach with J and his Mummy for half an hour – the first time I was with another Mummy without my Mummy!  I slept and slept after school, at Nana’s – on her rug! On the way home, and all night too! Over 14 hours!

May 19 – Much colder and grey. Mummy took me to doctors. All was clear. Lea had first keyboard lesson after school and she loved it.

Friday May 20 – Cold today. I was still poorly. Mummy met Granny Jane and I stayed home with Lea. I didn’t go to school – today I had a temperature at lunch time too. I just wanted cuddles with Mummy and felt worn out.

May 21 – Nana’s birthday – we had lunch in Saundersfoot then met Daddy for coffee. Went to Peacocks to get some holiday clothes for Luke and I. Surprisingly, there is no photo for today.

May 22 – Hooray! After torrential rain, a beautiful warm sunny day. Went on the beach for a bit, and had an ice cream 🙂

photo a day

23 May – Monday. Our weekly playdate with J. Mixed weather – sunny, warm one minute, chilly the next.

24 May – Lovely day, but the sea was quite choppy, and there was a very high tide.I had my haircut for the second time at a different place. A man cut it, he was very nice, I was a good boy and sat very still, but he still managed to cut one side of my hair shorter than the other! Lea trimmed it and it was ok. Mixed weather again. Lea had an appointment in the early evening to have her nails done for her school prom which is this Friday.

25 May – My first school photo today. Crazy busy morning dashing to Carmarthen to pick up our holiday money, find the perfect bag for Lea’s prom, which she did find. Lea then had her Physics GCSE in the afternoon. Then she had an appointment to ‘get her brows done’.

26 May – Eeeek! Our beautiful new car to review arrived! We have it to take us to France. It is STUNNING! Beautiful hot sunny day – and we had climate control in the car! It was heaven! Lea had her second keyboard lesson.

photo a day

27 May – Lea’s last proper day of school. And a two hour English Literature exam. Then make up, then – at last – her prom, after prom party and after prom party, party! Phew!

Saturday 28 May – We head to France today – our first part of the journey takes us to Ashford, then onto Dover tomorrow. Look out for our updates and posts, as we head to Eurocamp and Disney Land Paris!

It is always all go here! How was your May?




  1. Pickle’s drawings are coming on well and you have some lovely photo’s. Not sure what to suggest about him going into pre-school, some children are just clingy. Hope he grows out of it soon
    Kara Guppy recently posted…Dream, Believe, Achieve with a Diversity Break at ButlinsMy Profile

  2. Wow sounds like a packed month you’ve had. Can’t wait to hear about Disney x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 20My Profile

  3. What a month – hope the next one is even better x

  4. Sounds like a packed May but enjoyable too, if still at EuroCamp have fun can’t wait to see the pictures
    Anosa recently posted…{Fashion Monday} Hamburg weekend outfitMy Profile

  5. Awww the drawings are so cute! I remember when my children use to get upset when they had to leave me and go to school, it was torture for me but they soon got use to it!
    Lovely pics, Tenby looks like such a beautiful place, I really would love to visit there one day 🙂

  6. I love your view, we stayed right there on that sea front last summer for the week, it was amazing! Our best UK holiday to date! Can’t wait to come back 🙂
    Sonia recently posted…Instagram Weekly 23rd May – 5th JuneMy Profile

  7. Gorgeous pictures and what a lovely family you have:-)
    Camilla recently posted…Rhubarb & Blueberry Tarte TatinMy Profile

  8. Looks like a full May! Some adorable photos of your kids and Lea looks lovely in that final photo! Hope she had a good prom!

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