Would you move overseas?


We love living in Wales, it is a really beautiful part of the world. We love travelling too – and I love where I have been so far, Menorca being my favourite place. The other day, we were talking about where we would like to live if we could live anywhere, have you ever thought about this and would you move overseas?

We came up with some places we would really love to live, if we had lots of money and could move all of our family there too!

would you move overseas-

  1. First for everyone was Orlando, Florida. I would actually love to live inside DisneyWorld but I don’t think you can! A villa with a pool would be rather nice though.
  2. Menorca – we just love this little island and would love to live there. Any where on the island would be a great place to live. It’s a small island but has so many wonderful places, beaches and so much history. Seeing the beautiful sunrises would make us excited for every day.
  3. Australia, we do have some very distant relatives there, and would love to find some land for sale in Adelaide to build a lovely big house to meet up with them and invite all our other family members too.
  4. Sicily – Mummy visited there before she had any of us and loved it. She said it is such a beautiful island, and we all love pasta! Mummy would love to own a little cafe there.
  5. Southern Ireland – after all it is a short ferry hop across the water for us! A gorgeous big farmhouse would be perfect, with lots of sheep and chickens.

The thing we would love most about living overseas would be sunshine – we get an awful lot of rain in Wales, mind you, we guess Ireland does too! We would miss our family so much though, especially Nana and Grandad, so would probably stay in Pembrokeshire after all!

What do you think of our choices? Would you move overseas, and if so, which country would you like to move to?


  1. I would love to move somewhere warm as I don’t really like the cold weather.
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  2. The dream and the reality are worlds apart. We moved from the UK to South Africa with 2 kids, with 3 months notice/planning/preparation. Despite it being a company move i.e. they paid for everything, but the process was still very stressful. I’d certainly NEVER make a move that was of my choice. Moving to Dubai was again another company move, but many expats here, made the decision to come here and look for work, with many suffering financially.
    You make family life work, but it is very isolating and lonely despite both of us being employed, you really need to have a secure relationship where you both want the same things, because you only have one another.

    I’m actually now dreaming of moving back to the UK, to the countryside, where we can walk the hills with Bob, keep chickens, no more than 30 minute drive from a coast line and plenty of rooms for the children and families to stay. But it’s not going to happen for a long time, we’d need job offers, somewhere to live as we have tenants in our UK house, new cars, bank accounts, utilities etc to set up and sort, we’ll have to wait till the company ship us back to afford to make the move. Moving isn’t the hard part it’s the starting over from scratch again every time.

    Now give me the choice to dream of where I would like to live and I can answer that one easily. Oregon, perfect in every single way.

  3. This is something we’ve also been considering recently, but I really like the way life works in the uk. If I could take the NHS and other things with me, we would probably choose a nice spot somewhere in the states – somewhere not too busy, but not too quiet – then we could set up a new life and concentrate on what’s important! 🙂
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  4. Not permanently but i’d love to take a sabbatical and go off for a year or so I think that would be amazing.
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  5. I honestly don’t think I could move overseas. I do plan to spend 3 months of the year in Spain or somewhere similar when I retire though as I really crave the sunshine!

    I love all of your choice though and think it’s a good list 😀
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  6. I would love to live in Belgium for a year – mmm, waffles and Belgian beer every day!
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  7. You have some great choices here. We would without a doubt move abroad and would seriously consider doing so before Lucas starts primary school x
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  8. Interesting post, I’ve actually moved overseas 3 times. US, Russia and now the UK and it’s always such a big change! Adjusting to a new life is difficult but definitely makes like interesting! Florida is such a great place, especially if you want to move away from Wales. You’ll have to put up with a lot of tourists if you move around Orlando though! 🙂 I would love to visit/move to Australia .. but all of their bugs just scare me!! Imagine seeing a snake in your house or a spider the size of your hand .. nuh uh!

    Cyprus is a nice place 🙂

  9. I have worked abroad for the summer season, a couple of years ago in Magaluf, and would absolutely move there permanently. But I’d have to take my best friends with me or I’d get a bit homesick for sure

  10. I’ve thought about moving abroad it is a lovely dream, but with my health issues something that will sadly never happen. x
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  11. I love watching Wanted Down Under and Homes In The Sun, I often think how lovely it would be to live somewhere warm and sunny BUT I am a family person so unless my entire extended family were to move with us, I don’t think it will ever happen.

  12. I moved overseas: in UK! :)) I love it here and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, I wouldn’t want to move again. If you want to try it, go for it, you can always come back if you are not happy there.
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  13. I went to nz with the intention to live there. Unfortunately funds wore out and wet had to return. I think more and more people consider it these days always helpful if you already have family there.
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  14. I’ve thought about it, definitely. Would I actually do it? I’m not sure. I’ve moved to another city – twice. And part of me loved it! But I’m quite settled these days and would need to move our friends with us!

  15. I love travelling and exploring new places both here in the UK and overseas. For me, because of health issues I don’t think I ever would live abroad, way too thankful for the NHS but I can see the appeal to others
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  16. In short no. I love the UK and get itchy feet to return after being away for 10 days x
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  17. My mummy used to live in Northern Ireland and would go back in a heartbeat! xx

  18. I love holidaying and seeing other parts of the world, but I always end up missing Shropshire and England so I can see me leaving this green and pleasant land for any other 🙂

  19. I would definitely consider it but am wary as Dad moved to Cyprus and ended up coming home again a couple of years later
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  20. For now no I won’t move. Maybe later in life. Somewhere nice and sunny.

  21. I’d love to go travelling for a fairly long period but I’m not keen to move abroad permanently.

  22. We’ve just returned to the UK after living in Dubai for the past 4 nearly 5 years… we went out there for a year originally to “try it out” It was the best thing we could have done. Love it xx
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  23. I don’t think I could do it. Im living 5 hours drive away from family now and so living in a different country from them I couldn’t do. I think im very happy with alot of the british ways as well and would miss them. Though if i was to move I would consider somewhere like prague 😀

  24. These are great choices. I would move to Australia in a heart beat if hubby only would. It’s a great place to bring up kids x

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