Looking after Great Nana


We think about Great Nana a lot, even though she lives so far away, we miss her and love her loads. She is 95 and currently in hospital, following a nasty fall.

We are always thinking about looking after Great Nana, and how we could make her life a little easier, as well as cheering her up a little too.

Looking after Great Nana

She still lives in her own home – a house, looks after herself, is mobile and has all her faculties too, but, she is 95 and (even though she will not have it) she is an old lady.

We fear the day that she may have to go into a home, as we fear that will be when she decides she doesn’t want to be here anymore. She is very independent, and refuses to accept help or admit that she needs any support.

So, how can we make her life a little easier in her own home?

The biggest thing we would love to do for her, to help her relax, and make life much easier for her,would be to install a walk in bath. This would be simply amazing.

There is a great range at Bathing Solutions, and all their baths have the following features:

  • A wide-opening, easy-access door.
  • Stepping into the bath is simple and safe.
  • The bath is filled safely with thermostatically controlled taps.
  • When finished, you just open the door and step out. Simple!

Doesn’t this sound perfect for Great Nana? There is a great range of showers too, and they can design and install a complete wet room if that is a better solution. They also offer a free home survey to decide which exact bath is best, and she may qualify for a reduced rate of VAT due to her age.

Bathroom Solutions pride themselves on their customer service, and have over 25 years of experience. There is a handy search facility on the website where you can search to see other people who have had an installation in their home, and if any are near you.

A couple of other things we would love to do for Great Nana are to get some better security to bring her peace of mind. We know Great Nana worries about being safe, and also being a little forgetful, she tends to leave money in funny places. A better lock for her front door, and a home safe where she could pop it into might help her. And to find some help for her for the garden. She loves her garden but it is impossible for her to look after it herself.

Bathing Solutions currently have a fantastic campaign running, all about breaking barriers for elderly people, which we are completely in support of. Pop over and have a look at lots of ideas about how you can get involved.


  1. We are currently looking at replacing my Grandmas bath with a walk in to prepare for any eventualities that may happen. She is 85 and also mobile and independent x
    jenni recently posted…Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4 in 1 ReviewMy Profile

  2. Well done to great nana for living at home at 95. My son’s great grandma moved into a home a few years ago, but she’s a similar age. So nice that you think of her.
    Erica Price recently posted…Getting Children Into Brass Instruments With pBuzzMy Profile

  3. I saw a few walk in baths when I was working as a carer. They are fantastic for the older generation.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Happy Bloggerversary!!!!My Profile

  4. Be lovely if she could get one, she sounds like she wants to stay independant as long as possible and this would help her so much x

  5. Such a lovely post, my great nana passed away when I was young. Though these days this post relates to my feelings on my grandmother.

  6. Aw bless her, sorry to hear about her fall poor thing. It is amazing that she is still so mobile , very impressive x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Capture My Heart With ChavinMy Profile

  7. I think any adaptations to the house to help those who are elderly or have mobility problems are a brilliant idea. I love the sound of the wide opening bath. Great that she is managing on her own at 95 and I hope she comes home soon.
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Top 5 Tips On Saving Money As A StudentMy Profile

  8. She is living alone at 95, that is so impressive. I hope she will recover fast from her fall.
    Anca recently posted…365 Project – JuneMy Profile

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