Educational and Fun Gifts for Children!


Whether you’re buying for your own child or somebody else’s, picking a suitable gift can be tricky. Teddy bears are cute and bouncy balls are always a great choice (for me!) But what about a gift that can be both fun and educational? Here are some ideas for both educational and fun gifts!

educational and fun gifts for children

World Map or Globe

Start our Geography lessons early with a world map or globe. A world map is the best gift if space is limited in their bedroom, as it just goes on the wall. If there is enough space, though, globes are great. And, because they can be spun around, they’re really interactive too. It’s not just different countries we can learn about. We can learn the different languages are spoken across the world. Older children can be taught about politics and governments too, or different wars and conflicts. My Nana and Grandad have a globe and I love Mummy showing me where we have visited.

A Magazine Subscription With A Toy

Little boys like me (little girls too) love toy cars, and how they can be zoomed around by hand. Go one better than a car with a bigger vehicle, like a lorry, a digger or a tractor. Model tractors, for example, sometimes come with a magazine. While I might be too little to read the words, I always enjoy the pictures! I can learn about different colours and sizes with these different pictures. Older children can also be taught memory skills by testing themselves to remember all the different parts. Some come with pull out posters too, which can be put up in the child’s bedroom or playroom. If you have the budget, consider a regular subscription, to get different toys through the year.
An Illustrated Dictionary

A dictionary might not sound like a very fun gift for me, but it can be if you choose an illustrated one. Look for bright colours and great designs and I won’t even suspect you’re trying to educate me! As it’s for children, it will only have words I need to know at my age. However, the pictures will want me to pick it up and keep looking through it. The pictures will also help me learn the different words, as they will have something to relate them to in my head. Just be sure to get them the right version for the child’s age and ability. Three-year-olds are going to want something very different from ten-year-olds!

educational and fun gifts for children

A Diary

A great gift for older children, diaries help them express their feelings and emotions. Find one that has prompts inside, such as “the best thing that happened today was…”. Writing in their diary improves their writing skills, but it will also help with other things. They’ll get to practice and refine their handwriting. They’ll learn how to order their thoughts and find different ways to explain things. As they’ll probably read back what they’ve written, this will help with their reading skills too. My big sisters love their diaries and journals.

Do you have any other ideas for educational and fun gifts?



  1. That does sound like a lot of fun I have to confess! I used to have an illustrated dictionary it was great fun.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…F***king UpMy Profile

  2. This was such a good read and I do agree with you. These are great ways to get children. My parents bought me an atlas when I was a little girl and that has given me such a great springboard into a big interest in maps, geography, history and travelling. I’m forever grateful for it. 🙂


  3. My daughter is only five, but I’ve given her diaries since she was about 4. Although of course, mostly she draws on them, and writes “little”stories of her friends in it 🙂 It’s good to start them early, isn’t it? 🙂
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…Cats who love DogsMy Profile

  4. I love something like a wooden garage or kitchen for children. Fantastic fun and educational value.

  5. Great ideas these – experience days would be another option, I think. Every child should have a globe – I think it fosters a curiosity about the world. 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…Sunshine SmoothieMy Profile

  6. I love the idea of an illustrated dictionary – and my husband boys love to look at altases, in both English and Danish – Boo loves to look at maps too and point things out! It’s so cute and great for learning
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Baby First Aid – Do you know what to do?My Profile

  7. Ahhh some wonderful ideas here – I will be trying to encourage the kids to have a diary when they are older! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Spring Looks for Boys 2016My Profile

  8. ah diary are a fab idea.. so nice to look back on .. also we would get years out of that illustrated dictionary .. such a lovely post
    Jolene monaghan recently posted…12 top tips to chill, freeze and defrost food safelyMy Profile

  9. Great ideas! So simple, yet perfect. I love the pictures! Look so cute xx
    MakeUp Fun recently posted…Chatty Feet, The Socks With A FaceMy Profile

  10. A magazine subscription with a toy sounds awesome!

  11. This post was full of great ideas, I particularly like the magazine with a toy idea! 🙂

  12. Some lovely ideas there, I bought my nephew an interactive globe which is also a night light and he loves it x
    Rachel recently posted…You Beauty – April BoxMy Profile

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