Photo a day Weeks 12, 13


Another busy few weeks here – we hope you enjoy reading what we have been up to. We try and take at least one photo a day to record our lives and adventures. Here are our photos from 19 March to 1 April (yes, we are a little behind!)

Saturday 19 March -Weather OK – went shopping to Carmarthen with Mummy and Lea. Luke stayed at home and our new dehumidifier was delivered! (No photo today!)

photo a day 20 march

Sunday 20 March – A grey day which brightened in the late afternoon. We fed the birds at the millpond then went to Stackpole for a walk. Here are two photos from that day.

photo a day

Monday 21 March – Lovely sunny day. We took Nana to Narberth. My first pea that I plated last week with Grandad is peeping through!

photo a day

Tuesday 22 March – Mummy’s last day of work at the local cancer support centre. She has been there for six and a half years, and now will be working only on our blog. Eeeek! We had a quick walk in the village in the sunshine first thing in the morning.

photo a day

Wednesday 23 March – We had to make an Easter Hat for my first school parade tomorrow. I came home with my Easter card for Mummy and a little Easter basket that I had made.

photo a day

Thursday 24 March – A very wet day, so our Easter Hat Parade hat to be in the school hall. Mummy’s weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos – that as changed since Luke left primary school in 2013. MeeMee came home for Easter – yay! We all went to Toby Carvery after we picked her up from the train station.

photo a day

Friday 25 March – Gorgeous, beautiful, warm sunny day. We went to Amroth and walked up to Colby Gardens after meeting Nana and Grandad in Saundersfoot for lunch. Here we are at the Wishing Tree, trying to add our 2p.

Saturday 26 March – How can two days be so different? Wet, cold, windy – uurrgghhh! Mummy went with Daddy and Luke to see the new Batman V Superman film, I stayed with Nana then Lea and MeeMee. No photo today.

photo a day

Easter Sunday 27 March – Showers then a dry brighter day. We had an egg and chocolate hunt indoors as the garden was so wet. We then went to Marstons with MeeMee for Easter Lunch. It brightened up in the afternoon.

photo a day

Monday 28 March – Much brighter day. Lunch again in Saundersfoot with Nan and Grandad then we went into Tenby to see Daddy. I had a run on the beach!

photo a day

Tuesday 29 March – Bright, sunny start to the day – which got worse and ended in torrential rain in the late afternoon into the evening and night. We managed to explore Little Haven – after driving through Broad Haven.

photo a day

Wednesday 30 March – Beautiful warm, sunny day! We went to Folly Farm with Nana, Grandad and Aunty Jo and had a great day.

photo a day

Thursday 31 March – Lovely warm, sunny day. We all went into Saundersfoot – it was Meemee’s last day. She took me onto the beach. We had a last lunch with Nana and Grandad.

photo a day

Friday 1 April – Cold, wet and miserable day. Mummy found a fab HUGE Kinder Egg that the Easter Bunny dropped. We took MeeMee to Carmarthen to catch the train back to Bristol. We will miss her so much. Lea worked helping L clean some holiday barns so didn’t come. Met up with Nan. Grandad and Aunty Jo who had gone up for the day. We found out that Mummy’s Great Aunty Lily died early this morning. She was 87 and lot of fun. I only met her once but big bro and sisters had seen her quite a few times.

It is always all go here! How have your past few weeks been?




  1. Wow you got quite a haul of Easter Eggs there Pickle x
    Rachel recently posted…Benefit Cosmetics Mini productsMy Profile

  2. So cute! I love that you take your kid anywhere… I’m sure he’s never bored! Nice to have a look at the sea and sea animals 😀 Nice photos too xx
    MakeUp Fun recently posted…My Spring WishlistMy Profile

  3. Looks a busy few days/weeks for you Ickle Pickle. Hope that Easter egg was as tasty as it looks.
    I can’t even remember what I did yesterday :-). I might start to document my weeks in picture too :-). Sounds like a good way to remember some highlights from the week.

  4. Love his penguin trousers, they are adorable and that Easter bonnet is fab!
    Kara Guppy recently posted…#Vloject52 2016 – Week SixteenMy Profile

  5. Sounds like it’s been non stop, but non stop fun that is! Jealous of your carvery trip, I love the carvery. And love the picture with the penguin
    Tanya Howard recently posted…Next BeautyMy Profile

  6. Looks like you have had a lovely few weeks!

    We’ve been settling in to having a new daughter for the first time! I can’t believe she is going to be 4 weeks old on Monday!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I did’t know that you worked at the local cancer centre what a rewarding job but hope that your jump to just blogging full time goes well!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…The Future Is XupesMy Profile

  8. What some wonderful pictures, it seems like you have had some wonderful adventures over the past couple of weeks. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Scarlett of Soho Hartnell Glasses: ReviewMy Profile

  9. It’s lovely looking through these photos knowing that we have been to some of these places now. Even better that we have been with you guys! Was so lovely to see you this week
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…My Weekly Photo – SistersMy Profile

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