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You may know that Mummy was a Britax Mumbassador in 2015, and is thrilled that they have asked her to join them again for 2016! We love Britax and are so happy to be working again with such a well known, respected brand.

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We would like to share with you some information about understanding ISOFIX  the car seat fitting system. Have you heard of it – you may use it yourself.

Studies’ have found that lots of mums and dads are confused by complicated jargon and are not sure what ISOFIX is or how incredibly safe, quick and easy the system is to use. Britax found that forty four per cent of parents across Europe have either never heard the term ISOFIX or don’t really understand its benefits. To show how simple ISOFIX is, Britax have created this great video highlighting that ISOFIX is so simple, even a child could understand it!

Mark Bennett, Child Safety Expert at Britax, has said: “Britax always strives to support parents through the innovative design of their products, that’s why we want to continue spreading the word about ISOFIX. ISOFIX is an incredibly safe, quick and easy to use system that simplifies the busy lives of mums and dads and gives them the confidence to install their child seats in an intuitive way.”

Since the invention of ISOFIX by Britax in collaboration with VW in 1997, ISOFIX has become a global standard for securing car seats in vehicles, safely and easily. The anchoring system creates a solid and secure connection between the child seat and the vehicle’s chassis, allowing quick and easy installation and removal of the seat – all for the enhanced safety of children.

Additional research conducted by The German Insurance Institute GDV shockingly found that only thirty percent of car seats are installed correctly when using an adult seatbelt, compared to ninety six per cent when using ISOFIX in Group 1 car seats. With the law stating that all new cars since 2007 offer ISOFIX attachment possibilities, it is more important than ever for parents to understand the benefits of the ISOFIX system.

Britax is dedicated to making life easier for parents when deciding what car seats are right for them and have a brilliant on line Fit Finder tool to help you find the right car seat for your needs, you can search by the age and weight of your child, as well as the make, model and year of your vehicle. The Britax Fit Finder will then show you the approved seat positions within the vehicle for your Britax car seat, and also whether it is fitted into the car with ISOFIX, ISOFIT or via the car seat belt.

Please visit the Britax website for the safety benefits of Isofix.


  1. Great post!! I find this isofix malarkey so confusing xx
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Winter Look BookMy Profile

  2. Wow, I had never heard of ISOFIX! I am not a mum yet but I do like being in the know about these things and it sounds like ISOFIX makes it so much easier to install a car seat in your car considering that this is usually a herculean task I welcome anything that makes it simpler! Brilliant post!

  3. This is a great post. I have heard of ISOFIX but never really understood. Fab post & Well done being an ambassador for them again x
    Life as Mum recently posted…Tips To Run Your Own LinkyMy Profile

  4. Not a parent yet and had no clue what isofix is but it does not hurt to know about it in readiness for when my time comes
    Anosa recently posted…Prague weekend getaway My Profile

  5. I had ISOFIX with my first car seat and the peace of mind of just clicking it into place was huge. Especially compared to wrestling with a variety of seat belts in hire cars abroad!
    Cathy ( MummyTravels ) recently posted…Review – my suitcase wish LystMy Profile

  6. Well done on being an ambassador for them again this year! You must be thrilled and Isofix sounds like a fantastic system to use in the car.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…365 Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers: Part 1My Profile

  7. Isofix was one of my MUST HAVES when we bought a new car, I love that most infant capsules have the option for either or. It’s a shame that more stage 1 car seats don’t because that would be a massive selling point for me! Well done on becoming an ambassador again x
    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks recently posted…#blogstorm – Building Your Instagram Following using Parenting HashtagsMy Profile

  8. Well done Mama for becoming an ambassador again! Woo! 😀 I think you raise some excellent points and it’s so important to know about car seat safety! We are planning on extended rear facing x

  9. Car seats have come a long way since the boys were born. We’ve got a britax for the new baby and am so pleased with it. Isofix makes things much easier now.
    Lisa recently posted…Valentine Gifts for HerMy Profile

  10. god i had moving the car seat from on car to another.. we now have two Isofix car seats whick is really handy.. great post
    Jolene monaghan recently posted…Chicken And Hidden veg Pasta BakeMy Profile

  11. We love our isofix car seats and it gives me comfort to know that the kids are safe and secure
    Kara recently posted…All new Fungus Amungus CollectiblesMy Profile

  12. This current car is the first one we’ve had with isofix in it so I’ve never had car seats with it. But I’d have no idea how to use it – even a friend wanting to use it in my car struggled and she’s used to the same car and finding it easy in her own.
    Emma T recently posted…Children’s chatter: Talking birth with 4 year oldsMy Profile

  13. Thanks for sharing this, I was starting toget myself a bit confused about all the new laws and guidlines. iso fix i safe and what not! Luisa is stll in her ‘little’ car seat but she is big enough to move to a new one so I am keeping my eye out for a good deal on a really safe one.

  14. Isofix has confused me for years, I am sure it is made more complicated than it needs to be x

  15. This is great, I’ve sent this on to my sister who is due in just over a week – eek!!!

  16. Great post. I’m not a parent so don’t really know much about this but I found this post very informative.

  17. I agree very confusing and a great informative post that will hopefully help out many parents

  18. Britax is the only brand of car seat I would use. I used it with my daughter and currently with my son. I love the range of seats and they do tons of erf seats.
    Daniella recently posted…Valentine Crafts For ToddlersMy Profile

  19. So many different brands out there for the simplest of things! Congrats xo

    catstello recently posted…Bad Literature Gets A Make-Over In 50 Shaded PoemsMy Profile

  20. I’ve never heard of Isofix and I’m so glad my kids are too big to need car seats any more. I’m sure it doesn’t need to be as complicated as these companies make it out to be. Mums and Dads are confused by complicated jargon? It’s a car seat! It doesn’t need complicated jargon! :/

  21. They make it sound so simple! I wished I had this when my daughter was younger. Well done on being an ambassador again this year!
    tracey bowden recently posted…Blog Birthday Giveaway Day 1: Win a set of Trolley BagsMy Profile

  22. It’s wonderful that you’re working with them! They make it sound so wonderfully simple and it’s so so good that they’re tackling safety.
    Deanna recently posted…the Tigerlily dress companyMy Profile

  23. Great post, I never had an isofix carseat with L because i never really knew what they were!
    Idaintyit recently posted…House AppealMy Profile

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