Top Ten Baby Essentials


As you must know by now, I am three! It is four years ago this month that Mummy became pregnant with me – after a HUGE gap of ten years! She had to buy everything for me, which was rather lovely, and we would like to share with you our top ten baby essentials. This is what I needed when I was a newborn baby:

Top Ten Baby Essentials

  1. Baby Grows or Romper suits. Mummy bought me the first size, and I only fitted in them literally for a day! Buy at least 0-3 months unless you know baby is weeny.
  2. Nappies – disposable or cloth. Buy a packet or a couple a week in later pregnancy to spread the cost.
  3. Baby Vests – unless it is really hot. I liked being snug and the vest helped keep my nappy snug too.
  4. Blanket – cotton, non holey otherwise my tiny fingers would get caught in the holes. A few lighter ones are better than a heavy one. I liked being swaddled, or wrapped up quite tightly in mine. I couldn’t regulate my own body heat, so Mummy had to be careful that I didn’t overheat.
  5. A crib – yes, I only slept in mine for 9 weeks, but I felt very secure and cosy in it. Mummy took it downstairs in the daytime so I could nap in it too.
  6. A car seat – don’t forget to take it to hospital with you – I wasn’t allowed home in the car without it!
  7. A pushchair or pram. There are SO many to choose from. Jot down what you want from yours, how will you use it? Mostly in the car and around town, or do you walk everywhere? A baby sling was also a great option for getting me out and about.
  8. A hat. A warm one in colder months – I could have lost a lot of heat through my head, and a cotton sun hat in the sunny months – my head mustn’t have been in the direct sunlight.
  9. If bottle feeding, bottles, formula, steriliser. Mummy had vari flow teats for me so I could regulate the flow of milk, and carried on feeding me my milk at room temperature as they did in the hospital. This was far less hassle than having to warm it up. If breast feeding don’t forget baby will also need a drink of water too when they start weaning.
  10. A decent changing bag to put all my stuff in. Never forget spare clothes and nappies.

Shop around for the best prices and deals, somewhere like Online4Baby has loads of products from loads of brands at discount prices, with a Price Match Promise, free 24hour delivery and more.

Our top ten baby essentials doesn’t cover everything you will need, they are the things that we couldn’t have done without when I first arrived. What would you add?


  1. Quite a few good tips here, especially the car seat one! Well worth noting the clothing size too. I know when ours were younger we quickly realised that we would always have an abundance of clothes that were quickly outgrown, and rarely had anything in larger sizes. Any presents we buy for newly borns now are generally nappies and clothing sized 6mths plus for that reason! recently posted…CeMAP2 exams, lovebirds and booking a holiday to ItalyMy Profile

  2. Great tips. I bought wipes on and off throughout my pregnancy as well, as it’s amazing how fast you go through those. Swaddle blankets were a godsend as well (my daughter just did not sleep otherwise) and room temperature milk makes life so much easier – especially when we were travelling.
    Cathy (MummyTravels) recently posted…15 Free things to do in Cornwall with kidsMy Profile

  3. These are great tips. I’m going to look on the website now. I need to get every single one of these that are on your list. x
    Life as Mum recently posted…Boy or Girl?My Profile

  4. great list of things. I quite liked holey blankets for when they were sleeping in their own room – gave me a little piece of mind that if they pulled it over their head they could still breath. but maybe thats just me!
    Rebecca U recently posted…The Benefits of Coconut OilMy Profile

  5. Definitely agree these are all essentials I’m on my 3rd changing bag as I couldn’t find one that was big enough for our needs.

  6. Definitely room temperature milk. I learnt that after my sister in law said it was a nightmare because her youngest would only have milk at a specific temperature. N had his warm, cold or room temperature. Whatever was coming.

    I didn’t think breastfed babies needed water, but it’s formula fed ones that might in hot weather.

  7. Yes! Changing bags are a must and are a lifesaver when you go shopping. I am not a parent but I have had to look after many children before and this list sums everything up neatly x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why I Became A Social Justice AdvocateMy Profile

  8. I had a gro blind on my list. I always swear by a pitch black room!
    Pamela | Life With Munchers recently posted…Home Renovations 2016My Profile

  9. Good list, we are expecting our second in May and I have started to think about the new bits and pieces we need. Some things we will use again from having Monkey but others will need replacing such as bottles and a crib mattress. Thanks for the tip on babygrow sizes x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…My Pregnancy – Week 21 with Antiphospholipid SyndromeMy Profile

  10. Great list covers all the necessities I think sometimes with babies we get caught up with all the things we think they need and really they don’t actually need any of it! xx
    everything mummy recently posted…A girly night in with TuscaneryMy Profile

  11. Great list, I think little ones love to be cosy so nice warm blankets for swaddling are so important. And a crib is great cos it’s so portable.

  12. What a fabulous top 10 of baby essentials for all new parents! I love that it’s written from the babies point of view. 🙂
    Jane Duckworth recently posted…Jane’s Terracotta Topped Cottage PieMy Profile

  13. Great list of items. I would have to add muslin cloths to the list. I used them to mop up sick, as burp cloths and one time as a nappy when I was left short when out and about.

  14. I always think a hat is so simple, but so often forgotten about! Great list x
    Zoe Forde recently posted…Inauthentic MomentsMy Profile

  15. Some great tips here but muslins as well they were so handy when my Daughter was a baby x
    StressedMum recently posted…Way Back WeekMy Profile

  16. Great list – it’s so hard to know what you really need first time round!
    Kate recently posted…Birth stories: Alex & RooMy Profile

  17. What a great list, I was stumped when I had my first and didn’t have a clue what we needed and what were essentials! Muslins were an essential for us too, my little one had severe reflux and they were amazing for so many things! x

  18. Great post and a fab list of items. I always say to buy a pack of each brand of nappies (if using disposables) so then you can find then ones that suit you and your baby best 🙂
    Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum recently posted…Mum Tries | Aussie 3 Minute Miracle MoistureMy Profile

  19. This is a fantastic and useful list for parent to be. My friend announced her pregnancy last week so this will be very useful for her x
    Claire recently posted…Marinated Chilli and Lime Tuna SteaksMy Profile

  20. This is a concise and wonderful list and so practical too.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Homemade Paper Gift bags.My Profile

  21. Great list! I would also say muslins are pretty fab and Lanonish cream for breastfeeding mummas! xxx
    Kay recently posted…“I’m Still Little”My Profile

  22. After having 6 children I would add Infalcol to that list as 3 of mine had terrible colic – great list

  23. Great list! Number 1 is definitely something most parents face!

    dominika recently posted…YSL Boho Stones Spring 2016 CollectionMy Profile

  24. Great list and just proves that you don’t need to buy absolutely everything that you see, after seven babies I would definitely add muslins, breastfed babies don’t need any water, but mums that are breastfeeding definitely do need much more to drink, so the water would be perfect for her xx

  25. Lucky you to have everything you brand new eh.
    Fashion and Style Police recently posted…Dakota Johnson Covers British Vogue February 2016My Profile

  26. Great list. You cover pretty much everything here. You forgot muslin clothes though. Mine have been invaluable. I have used them for burping, wiping up sick, as a bandanna, as a summer blanket, as an emergency nappy….
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…More Parenting Mistakes You Will Only Make OnceMy Profile

  27. A very helpful list, thanks!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Win a Hansells Yogurt Starter Kit RRP £22.60My Profile

  28. I had no idea about the whole car seat issue until my first nephew was born, he was too big to fit in it, so it was a complete pa-lava to get a new one fitted and installed before he could leave x
    Rachel recently posted…La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB BlurMy Profile

  29. Great list with all the needed items! I definitely got bits I didn’t need that I won’t get if I have another! x
    Alice recently posted…Finding Summer in WinterMy Profile

  30. I totally agree with this list. I plan on combi feeding so I’d add nipple shields to that list just in case as my first son couldn’t latch without them. x
    Alex Lamb & Bear recently posted…The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep Review – Night 1My Profile

  31. It’s been a long time since I needed any of this equipment as my twins are 19! I do remember the excitement of going and getting it all though. I suppose the next time I need a list like this is when my children decide to have babies!!

  32. Great list. I would include Gro bags / swaddles on mine. I really like the Gro swaddles as not only are they pretty (essential obvs!) they are also nice and stretchy so you can wrap up the littles really snug x
    Steph Oakes recently posted…Review // Bosinver Farm Cottages, Cornwall // Part TwoMy Profile

  33. I had a lot less for baby number 2 than for our first. We went crazy buying things when Bob was born. Tried to be more sensible this time. Great list. x
    Charlotte recently posted…Bow’s Birth Story – Day 3, Part 1My Profile

  34. Brillant tips there! Definitely the feeding at room temperature. We did it with our son and it’s miles easier xx
    Ashleigh Day recently posted…Vogue’s 73 Questions.My Profile

  35. Brilliant list! I so agree with your essentials, especially baby vests! With the amount of leaks and sicky espisodes I don’t feel you can ever have too many! Xx

  36. These tips are priceless, you always end up with far too many things you don’t need! Is Pickles birthday October 12th? Birthday Twins! Xxx

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