Photo a day Week 8


Another busy week here – we hope you enjoy reading what we have been up to. We try and take at least one photo a day to record our lives and adventures.

photo a day


Saturday 20 February – Daddy had stayed over to look after Luke and I, and he spent the day with us- he took us shopping, then dropped us at Nana’s where we stayed the night. Mummy was away for the weekend with Lea who was seeing her favourite singer – Marina and the Diamonds – in London. Mummy stayed in a hotel. Lea queued ALL DAY from 11 am to be right at the front – which she was! Mummy had a lovely day with biggest sis MeeMee.


Sunday 21 February – We spent the day at Nana’s until Mummy and Lea got home at about 3.30. I was so happy to see them! Mummy had taken Lea, MeeMee and her boyfriend out to breakfast before they headed home.

Monday 22 February – School – I was ok. Still asking Mummy to ask Miss if it is ok for me to be shy. And I ask Mummy if it  is ok for me to cry. I quite enjoy it when I am there – I just hate leaving Mummy. Quite a nice day – dry and brighter. There was a letter in the school window saying I need to make a daffodil by Wednesday – ready for our school Eisteddfod on St Davids Day on 1 March. I coloured a dragon in today too. It will be my first proper St David’s Day celebrations. Mummy had photos taken with her new Trespass coat for review.

photo a day

Tuesday 23 February – Mummy worked – I went to Nana’s A very wet start but then it was a beautiful day. Mummy came back to take me to school – and Grandad made a beautiful daffodil for me to take in. Miss loved it!

photo a day

Wednesday 24 February – Beautiful day – sunny and warm. We met Suzi, Mummy’s friend. No school for me today as I had my booster injections in the afternoon. We picked Lea up, who came with me. My cousin came in too. Mummy nearly passed out – she hates injections SO much, but she held me on her knee, holding my hands still, and M (my cousin) and Lea talked to me. I was facing away from Mummy – facing forward. Two nurses popped the injections in both arms at the same time – to be honest, I didn’t feel a thing! I didn’t jump, or cry or anything. I am not entirely sure what they even were…… (Note from Mummy – Thank goodness for that, Pickle was completely unaware of what happened to him, such a relief).

Thursday 25 February – My right arm was hurting after my injections. I had a restless night, and was very hot. Lovely bright sunny morning – it did turn grey and cloudy though. Very cold. We met Granny Jane for breakfast in Tenby. Later, Mummy found out through my cousin that MeeMee is very unwell 🙁 her being in Bristol is tough at times like this – Mummy says it feels like she is a million miles away. MeeMee has chest and back pains and a terrible cough and sore throat.

Friday 26 February – I am starting to feel worse after my jabs – my arm still hurts and I feel and sound like I have a cold. Mummy rang MeeMee who had been up all night with pains. Mummy rang her doctor, and after almost having to call an ambulance for her, MeeMee managed to see a doctor. She either has a severe chest infection or a virus. She is very weak and poorly. Mummy almost went to get her. I did my own buttons up on my school polo shirt today! All week I have saying to Mummy how tall I am – how tall my legs are – I say it to her when I hop into bed with her in the middle of the night! Oh these are Mummy’s new shoes from Hotter for Mother’s Day. We met Daddy for tea.

It is always all go here! We hope you had a great week.




  1. You have a wonderful family, thank you for sharing these beautiful moments!

  2. Wow! It sounds like you all had a brilliantly busy week. Ickle pickle is getting so big x
    Claire recently posted…Knitting for beginnersMy Profile

  3. What an eventful week. I hope that MeeMee is feeling better soon, and that your arms start to feel better too x
    Leah Miller recently posted…How I met your father… A Mini Series…My Profile

  4. aww daffodils are my favourite! I have to make the effort to take more pictures so that we can see all of our memories! I love looking back on them 🙂
    Charlotte recently posted…#YumTum – #7 – 25/02/2016My Profile

  5. It looks like you’ve had a fantastic week. I love Marina and the Diamonds.

  6. I love photo a day posts, they are a great way to capture memories. I should take more photos!

  7. I hope MeeMee is feeling better less her, it sounds like you have had a very busy week x
    Rachel recently posted…Mothers Day with PartyliteMy Profile

  8. oh injections are so mean – what a busy week you have had and what beautiful daffodils I love those shoes they look so cosy
    Emma White recently posted…What’s Hot – Blogger In The SpotlightMy Profile

  9. Oh poor you having to have jabs 🙁 Monkey had his a couple of weeks ago and he was very brave too. Your poor sister doesnt sound very well either hope she makes a speedy recovery must be hard when they are so far away from home x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Project 52 – Week 8My Profile

  10. Your week was very busy. Bet you had fun.
    Fashion and Style Police recently posted…6 PR Tips for Working with BloggersMy Profile

  11. Ouch, injections are no fun. Needed, but ouch! Looks like a busy week!
    Elizabeth recently posted…The EiggMy Profile

  12. Sounds like a jam packed week. How lovely that mummy got to have some time away with your sisters. Big well done you for doing your buttons up on your polo shirt. That’s a huge achievement x

  13. Such lovely photos! I had to take my little one for his 13 month injects a while back and they’re not fun at all.

  14. Ah sounds like a busy week! I love the picture with the daffodil so adorable! I hope your arm starts to feel better soon and I hope meemee is okay and makes a speedy recovery! Hope this week is a good one 🙂 x

  15. It’s such a lovely idea to record your moments taking a photo a day. Hope you get better soon from your injections! 🙂
    Lilinha recently posted…#MotivationMonday: Are You Kind to Yourself? #WomanKindMy Profile

  16. Lovely photos! It looks like you’ve had a very busy week. I love the idea of a weekly round up x
    Emma @sophieellaandme recently posted…5 Tips For InstagramMy Profile

  17. Oh hope his arm feel better soon. No fun. Sounds like a very eventful week lots of lovely photos too xx
    Just Motherhood recently posted…Our trip to WalesMy Profile

  18. Ah my boys had their boosters too this week, they have felt a little poorly after it as well. I hope you start to feel better soon. I hope MeeMee is on the mend too. X
    Yvonne recently posted…Now: Sparkling Snaps #3 My Profile

  19. EEEP what a week! Hope everything is better now!
    lifewithmunchers recently posted…Styling Tips For Wooden WindowsMy Profile

  20. Poor him having to have booster shots, I remember how much I hated having jabs when I was little! He must have been very brave x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Ebay Bargain Haul – February 2016 (Beauty Edition)My Profile

  21. What a lovely week of photos – those flowers look fantastic, love the colour. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Mother’s Day with Hazel + KentMy Profile

  22. These are great photos. I hope Meemee feels better soon! That virus sounds awful.

  23. Looks like you had a lovely week, happy new month!
    catstello recently posted…Feminist Book Club: The Bloody ChamberMy Profile

  24. It looks like it was a great week. I hope he feels better now.
    Anca recently posted…Vapiano ManchesterMy Profile

  25. Aw this is such a sweet post. I used to spend a lot of time at my nanas when I was little so your post made me think of that and smile! xxx
    WhatLauraLoves recently posted…LIFESTYLE | Dance Across the Tyne at The Customs HouseMy Profile

  26. I’ve taken a photo a day for many years now but never get round to doing round up posts like this on the blog but I do look back at them often
    Candace recently posted…Behind The SmileMy Profile

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