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Another busy few weeks here – we hope you enjoy reading what we have been up to. We try and take at least one photo a day to record our lives and adventures. Here are our photos from April –  (yes, we have had to record a month in one hit!)

photo a day

Saturday 2 April – Daddy’s birthday. We went to Heatherton for coffee with all my Super Heroes, this is my Hulk (or is it Spider Man) face. We then went to Marstons for lunch.

Sunday 3 April – Buy getting ready to go to Manchester tomorrow. We met Daddy for a quick coffee at Heatherton again. With my new Gotham City that Mummy and Daddy bought me yesterday.

Monday 4 April – Long journey to Manchester, calling at Uncle Alan’s and Aunty Do’s. Here I am with Aunty Do and their dog, Lola.

Tuesday 5 April – Called at Mummy’s Uncle David’s house then we went to Great Nana’s – she is giving me a kiss here – she is 95!

photo a day

Wednesday 6 April – A day of shopping in The Trafford Centre, we are staying in a Premier Inn – I LOVE the big beds! Raining today 🙁

Thursday 7 April – went to see Great Nana again, and took her out for tea. We had some photos taken with her.

Friday 8 April – Beautiful sunny day – well it would be, seeing as we had a five hour car journey home! No photo – only this one of one of Luke’s drawings that he did.

Saturday 9 April – Day at home and popped to village to see Nana for an hour. No photo – only of these yummy Bear nibbles that I am reviewing. Lea at her friends after a sleep over last night.  Rain and winds today.

photo a day

Sunday 10 April – We met Daddy for lunch at Marstons. No photo – another one of Luke’s latest drawings.

Monday 11 April – Inset day. I was poorly with a throat virus thing that keeps coming back. Big sis has it too.

Tuesday 12 April – Our friend Zena and her little girls travelled to stay at Bluestone. A weird foggy start, then a beautiful, warm sunny day. We met Zena on the beach. When we got home we didn’t know it, but it would be the last time we see our kitty cat Chico as she should be, running around, against our legs, meowing and purring.

Wednesday 13 April – Mummy and I went to Folly Farm with Zena and the girls. It was a lovely warm, sunny day. We had a brilliant time.

photo a day

Thursday 14 April – Zena invited us over to Bluestone to see Hughie the Hedgehog show. We met Jenni and Boo from Odd Socks & Lollipops too, and we all had lunch together. Lea text Mummy as we were leaving, she had found Chico under a bush. She was in a bad way. Once home, we rushed her to the vets.

Friday 15 April – Chico was in the vets overnight, and was having X-rays today. Leah was off school, we popped to McDonalds for lunch then collected Chico, she was stunned, shocked and very poorly. It was a wet start then brightened in afternoon.

Saturday – 16 April –  A bitter chilly wind but sunny and bright day. We went for a little walk and a nice coffee, but not far as Chico got worse and worse all day and died at 10pm, with Mummy, Lea and Luke around her. I was fast asleep in bed. 

Sunday 17 April – Daddy came over and helped us bury Chico  in the garden. We then went (Daddy had to go) to lunch at Marstons. We did some crafting making Mini Beast crafts.

Monday 18 April – It was Aunty Lily’s funeral today, near Manchester. (She died on 1 April). We didn’t go, but Nana and Grandad did. No photo today.

photo a day

Tuesday 19 April – We met Daddy then Granny Jane in Tenby. We walked down to South Beach, it was a beautiful warm, sunny day.

Wednesday 20 April – Off to the woods today at school so went in old clothes. Except we didn’t go (not sure why not) It was a lovely bright sunny day. Mummy had an eye test to check the back of her eye and couldn’t see or drive for a few hours after so my cousin picked me up 🙂 Luke’s option evening – a big presentation for him and Mummy at school, I waited with Lea.

Thursday 21 April – The Queen is 90 today – almost as old as my Great Nana who is 95. Met Cath for coffee then popped to Nana’s before school. Nice sunny day again – and we went to the woods! In uniform! Mummy is sure she saw Simba, our cat who has been missing since September in the next village. Fingers crossed it is her. Only photo was of a monster I made with my Bear Claw nibbles!

Friday 22 April – woke to rain, and much colder again today. Lea off with a terrible sore throat again (Mummy says it is stress). Mummy was very upset to hear that one of her favourite singers – Prince – had died. He was only 57.

photo a day

Saturday 23 April – A lovely, sunny day- warm in the shelter. We had lunch with Daddy in Wooden, then ice cream in the village.

Sunday 24 April – Another lovely warm and sunny day. Met Nana for nice coffee. We then went home to clear out and tidy up. Mummy took Lea and Luke for their passport photos.

Monday 25 April – So much colder. School – it is ok. No photo today.

Tuesday 26 April – Freezing cold. Mummy, Lea and Luke headed off on a road trip to see Macklemore in Birmingham. I love his music too, but am way too little to see him in concert! Nana took me to school, and picked me up and I was ok! Daddy looked after me for the night at our house. That was fun. Mummy saw snow flurries on her journey!

Wednesday 27  April – Daddy dropped me back to Nana’s and I spent the day with her and Grandad. I had to go to hospital for Nana’s appointment and she couldn’t get me to school. I was gutted 😉 Freezing again and more snow flurries on Mummy’s journey home.

photo a day

Thursday 28 April – Met Granny Jane for breakfast – bright day but freezing. Mummy and I went home, then I had school. It is ok. Big news! I did a wee on the ‘big’ toilet in the cafe for the first time! Mummy was so proud of me – and bought me this magazine pack.

Friday 29 April – Met Daddy for coffee, then picked Lea up from school and went home. I went to school, ok, not fussed really but I do like seeing my best friend J. No photo today.

Saturday 30 April – Despite Mummy’s phone Weather App saying it was going to rain heavily all weekend, today was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny. We went to The Potting Shed for lunch then met Nana and Grandad to go to the beach. I took my socks and shoes off for the first time this year!

It is always all go here – goodbye April! How was yours?




  1. Wow what a jam packed month. You were quite near me at the Trafford Centre. What a fabulous age your Great Nana is! X

  2. It’s such a great idea to take a photo everyday and write a short description. It will be such a great visual diary to look at in years to come.

  3. I love the pictures and it looks like such a great month with so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Love the beach feet picture!
    Angela at Daysinbed recently posted…Sickness and In HealthMy Profile

  4. Awww, lovely photos! Those super hero toys look fun! I love the photos with great nan, those are so precious! Meeting Nanna for a coffee sounds like a lovely time!
    Lets hope the weather stays nice so we can enjoy being outdoors more! 🙂 xx

  5. Sounds like a busy month and such a great idea to have a photo from every single day x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 16My Profile

  6. My goodness. You have been a busy monkey. It’s great to have it all listed so you can remember in the future.

  7. Amazing photos and it looks as though you have been super busy throughout april x

  8. What some lovely photos – it seems like you had an amazing April. That drawing is absolutely amazing as well. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Blog Printables Series: Monthly To Do ListMy Profile

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