Ebac 3000 Dehumidifier Review


We have had a very damp winter, and because our home has double glazing and cavity wall insulation, we do suffer some damp inside – especially on the North facing wall. Mummy has to dry our washing indoors on rainy days too, which adds to the problem. She was thrilled then, when she had the chance to review an Ebac 3000 Dehumidifier to see if it would help us.

Ebac 3000 dehumidifier review

Mummy has filmed a video review which shows the dehumidifier in action:

Mummy is really impressed with the dehumidifier, we have been running it for six days now, for a couple of hours a day, and you can see in the video the amount of water it has collected. This model of dehumidifier is suitable for a four bedroom house. Set up is so easy – plug in, and set the mode you want – that’s it! Make sure the water tank is fully clicked into place.

ebac 3000 dehumidifier

Top Tips for using the Ebac 3000 Dehumidifier:

  1. Position on the first floor ideally, as moisture rises – or in the dampest coldest part of your home.
  2. Position away from a direct heat source.
  3. Leave the doors in your home open slightly to allow a good flow of air throughout.
  4. Run on the Smart Control setting which is Ebac patented and monitors and works with the environment around the dehumidifier to reduce running time and lower running costs.
  5. You can also set to Laundry mode if you are drying laundry indoors, or Air Purifying Mode to stop extracting moisture, and to simply purify the air.
  6. There is a timer to set thr running times for 2, 4 0r 6 hours.

This model is actually the 3650e – it didn’t say on the box or instructions, so Mummy thought it was just the 3000.

We can all feel the difference in the air in our home, and the moisture it is still collecting is astounding really. Mummy runs it for a couple of hours a day in the morning when everyone is showering, and maybe in the evening too. She doesn’t run it at night because it is a little noisy, and because Nana told her dehumidifiers can dry the air too much whilst we are sleeping.

We were sent the Ebac 3000 Dehumidifier from ao.com who’s service is faultless. The delivery process was so easy, you are notified at every step of despatch, the delivery day, the delivery time and you can request the order is left with a neighbour or in a safe place if you cannot be home.

We were kindly sent the Ebac 3000 Dehumidifier to review, all words and photos are ours!


  1. I’ve been keen to try out something like this as we have problems with condensation in two of the bedrooms (the ones in the older part of the house which need new windows) and like you, drying clothes for 5 in the house takes FOREVER>
    Colette recently posted…Tomy Aquadoodle – Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  2. We adore our humidifier, but never tried a dehumidifier, we’d be worried the air would be too dry..this looks and sounds fab though! Great video 🙂
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Trolley Magic with Trolley Bags!My Profile

  3. I need one of these for my office, it sounds brilliant x
    Rachel recently posted…Freedom Pro Artist Pad – Black ArtsMy Profile

  4. I used to use one of my these in my office. They’re fantastic aren’t they?

  5. I’ve never used one – I was told that a humidifier was a must have baby product for americans, but I’ve never needed a dehumidifier! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…IVF :: Stop being assholes about it.My Profile

  6. Ooh I need one of these, I love your writing style it’s so unique!

  7. Boo has a similar dehumidifier in his home and says it works wonders, I need to get one for my flat too.
    Miranda (Anosa) recently posted…{Beauty} Best Foundations My Profile

  8. I’ve never even considered the need for a dehumidifier but now you have pointed out all the washing we do on radiators, I’m seriously considering how damp our air must be. Great review – Thank you.
    Helen at Casa Costello recently posted…5000 DaysMy Profile

  9. This sounds amazing. Will love to try it.
    Fashion and Style Police recently posted…Fashion at the Grand National Ladies DayMy Profile

  10. We need to invest in one of these – we live in a 250 year old listed building, and we suffer with a lot of condensation in winter – this could be just the thing to help out!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Baking Equipment Wishlist and Win £30 to spend at House of FraserMy Profile

  11. I’ve been looking at these for a while as we seem to have loads of condensation at the moment but I was concerned that they’d make too much noise. Its really interesting to see hoe you’ve got on.
    ali recently posted…This Is Why You Need A Mid Morning SnackMy Profile

  12. I’ve had one of these for years and ours now sits at the end of our garage which is also our laundry room and in the winter I dry our clothes out there so switch it on when needed – great little machines:-)
    Camilla recently posted…Caramel Ice Cream with Easter EggsMy Profile

  13. In my first house we needed a dehumidifier. Boy would have loved to have this one. Looks & sounds great.

  14. We have the opposite and have a humidifier to help with Sebby’s chest problems. This looks great for homes that suffer with damp
    Kara Guppy recently posted…A Holiday Fail!My Profile

  15. I seriously would have loved to come across this while I was living in the UK and our apartment was just awful. This sounds like a great product and easy to maintain.

  16. I have a trouble with my own Dehumidifier, it’s too loud and bother my family all day long, I try to call the seller but nothing change. After 3 months of use, does this Dehumidifier still run quitely? And how about Operating Cost?

  17. Great share, i love to use this dehumidifier, eback is the best

  18. Dehumidifiers are awesome! You’re so right about the amount of water they extract; it’s quite shocking! Thanks for the review :).

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