How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Dental Health


Mummy says …. The name ‘cosmetic dentistry’ can be misleading; many people think cosmetic procedures are non-essential or just a superficial fixes, but in reality cosmetic dentistry makes teeth look better, and can also have positive effects on your  overall dental health.

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Dental Health

Psychological benefits

For some people, poor dental health is a vicious cycle; they are discouraged by the appearance of their teeth, so don’t put effort into dental care or treatment, but because they don’t invest in their oral hygiene, the appearance of their teeth never improves. In cases where people may feel hopeless, cosmetic dentistry procedures can be the catalyst that makes them take charge of their dental health.

Once their teeth look better, they may be more inclined to pursue dental procedures, and put more effort into their oral health routine.

But the benefits of cosmetic dentistry aren’t just psychological.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are a common cosmetic procedure, but did you know they also have a functional purpose? Veneers can correct minor bite issues by changing the shape and placement of the teeth (but they are not a solution  to severe overbites or under bites). Veneers can also strengthen teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or have experienced minor loss of enamel.

Perhaps most importantly, they can be used to close spaces between teeth, which prevent food and other objects from getting lodged in the gaps and causing plaque, bacteria, and infections.

Benefits of Implants

Dental implants are built to look, feel, and act like real teeth in the event of tooth loss. While their primary benefit is to improve the persons physical appearance, implants also stimulate bone growth in the jaw. If the tooth isn’t replaced and a gap is left, the jawbone has nothing to support, leading to deterioration and bone loss.

Implants are the only restorative treatment to naturally integrate with the jawbone, creating natural bone stimulation and growth.

Benefits of Braces

Invisalign products (a more attractive alternative to traditional braces) straddle the line between cosmetic and functional dentistry, as they have many benefits. A skilled cosmetic dentist will design a treatment plan that aims to improve both the appearance and function of teeth. While their primary objective is to straighten and move teeth so that they look better, Invisalign treatment also produces proper alignment, which facilitates a healthy bite.

This is an ideal treatment option to correct severe overbites and under bites, which can lead to long-term health problems such as headaches or speech impediments. Invisalign products can also help with overcrowding, which is caused by too many teeth being crammed into too small a space.

While treatment objectives vary from patient to patient, you can see how cosmetic dentistry can be used to solve many dental health problems. An experienced professional can provide a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into consideration improving the structure and health of your teeth, as well as their physical appearance.

Have you had any cosmetic dentistry work done? Or would you consider it?


  1. Yes I have. I got my teeth whitened some years ago.

  2. I’d love my teeth to be shinier and whiter, but I was told recently it wasn’t a good idea and it could damage teeth long-term. I guess veneers would be the answer, but we’re talking a big budget, aren’t we?

  3. I’ve just had a Valplast denture because I had a gap and it was making me very self conscious when I smiled. So I paid £430 to fill it! I’m not sure if I regret spending so much money on it or not yet 😉
    Sonia recently posted…Kozi Kidz Rain Jacket ReviewMy Profile

  4. This is an interesting concept. It makes sense that if you like your teeth you can spend more time and effort taking care of them. Lovely post, it made me think. x
    Anca recently posted…Diglake Farm ShopMy Profile

  5. This is really interesting – I wouldn’t have thought about the impact it may have on dental health but it actually makes complete sense 🙂 x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…New Home Ideas: Living RoomMy Profile

  6. I can’t agree more! This is very true. I am using a cosmetic dentist currently and I love it! xoxo

  7. Definitely worth investing in an implant in certain circumstances (front teeth especially) but it’s vital to research the cosmetic dentists you choose to visit first. Would also highly recommend implants rather than getting a bridge.

  8. You’re so right! Dental implants can really work wonders in your appearance and your dental health. They’re a great solution tooth trauma and decay, too. Nice job! Thanks for putting this out there!

  9. It’s always important to choose a trusted, experience and highly qualified cosmetic dentist to ensure you as a patient are in safe hands and also to be in full knowledge that you’re going to be receiving the best possible treatment and importantly results for the money you’re investing in your smile!

  10. Cosmetic Dentistry can really help you improve you confidence if you have issues with your smile. I would always make sure the dentist you choose tho carry out the work is well qualified in the specialist prior to embarking an treatments.

  11. I was happy to read this post. Great and clear explanation about cosmetic dentist can improve the dental health. You are a wonderful writer. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I would definitely consider a cosmetic dentistry job done because of my uneven teeth. I was thinking of invisalign treatment and I even finalized the Solara Dental Care in SW Calgary for that. I hope things go as planned. Fingers crossed!!!

  13. Nicely penned! Yes, I did go for a cosmetic dental procedure at Dr. Amy’s Dental Office in Thousand Oaks, CA which was dental implants after I lost my tooth. And I must say it enhanced my smile.

  14. Great Read! Cosmetic dentistry can help improve the functioning of your teeth, gums and bite and help repair them to prevent further damage. Thanks for sharing the valuable information with us and I really appreciate your efforts on this post. Keep Posting Similar articles.

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