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Mummy says… ‘Last week I had the most amazing experience, it was a telephone call that was the most amazing call I have ever had.’

‘I had seen Emma Kinsey on another blog, and was immediately curious. I felt compelled to have a look at her Facebook page and then contact her. I was thrilled when Emma offered me a Skype session – it actually turned out to be a phone call session down to my shyness I guess, in using Skype.  Anyway, Emma is a psychic and the call she offered me was a psychic reading! Do you believe in this sort of thing?

I have to say right now that I do. I totally believe in life after death, the afterlife, whatever you want to call it. I believe we all move on to ‘somewhere’ – and that we can contact that place – wherever ‘it’ is. BUT I do not believe that every one can make that connection. I do not believe that everyone who claims to be a medium, psychic, clairvoyant or whatever they want to call themselves can do this.

do you believe

I have had a few readings in the past, face to face, but not for quite a few years. I have never had a phone reading. I was quite excited then to be offered this from Emma.

After a few false starts – due to changes in availability from both of us, we eventually managed the call last week. Emma text me throughout – and came across, even by text as a warm, caring lady. I believe in timing and was happy that the postponements meant it wasn’t the right time. When I woke on the morning of the reading though, I knew that was the day – it just felt ‘right’ and I felt quite excited.

I did have a wobble when I realised that Emma had my blog address and could gain a lot of information about me and my life from it. I decided (as I have done before) that I would not give a single thing away, or offer any additional information, I would simply reply yes or no to any questions.

The phone rang and Emma greeted me.

She sounded warm and friendly. She explained to me that she had pack of Tarot cards and would shuffle them, I was to tell her when to stop, which I did.

I can’t go into the details of the reading, as it was very emotional and very personal. What I will say is that Emma was amazing. I didn’t give her a single thing to build on, I had a question in my head that I was wanting some answers for, but I did not say a word of it to Emma. And it is nothing to do with anything anywhere on my blog.

Emma gave me, completely unprompted names, dates, and information about the situation I was wondering about. The cards themselves gave me answers, and to be honest I was gob smacked! She could not have known the information she told me – honestly, there is no way. A family member ‘came through’ and Emma gave me with no hesitation his name and month of birth. That information is not recorded anywhere.

The reading was literally life changing for me – it has confirmed something to me and made me see a situation much more clearly, enabling me to have a much better idea of how to deal with it.

If you are thinking of a reading but unsure of who to choose, you can do no better than Emma.

She offers readings in person, or via Skype or phone. Readings are £40 for 30 minutes and in my opinion worth every penny.

Visit Emma Kinsey on her website and follow Emma on Twitter.



  1. I’m not much into tarot readings or things like that. I remember as a teenager I had some tarot cards that I used to read with my friend for fun. But it’s nothing I have continued with.

  2. What an amazing and spiritual experience this must have been for you.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Chickpea Dal with SpinachMy Profile

  3. the honest answer is I don’t think I do I have seen 3 in person and nothing at all has come true ….
    Emma White recently posted…To The Pregnant Women On Social Media Posting Constant UpdatesMy Profile

  4. I had a reading with Emma as well – she really is just the most lovely of ladies. x

  5. I have to say I’m a big believer in psychics, finding the right one can be tough though and Emma sounds amazing. I used to work in the same building as a psychic channel and they have the gift they really do have it.
    The London Mum recently posted…Coasteering In Pembrokeshire| Visit WalesMy Profile

  6. I feel like Emma could be the person I have been looking for as I have been looking for a psychic to have a reading with for a long time but it was about finding someone trustworthy, I now have to find the time to be able to do it. Thank you for this post, definitely going to pop a follow on twitter and check out her site xx

  7. I do believe in things like these, as when I was a teenager I could predict things before they happened, It lasted about 2 years than suddenly stopped. But you do have to beware of the fakes too
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Easter Treats from Hotel ChocolatMy Profile

  8. I have to say I have laughed off card readings but I have had friends who have said things came true for them and I believe you when you say she knew things about you that was not recorded elsewhere!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Friday Lookbook: DungareesMy Profile

  9. I’ve always been in two minds about things like this because on one hand I don’t really believe in these things but then on the other hand I’d love to think there’s more to life than what we see x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…2016 Monthly Travel UpdateMy Profile

  10. Amazing. I’m not sure actually, though this is coming from someone who used to do tarot cards when I was in my 20s! I think part of me does and the other rational part doesn’t. Does that make sense? x
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…Three Habits that Irks the Husband (But I keep doing it anyway).My Profile

  11. This sounds like an amazing experience – I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I believe. I do believe in ghosts, I do believe in demons/evil spirits but I don’t know if I believe in people contacting them. I would love to go and see a psychic or have my cards read but I would be looking to trip them up at every turn!! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Make your own :: Cadbury’s creme egg recipe!My Profile

  12. I have always wanted to get something like this done, I totally believe in everything like this. I keep putting it off though as I am scared that I won’t hear what I want to hear ( I want to hear from my mum) xx
    Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Win A Dr Brown’s Starter KitMy Profile

  13. That’s pretty impressive, but like Lindsay would feel more than a bit apprehensive, great that you had a positive experience.

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