Planning for our Summer Holiday


We are very lucky to be going to France for the first time at the end of next month, and Mummy is thinking about planning for our summer holiday – it is only five weeks away!  I am very excited, I have never been to France, MeeMee has visited on school trips, but Mummy, Lea and Luke have never been either. This is the first of our summer holidays – we have more lined up too!

Mummy has been on a coach holiday to Germany when she was in school, and they drove through France but as it was over 30 years ago, she can’t remember much about it. We will be sharing with you where we are staying and how very are getting there very soon, for now, we are thinking of what we need to get together over the next few weeks.

planning for our summer holiday

  1. Passports – Lea and Luke need their’s renewing and are having their photos taken tonight. As Lea is now 16, she has to have an adult passport which costs a lot more (we don’t think that is very fair, but it will last ten years, a child’s only lasts five).
  2. European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs)- essential when visiting Europe in case we need emergency health care whilst we are away. Ours are still in date from our holiday last year.
  3. Swimsuits – thank goodness the shops are starting to stock swimwear and summer stuff. We all need new swimsuits.
  4. Comfortable footwear. We all need comfy shoes, trainers or sandals as we walk around quite a lot on our holidays. We will start looking this weekend – Mummy knows my feet have grown too!
  5. Mummy and the others have enough summer clothing from our holiday to Menorca last September – but I will need almost everything as I have grown quite a bit since then.

There are some things we won’t need for the first time too. No nappies, yay! This will be my first holiday abroad where I am out of nappies, meaning more room in our luggage, and more money! On a very sad note, it is the first time since I have been born that we won’t need to ask our neighbour to look after our cats, as we lost our last one last Saturday. Boo.

Have you planned your summer holiday yet?


  1. Aww, I hope you all have a lovely time in France! I’m looking forward to reading about it & seeing photos 🙂
    Holidays take a lot planning but it is so worth it! I was in ASDA the other day, they have some fab kids swimwear in at the moment, just thought I’d let you know as you’re looking for some 🙂
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  2. It’s going to be such a lovely summer holiday. I really need some sunshine myself x

  3. Oh have a lovely time in France. Comfy footwear is a definite. We’re off to Spain in June – I’ve checked already and we have our EHIC cards and valid passports 😀
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  4. Comfy footwear is everything! I used to pack just pretty shoes and compromise on comfort, WRONG!! You need to be able to walk on a holiday!!

    Oliver •

  5. It sounds as though Mummy has everything under control, so I hope she will be able to relax on holiday x
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  6. Oh we love France, you’ll have a great time x
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  7. France is a great country to visit. Been there three times now.

  8. Hope you all have an amazing holiday in France. I’ll look forward to the photos & posts to follow x

  9. Ooh, whereabouts are you going? We’re talking Big Sis to Paris for her birthday this year; she learned a bit about France at school and was obsessed – a Francophile in the making!! xx

  10. How exciting! We’ve never been abroad as family but i think i’d freak out a little bit haha. Comfy shoes are a must!

    Cydney x

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