Five things I love about School


I started nursery school – early years – preschool – whatever you call it on January 4, I was three in October. In Wales, we start school the term after we are three. I go every weekday for two hours, from 1pm – 3.10pm My teachers are Miss H and Mrs L. I want to share with you my experience so far, and five things I love about school.

Five things i love about school

Five things i love about school

I went on the first day quite happily. I did not know what to expect. I had been once before for an hour with Mummy in December and it was good. They have play do, sand and water tables, painting and much much more. But this was different. Mummy kissed me goodbye, and went! I was left with two ladies and other children. I recognised some of them from playgroup, but I didn’t want to be there.

Five things i love about school Five things i love about school

I was SO happy when Mummy picked me up! At first, I didn’t want to play, I told Miss H that I would sit by her and wait for Mummy. I got up after a bit, and did play, and Mummy did still come and get me.

Five things i love about school

On the second day, I couldn’t believe I had to go again. I got upset in the car – I cried and cried, and begged Mummy not to leave me. I begged her to drive away in the car ‘Take me anywhere!’ I cried. Mummy didn’t. She calmly got me out of the car – I was screaming now – and took me to the waiting area in the playground. It was raining, I screamed, and wanted to lie down. Mummy kept very calm, and led me to Mrs L who took me in. I realised that I had to go. Mummy would be back, I was sure. I stopped crying. I was happy coming out, and had my first ‘Super’ sticker for sitting when I was asked to.

Five things i love about school

I haven’t had a day like that since. I know I have to go – I am not sure why, but I do. I don’t want to leave Mummy, I worry about her, and what she is doing when I am gone. My big sister Lea used to feel the same, and was able to explain this to Mummy. I am very quiet going into school. I ask Mummy every day to please ask Miss H ‘Is it ok for me to be shy?’ She always says ‘Of course it is!’ One day, she even said ‘I feel a bit shy today too. We can be shy together!’ I was poorly with a terrible cold and awful cough, so was not well enough to go to school from 20th January, I went back this Monday, 1st February. I thought I had cracked it if I am honest, and that I didn’t have to go again, but no such luck. I have been there all this week, I ask Mummy to ask if it is ok for me to be shy, and I am more upset at going this week. I have been a bit tearful, and I cried on Wednesday in school. I ask (and have every morning since I started) as soon as I wake up, ‘Is it school today Mummy?’ It is on my mind a lot. I do enjoy it really when I am there, and I come out full of beans and like telling Mummy what I have been doing. Yesterday was hard, as Luke was home with Mummy poorly, and today was worse as Luke and Lea were both off poorly. I did cry going in today, I didn’t want to leave them, but I did, and I suppose it was ok.

Five things i love about school

Here are five things I love about school:

  1. The wooden train set. I had a job this Monday, to build the track!
  2. Painting pictures for Mummy – I did my first one on 6 January and it is up on our kitchen wall.
  3. My friends. I talk about Seb, Christopher, James and my new friend Jay. There is a naughty boy called M though.
  4. Getting stickers. I had my first one on 5 January and I had one this Wednesday for sitting beautifully when Miss asked us too.
  5. Writing my numbers – I first wrote them for Mummy on 24th January – I can write 1-4. I have also been trying to write over the letters of my name.

Five things i love about school

Five things Mummy would like to say:

  1. Pickles behaviour has taken a turn for the worse – he throws (he has never thrown) and is just generally naughtier.
  2. I am trying my absolute hardest to keep strong and not crumble when he is upset. That second day I burst into tears just as I handed him over – he didn’t see me, but all the other parents did. I cried to the car and just sat there. Two other mums came an tapped on the window to tell me he was ok, and he stopped screaming as soon as I went! I did crumble again today – as I walked away, because he asked me if it was ok for him to cry, his lip was trembling and one tear ran down his cheek.
  3. I love hearing his tales – he tells me he has played with the cars, the trains, the dinosaurs and all about his friends.
  4. He has been more clingy to Miss H this week, because he is settling in again after being poorly. In the beginning he told me he didn’t want to go outside or to the woods (they will be visiting regularly when they are all settled in) in case he missed me when I went to pick him up! Bless him.
  5. I know he needs it – he is a very bright little boy, and he will thrive at school. But I have toyed with delaying him starting until Easter or September. I just don’t want him upset. I will persevere for now and see how it goes.

How were your little ones at starting school?




  1. o this post got me! you were tugging on my heart strings. my little boy starts next year and i am dreading it. i miss him when hes been gone for more than 2 hours so god only knows how i will deal with this!
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  2. This post really struck a cord with me. I too have dropped my boys off at preschool and we have all been crying, I know the best thing to do is to leave, but it goes against all my instincts. I hope it gets easier for you both Xx

  3. Awwww, I hope he settles soon! He will be alright I’m sure but I can understand how awful it must feel for both of you to detach so, even if only for a few hours. Do you think you will pull him out and delay when he goes back a bit or do you think you will keep him in? Three seems so young to me. I think here in England you must be in school by age 5 though you can go earlier. I’d probably wait until the very last moment I could to send my child off to school if I had one. Can’t imagine having to let them go so early!
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  4. It’s tough isn’t it? I wrote a post this week about my daughter going to preschool for a whole year! Luckily for me, she loves it and always has. For some reason it does always seem to be the little boys that take longer to settle into it, I hope he settles soon for you and him. My daughter loves to get a sticker too, always wears it with pride x

  5. Aw, sometimes it does take kids a while to settle in. A friend of ours’ son did preschool from 3.5y having never been away from her, and hated it, and they were dreading him starting school because he really didn’t want to go. But it’s all been fine and he loves it because he’s learning.

    Thankfully we didn’t have any issues because N’s always been at day nursery, then day and nursery school and now reception. He’s loved them all and always settled well, but I think it helped that he’s used to being with his 6 older cousins, all the NCT friends and lots of other older and younger friends as well.

  6. Oh, he looks so smart in his uniform! I’m sure having a little cry is completely normal (I know I did it when my little boy started at nursery), it’s seeing them upset that is just a real heartbreaking moment. Three does seem so young to start school though. I know it’s the norm these days, but I’m only in my early 30s and I didn’t start until I was 5, so things have changed a lot in such a short space of time. Hoping things improve on the drop off very soon.
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  7. Sebby loves going to school and I have just started working there too and it is lovely to see him playing with his peers
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  8. I was more upset than my on when he first went to school. It’s an adjustment process, as soon as you settle in and make new friends you will be fine, and so will mummy.
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  9. Aw bless you little man, hope you’re settling into preschool. I’ve worked in Early Years for years so I know what you’re going through. As much as you might be finding the change a little difficult and daunting at the mo, you’ll absolutely love it once you’ve settled in!! 🙂
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  10. Aw bless you both, going to school can be a difficult and traumatic experience but I hope it gets better from here on! Good luck xx
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  11. Jenny started nursery 18 months ago – she starts school in August this year. It was a tapered approach to nursery. The first day, Emma went in with her. Then it was only two hours a day. The first week she was there without her mum, she was ok. She didn’t get upset until after a week of this, but not for long.

    Eve, who started last August, has not been fussed about it. This is odd as she’s far more shy than Jenny. She’s been brilliant and hasn’t complained once!

  12. Oh honey that must have been so hard that second day, nice for the other mums to let you know though, even if it may have felt like you wanted to be left alone! I would have done!! I am dreading sending Monkey to school in Sept – its when he realises its the same day in and day out! He’s at nursery so not at a proper preschool which makes me worry it will be a harder transition. Interesting note about the behaviour I worry about that too. Well done Ickle Pickle for getting a sticker thats brilliant 🙂
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  13. Awww bless you both, I do not have kids yet so can only imagine but I am sure he will get into the swing of things and so will you.
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  14. Ahhhhh bless. I don’t have children so won’t have to go through this. I remember my mum telling me about my first day. Apparently I just ran off into school and didnt look back.
    I’m sure it will become routine after a while and he won’t be getting so upset. Fingers crossed

  15. Awwwww. How sweet! I am not looking forward to our first day

  16. Aw it sounded like a tough start but it’s amazing you enjoy it so much now. L could have started nursery school this September but I’ve decided to wait until he’s four and keep up with our nursery. He’s doing really well there. It’s great how you hear lots of stories.
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  17. ahh firstly well done Mummy and Pickle!!! many moons ago I worked as a pre school teacher.. and this is a very familiar story … as the time passes It will get easier… but now as a mummy I may feel differently when my own little girl starts in September!!! the hardest thing in the world is to walk away from your child when their up set!!! and as a pre school teacher i have advised many mummys to “just go they will be fine” and its so true they always are… be proud of the bond you have x
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  18. He looks super cute in his uniform. I hope he settles down, I think it is natural for their behaviour to change as they get used to their new routine. As you said he will thrive for sure x
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  19. Aw its such a change when they start school and they actually stop being babies then its great to see them change and make friends what a lovely post
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  20. Oh my God, I am dreading this. It was bad enough at the childminders but the girls were only babies when they first went so it wasn’t too bad. School is going to be so much worse!

  21. We are loving pre-school at the moment too! (that is one cool backpack too) – we cried when we dropped off for a while too but as long as mummy comes back we are fine :p
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  22. Aw bless him, it must have been so hard to leave him when he’s crying. My boy Tyler is the same age and at pre-school, every morning he’s like “I don’t wanna go to school!” and hiding behind the sofa, but once he’s at pre-school he’s fine. It will definitely get better. But I’m dreading reception when they are there 9 till 3, I don’t know how they’ll cope – wah! xx
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  23. Aw bless, I think he has been so amazingly brave and I hope you manage to settle into a routine x

  24. ahh it is such a change to routine and a real part of growing up. I miss my littest loads now that she is in school full time.
    Emma recently posted…Why Holidays with older children are amazing #summerloveMy Profile

  25. Awww, I can’t image especially getting into a routine. I’m pretty sure he will settle down and makes many more friends.

  26. Aww bless ya hun, pre school is definitely one of the most hard but also the best things they can do and experience as little people 🙂 xx

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