Dear Mr French Striker (and I don’t mean footballer)


Dear Mr French Striker, I am very sorry that you feel you have to strike. I have no idea why you are striking, and am not going to talk about it at all, because I just do not know anything about it. What I do know, is that my family and I are travelling to your country this weekend, for our first family holiday to France.

dear mr french striker

We have everything planned, and as Mummy is on her own, it has taken quite a lot of planning (and money and stress!)

We have everything booked, including trips to Disney Land Paris (Our first visit), stop over hotels near Dover as we have a five hour drive to get there.

Reading all about what to expect in France, buying provisions to take with us, yesterday Mummy got our Euros all ready for our holiday. Which we are SO excited about. We have talked of nothing else for weeks!

We have a new car being delivered to us today, to take us on our trip (sadly only for our holiday, but we are still very excited).

The next 48 hours will see us frantically packing, dashing about, making last minute lists to make sure we have everything we need.

Then this. Today, Thursday 26 May sees many British flights cancelled to France, some French ports are closing, some public transport stopped just after midnight – with no idea when it will start up again.

Fuel is running extremely low, a lot of petrol stations have completely run out.

We are having email updates from Eurocamp about the situation, and it feels a bit unreal.

We have never been to France, and may never go again. We may never have this opportunity again. We have planned everything so very carefully.

We are praying, please Mr French Striker, we hope you sort out whatever the problem is, and we hope we will be in your beautiful country very soon, as planned.

If you need to know the latest, this website has all the news.





  1. OH NO!! I hope this did not end up impacting your trip!! I cannot even imagine explaining that to my kids, I hope you did not have to!

  2. Aww no 🙁 I can no imaging getting the kids ready and all excited to go on holiday and then this happens 🙁 Oh wow.Just remembered my sister in law is going today,must check and see if the got there or not!!

  3. Oh no! I really hope you still get to go…
    Kim Carberry recently posted…The Mummy Tag…My Profile

  4. Oh no, I hope the strikes do not stop your holiday. Fingers crossed a solution is found and you can enjoy Disney x
    Kirsty Hijacked By Twins recently posted…Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea and Book Giveaway!My Profile

  5. Ah no, I heard this on the news this morning, my fingers are crossed for you that it doesn’t affect your special trip!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays… recently posted…Bradley: My Letter to You on Your 12th BirthdayMy Profile

  6. Oh gosh! I heard about this today. I hope it doesn’t spoil things for you. Just be extra prepared. Take more fuel in cans in the boot. Got all my fingers crossed for you x

  7. I really hope the strikes don’t affect your travel plans – fill up here and go with a full tank, you should be fine for a week xx

  8. I really hope you can still go but this is such an nightmare right now x
    Rachel recently posted…O’Sullivans@The ShardMy Profile

  9. Oh I do hope you get there ok and all have a lovely time xx
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Project 366 – Week 22 2016My Profile

  10. Oh no!! I hope you still get to go x

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