Keep Calm, I am only a Threenager


I hope you had a good weekend, we did, despite the awful weather yesterday. I have a confession. I behaved terribly yesterday, and Mummy was very cross with me. I behaved like a typical threenager.

Mummy bought me a little pack of new monsters that are out now, and I loved them. She told me about a pack with a sticker book, stickers and four monsters, and said that after our walk she would buy it for me, if I would like it. It sounded perfect to me – stickers? Monsters? Yes please.

keep calm i am only a threenager

After a walk, we went into Tesco, one of my most favourite shops. We found the magazine pack and I was very happy. Lea took me to look around whilst Mummy got the food shopping. I know exactly where the toys and books are, and I found a book with twelve princesses in. Little figures, which I adore. I have the Thomas one, Turtles, Batman and I wanted this one too. Suddenly the magazine pack wasn’t enough.

I ran to Mummy with Lea to tell her. Lea had said no, but I knew Mummy would say yes. She did come to look, but said no. I flew into a rage. I screamed. And screamed. I threw myself on the floor, and screamed some more. Mummy, at this point, even offered me a fab Captain America set that was reduced, it was cheaper I love Captain America, but no. As a threenager I was having none of it. Nope. No way. I wanted the princesses.

I screamed louder. Imagine how a three year old would sound if he was in incredible pain. Treble it. Oh yes, I brought the store to a standstill. When Mummy tried to pick me up I did that magical thing that only small children can do. I TRIPLED my body weight! Aren’t I clever? My own Super Hero powers, right there. I then spread myself like goo on the floor, so Mummy had no chance of picking me up. She walked away, saying she was going. Of course she wouldn’t. Would she? No, she peeped round the shelving. She was still there. She said it again, but her face told me that she was deadly serious.

I traipsed a few yards behind her right through the store. Oh yes, past the line of checkouts, with all eyes on me. You see I was still screaming, I was bright red, and I didn’t care.

We reached the self service checkouts and I realised we were going. But I had nothing! No magazine, no Princesses, nothing. A new wave of rage swept over me. I face planted the floor again.

I screamed so loudly that the security guard actually came to see what was happening.

Eventually, I agreed to follow Mummy. But I would not look at, or talk to the man. No thank you.

We left the store – I was crying loudly but not screaming now.

So, I know you are itching to know what exactly Mummy was doing all this time?

She was keeping calm. As part of our Purely Positive series, here is how she got through this pretty horrendous event.

  1. Take deep breaths and count to 5 or 10. This physically calms the body.
  2. Crouch down to your child’s level, so you have eye contact. This removes the power struggle between you (in his eyes).
  3. Keep your voice calm and speak slowly and firmly, but quietly.
  4. You can’t reason with a threenager, so just calmly state what he is not having / doing, and that you are going.
  5. Keep calm. Keep breathing deeply and slowly (no one need know!) and firmly but without shouting repeat Number 4 if need be.

Luckily I don’t lose it like this that often, and I tell Mummy I am sorry afterwards, and I am. I don’t quite know what comes over me! Do you have a threenager? How do you cope with tantrums?


  1. Haha oh Pickles what are we going to do with you hey? I can’t believe you turned down Captain America!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why I Am Staying Single This Valentines DayMy Profile

  2. Oh I remember that trebling of the body weight! How do they do that!? Mine are no longer so little, but they each do have their epic meltdowns in their own way. Come to think of it… so do I! These tips would be great for me to deal with mine too! 😀
    Elizabeth recently posted…3 Gluten Free Valentine’s Treats That Say I Love YouMy Profile

  3. “When Mummy tried to pick me up I did that magical thing that only small children can do. I TRIPLED my body weight!”

    It’s true! Gravity must hate parents.

    Pickles – your mum handled this well. I would have been racking my brains, thinking “what would Supernanny do?”. Actually, I tend to just pick them up and carry them making sympathic noises to placate. It seems to work but maybe I’m sending a message that tantrums get attention. Perhaps I would be better off walking away, ignoring the attention-seeking behaviour and go for a pint*? 🙂

    Grant R recently posted…Talking WhiskyMy Profile

  4. oh boy! ickle pickle looks so grown up in that jacket! What a tricky situation. We had a few of these in our time with Sylvia lol! Thanks for sharing and bringing back the memories!
    Angela at Daysinbed recently posted…Nytex Memory Foam Mattress ReviewMy Profile

  5. Fantastic!! We have all had those moments as parents, but to hear it from a childs perspective is hilarious!! Bet Captain America was looking like a pretty sweet option after all!!

    Leah xx

  6. Oh wow. Ickle that sounds awful. What a horrible state to be in, your mummy did great job at staying calm in that scenario. X hope you are being better behaved today wee man x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Ode to my CotMy Profile

  7. I hate it when they do this, thankfully must parents nod along understanding but occasionally you get the judgemental one
    Kara recently posted…Super Style and Sounds: The Bratz Are Back With Fresh New Looks For 2016My Profile

  8. These tips are going to come in handy when Blake gets to that stage. I’m dreading it.
    Joanna recently posted…Messy Play,Afternoon Tea, Car Seat ShoppingMy Profile

  9. Screaming so loud the security guard came over? Blimey! I think your Mum handled this situation really well. It’s not nice when you feel other shoppers are staring at you & your mum stayed calm #ukawesomebloggers

  10. Oh I remember this stage so well. I think Mummy deserved a large glass of wine for handling you so well – Gold Star for Mummy x
    Sarah – Craft Invaders recently posted…Better Extreme – Swindon’s Fabulous New Trampoline ParkMy Profile

  11. I have a fournager :p at the moment and he is accustomed to the occassional meltdown! it is so hard because as a parent (and in public) I want to control the situation but like you say there just isn’t any reasoning with them, when they are in that state! I need to learn to take a breath and take it as it comes.
    Charlotte recently posted…Rocky Road Cupcakes & Double Cream FrostingMy Profile

  12. Oh I have been there, it is no fun at all. Fabulous tips, staying calm is vital isn’t it x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Why You Need To Use These HashtagsMy Profile

  13. Wow, how great a job did your mummy do at calming the entire situation down x
    Rachel recently posted…Cheerz Photo PrintingMy Profile

  14. Oh my goodness I have one of these battles almost every other day at the moment. It’s so embarrassing when it’s out and about and they get to that point where they lie on the floor screaming. Love the tip of crouching down to there level to lose the power struggle. I do it but probably not often enough. I am rubbish at keeping calm too. We’ll done for staying so calm and holding your ground x
    Kerry norris recently posted…Bakerdays Letterbox Cake ReviewMy Profile

  15. Oh no! Well done mummy for staying calm, we know it’s what we should do, but not always easy. Well done for saying sorry x

  16. oh boy! glad mummy kept her cool and followed the steps I do not have kids yet so I can only imagine. I remember back in Zambia when one of my nephews did the same thing and I tried to lift him oooh good jesus he suddenly became so heavy.

  17. Well done on keeping calm in the face of all of that! Couldn’t have been easy at all.

  18. cripes well done for keeping so calm. I nearly cried in the shop once when Arthur bit his younger brother!

  19. i love your approach to this. I witnessed an episode like this the other day and a man muttered at the check out that the child needed a slap! Yeah, that’ll do it, the poor things already lost control of his emotions and a little bit of violence will really teach them how to behave. Not. its our jobs adults to help calm and balance a young child’s emotions and not fight fire with fire.
    ali recently posted…Accessorising your home in Blue and Copper With House Of FraserMy Profile

  20. Oh, well done Kaz! That must have neen horrible! You did really well with remaining calm when you were likely cringing inside!

  21. Ha ha, Mummy’s obviously stronger than you. Luckily I only had a month of threenager behaviour but it wasn’t quite as bad as this.
    Emma T recently posted…A Mad Science party for 5 year oldsMy Profile

  22. Oh Pickle! You can’t have everything you know. Sounds like you did a great job Kaz calming him down – I’m not looking forward to dealing with tantrums when my own Pickle gets to that glorious age. Little Pickle’s Dad will be much better at dealing with them as he has the patience of a Saint. I, on the other hand, have a very short fuse! Uh oh.
    Little Pickle’s Mom recently posted…Blogging: Brave or Stupid?My Profile

  23. O gosh, why do they always do it in the supermarkets?! lol L likes to do this to me from time to time, luckily not like he used to. About 5 minutes before reading this he had a tantrum and was rolling all around the living room floor lol Monkeys!
    Idaintyit recently posted…Rise and shineMy Profile

  24. Oh I’m sorry but this did make me laugh! I’m dreading this stage, but I think the terrible twos might hit our household a bit early so I won’t be laughing for long!
    Well done for saying sorry xx

  25. Haha! Brilliant post! How is it that they can treble their weight like that?! Nice tips too about keeping calm… I think I need to try and remember these at times, especially counting to 10…. xxx
    Kay recently posted…Future Proofing Your HomeMy Profile

  26. ha ha, love this I have 6 kids aged 5,6,7,12,13 and 17 so have had and seen my fair share of tantrums great ain’t they?
    Emma White recently posted…For Mummy Baby – Blogger In The SpotlightMy Profile

  27. Oh I have issues in the past with the threenager. Although now he is a preteen an can be just as bad sometime, not so much in public though. Glad you managed to stay calm and breath, big hugs x
    Nikki Fraser recently posted…Geronimo children’s festival 2016My Profile

  28. Great tips! They do work as well, they may not feel like it at the time but they do long term! Well done Mummy for keeping calm and hopefully next time the supermarket trip happens the same thing doesn’t happen.
    Stephanie recently posted…Family Fun at Hill Head – HampshireMy Profile

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