Top Tips for Travelling with Young Children


It is safe to say that travelling with small children is something that few parents look forward to. It is strange that however you choose to travel can turn even the sweetest child into a fidgety, complaining tot. You can’t blame your children of course. After all, having to sit in one place for a long period of time can make anyone grumpy.

Are you planning on travelling with young children? Here are our top tips to help you – Good Luck!

top tips for travelling with young children

Keep Them Occupied

One of the best ways to keep your little ones calm and soothed is to make sure that they are entertained. This means taking lots of fun activities that they can do. Ideally take two different type of activities – one that can be played with the whole family and others for independent play. This will help relieve boredom. Stock up on colouring books, blank paper, and anything else that you little one likes to do. It doesn’t hurt to have a portable DVD player as a backup.


There is something about long journeys that makes everyone feel hungry a lot quicker than usual. You may even find Even fussy eaters will want something to munch on, so be prepared! There are two things you should definitely avoid: messy foods and sugar. Do not pack food that is difficult to eat or that is particularly messy. Instead, get finger foods that are easy to hold and will leave fewer crumbs. You should also cut out the sugar. This will just give your children a sugar high with no chance to run around and wear themselves out.

Be Flexible

Unlike adults or even teenagers, little ones are in less control of their moods and their bodily functions. This means that you cannot stick rigidly to a schedule. If it looks like your little one is getting cranky, it may be time for a nap, or they may be hungry – or thirsty. You may need to think about pulling over to stretch everyone’s legs. You will find that things will go a lot smoother if you cater to some of your toddler’s needs.

Remember that the most important thing about trips is that your children create fun memories. They are not going to remember spills, tantrums, or other minor incidents. It is important that you do not work yourself up about these things either.

One big way to ease the pain of travelling is to travel in your own car as opposed to public transport. If you don’t currently have your driver’s license, you should definitely look into it. There are many helpful guides such as that will help you to pass your theory exam.

Have you any tips for travelling with young children?


  1. I hear flexibility and snacks has saved many parents. Great tips
    Anosa recently posted…Mini Beauty HaulMy Profile

  2. These are some fab tips when we travel with my step son we have to make sure we have lots of things for him to do, eat and keep warm x
    Miss Kitty Kaos recently posted…Feminine Summer Style With JD WilliamsMy Profile

  3. Some great tips here and it doesn’t always apply to toddlers! Teenagers can be just as bad to travel with at times
    Candace recently posted…#GreenTeaMonkey Does LondonMy Profile

  4. Such great tips – snacks always help in the car!

  5. I don’t have kids, but I travel with my dog and I have to change my schedule too. I usually add an extra stop only so that he gets an additional 5 minutes walk. For a 4-hour drive, having to stop for 2 or even 3 times is quite a lot, but we have to. I imagine with kids it’s even more difficult.
    Anca recently posted…Caravanning for the first timeMy Profile

  6. These are great tips, we have also found portable DVD players and Kindles to be life savers. We always have plenty of stops and definitely food in the car! In the summer we go on a plane with the twins for the first time which I am looking forward to and the hubby is dreading! x

  7. Great tips we are going away later this year so these tips will be handy.
    Joanna recently posted…Fathers Day: Gifts for £10 and UnderMy Profile

  8. Great tips we are going away later this year so these tips will be handy.
    Joanna recently posted…Fathers Day: Gifts for £10 and UnderMy Profile

  9. Great tips! I think the key is keeping them entertained. When my children were a little younger, they use to enjoy colouring books and puzzles 🙂 Being flexible is also important and certainly taking snacks along for the ride is a great tip! Lovely helpful post, thanks for sharing. xx

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