Pickle at Three and a Half Years old


It has been a while since we shared an update all about me with you! I am three and a half years old tomorrow, so this is the perfect time to tell you how I am (and what I am) doing.

I had my first proper hair cut on March 17th and my curls have stayed, yay! Mummy is very happy!

I still use my potty, I have not made the leap to using a big toilet yet, but have started using the little ones in school.

My current best friend in school is Jayden.

I have been putting my own coats and jackets on for the past few weeks.

Yesterday I put my pants on for the first time.

three and a half years old

Taken 2 April 2016

My shoe size is 8 1/2 G – I am due to be measured again, this was when I started school and had my new school shoes.

My clothes size is 3-4. Mummy has just started buying some in Age 4 rather than 3 – but it depends on the brand.

Mummy last measured my height on 27 February and I was 1 metre tall. We have no idea what weight I am, but I am solid!

My favourite food is cheese, yoghurts, bananas, grapes, pasta. I love spaghetti hoops and peas too. I eat very little meat. I LOVE chocolate and Kinder Eggs.

I still only drink water. I am still on Lactofree milk, I can tolerate a drink of cows milk, or some with my cereal, but not both especially if it is full fat milk.

My favourite toys are Super Heroes – especially my Imaginext Batcave, Gotham City and all the Super Heroes. I also love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the current McDonalds toys – An Adventure Time.

I love listening to Marina and The Diamonds, (thanks big sis) and lots of new singers (thanks big bro) such Sean Mendez, Stitches and Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out.

I love watching Cheaper by the Dozen – (I love Beans the frog) and when the children are mean to Nora’s boyfriend, Matilda – especially when she glues her dad’s hat onto his head, and very recently Mrs Doubtfire – my favourite is the party with the song ‘Jump Around’.

I start going to bed at 7pm – but it can take over half an hour for me to go to sleep. Mummy, Lea and Luke have to read me at least one story each. I still love Peppa Pig Recycling, as well as Strictly No Crocs.

I go into Mummy’s room and bed at some point in the night, and we wake up with lots of snuggles. I can wake between 6.30 – 7.30am.

My favourite colour is blue. And black. I recognise most letters, and numbers and the other week I read out Mummy’s number plate to her! I know how to spell my name, and wrote it for the first time in Mummy’s Mother’s Day Card for 6 March.

So, that is me right now at three and a half years old!



  1. You are a very clever three and a half year old, I am sure mummy is very proud of you!xx

  2. Ahhh I’m very pleased your curls have stayed, my little boy lost his! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Parenting matters :: Is telling kids winning doesn’t matter a lie?My Profile

  3. Can’t believe Pickle is now three and a half, time goes so quickly!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Packing Your Spring Outdoor Tool KitMy Profile

  4. My goodness he’s so lovely! Wow he’s doing so well with his letters and numbers, I work with young children and that’s a brilliant achievement!
    Amy Hunt recently posted…Comment on Happy Blogaversary to meee! Celebrating by Angela MilnesMy Profile

  5. What a lovely smile. Sounds like a very busy, happy boy!

  6. I’m jealous of all those toys! He’s got great taste… Comic book heroes are the best. 😉

    Oliver • http://suedeandsymphony.com

  7. Well done on the pants achievement! You are also never too young or old for Cheaper by the Dozen….I know this because at 31 I love that film! Xx

  8. He is getting so big – we have just started potty training here. Not going too well yet
    Kara Guppy recently posted…New Schleich Wildlife SetsMy Profile

  9. This is such a lovely post. Glad to see that there is another Kinder Chocolate fan out there, though you lost me with some of the new music artists you named… I’ll go back to my zimmerframe now!
    DannyUK.com recently posted…Bearded Backchat with Jade from Raising the RingsMy Profile

  10. Aww your little man is one month older than mine. He is doing so well bless him. L is using the toilet as I skipped the potty but he still hasn’t got the hang of number 2’s! It is driving me crazy, he just prefers to do them off the toilet which is causing me so much grief!
    Idaintyit recently posted…The Stone BearersMy Profile

  11. What a lovely update and what a clever boy he’s starting to become. Glad the curls stayed! x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Technology Isn’t Always A Good ThingMy Profile

  12. This is so cute and yay for being ‘solid’ x
    Rachel recently posted…Kent Brushes – Oooh That’s Nice Hair BrushMy Profile

  13. What a lovely little update 😀 I think its a great thing to do and I love how its written out. I must remember to write something when Lily is 18 months. We soon forget what they are doing at these milestones x

  14. Oh wow your growing up so quickly Pickle! I can’t believe you are three and 1/2 already! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Great wall art from TostadoraMy Profile

  15. How fast time flies x

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