Pickle is starting School


Mummy says…

How can it be?

You have just turned 3, and you are starting school tomorrow.

starting school

Two hours every day,

With lots of fun and play, you’re starting school tomorrow.

Your life changes again,

You’ll make lots of new friends because you are starting school tomorrow.

You don’t like change,

but it will be great once you’ve started school tomorrow.

You will settle in well,

Over time, I can tell, after starting school tomorrow.

starting school

I’ll smile and wave,

hiding my heart break when you start school tomorrow.

I will kiss and hug you,

laughing brightly with you when you start school tomorrow.

I will blow kisses good bye,

You will never know how I cried when you start school tomorrow.

My darling Ickle Pickle, you start school tomorrow – Monday 4 January. The next big step along the journey of your life. I am feeling everything it is possible to feel right now. Happiness, pride, excitement, nervousness, fear, apprehension, and so much more.

I am so happy that you are a beautiful, healthy, bright little boy, and obviously I want you to develop and flourish, and I know that school will help you do this. But a little part of me is grieving. Grieving that I will lose you for two hours every week day. We will have no more week day adventures of days out, but we will have mornings with each other and the weekends. We will have lots of fun and time together, and it will be extra special.

I wish you so much as you start your school journey. I hope you settle in, are confident, make new friends. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy learning. You are going to have so much fun with new things such as sand and water play, a whole big table of PlayDo, the interactive white board, and trips to the woods and beach to explore. The even go if it is raining – you will love it!

‘If I could give you many things,
I’d give you gold and silver rings
Of knowledge that I’ve gained with years
The gift of smiling through the tears
Confidence, courage, determination,
Laughter and spirit and love of creation,
Wrapped up in a box with a bow, I’d give
To you these gifts to keep for as long as you live.
“If I could give you just two things,
One would be Roots, the other, Wings.”
Roots, not to tie you to the ground,
But to guide you to where your fulfillment is found
The nourishing start, the firm foundation,
The source of your inner determination.
Wings to soar over obstacles, wings to fly free,
Wings to glide to the heights of the best you can be.
And when obstacles loom, from your Roots grows a hand
Providing a strong, sturdy, safe place to land.
I’d choose these two things for the gifts that are best,
For with Roots and with Wings, you’ll find all the rest!’


I do not know who the author is, but it says it all perfectly.
Go fly my little darling, I will be right here to hear all about your adventures.
Mummy x x



  1. Aww! Good luck at school Ickle Pickle….Have a wonderful time on your first day x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Happy Easter…lol #MySundayPhotoMy Profile

  2. Now that’s the cutest lil pickle I’ve ever seen. I’m sure she’s sweet and not dill. I cried when my babies started school & I cried when my grands started school. I hope she has a wonderful time learning and making new friends.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…Head to Toe, Best Boho Chic Jewelry FindsMy Profile

  3. Best of luck in school tomorrow Ickle Pickle! It’s so hard letting them go, even though we know they’ll have fun and it’s for the best. Good luck to you tomorrow too, mama!

  4. Good luck at school! It’s bittersweet but will be so good for her!
    Jenn Peters recently posted…How To Grow Your Pinterest #SundayBlogHopMy Profile

  5. starting school is one of those bittersweet moments but is also an exciting step. he’s growing up
    michelle recently posted…Visiting The Grammy MuseumMy Profile

  6. I got teary, what a beautiful post. I know how fast time flies with children. Enjoy every moment
    Eileen recently posted…Spinach Artichoke Stuffed MushroomsMy Profile

  7. It is such a wrench when they go initially but I love my couple of hours to myself – not that I get much done mind ;0)
    Kara recently posted…My Readers Top Posts of 2015My Profile

  8. My son starts at Easter and I already feel a little sad about losing him every morning. I’m sure they will both get so much out of it though.
    Emma recently posted…My 7 goals for 2016My Profile

  9. It’s so bittersweet isn’t it. As much as we want to wrap them up in our protection forever we know it’s for the best that they spend time with others. Best of luck to you both x

  10. This is really very lovely. The first step is always the hardest to accept for parents. But all is well. They just grow up so fast!

  11. I think the parents are more stressed that the kids themselves during their first day of school. I can feel you. I’ve been through it three times. You’re an awesome mom. Your little Ickle Pickle is lucky to have you!

  12. Aw this is such a sweet post good luck Pickles with your day at school. I hope it goes well xx
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…How To Create Picture Perfect Posts On InstagramMy Profile

  13. Time flies! My little J is a few months behind pickle and will be starting school nursery soon too. So scary. hope it all goes well
    Michelle Murray recently posted…Geronimo Festival Is BackMy Profile

  14. Aww. I can imagine how excited you must be. Will you be allowed to take photos in school? I mean this is a milestone 🙂
    R U S S recently posted…Pushed past my limits in 2015My Profile

  15. Bitter sweet moment…you know it is good for you both but you can’t wrap your head around it
    Mardene Carr recently posted…EnviedMy Profile

  16. how time really flies fast, my little one will be 5 this year too
    Melandria romero recently posted…5 Gift Ideas for Fashion Forward WomenMy Profile

  17. This reminded me of when Mini started school – Ahhhh time flies.
    Jen recently posted…50 winter activities for kids – Low cost or no costMy Profile

  18. I wonder how the first day went and who as doing more crying. I do not get had kids but saw how my sil reacted when my nephew started his school.
    Miranda (Anosa) recently posted…{Fashion Monday} December Fashion Favourites My Profile

  19. A lovely post hope ur little one had a lovely first day at school.

  20. they go so super fast I loved reading your post it was truly written from your heart. I hope that the first day goes well and you have lots to talk about after school
    angie recently posted…Get Your Smile BackMy Profile

  21. I’m quite sure that Ickle Pickle will not only be the cutest kid in school but will love every moment too!

  22. I hope it went well today, I am sure that he had an amazing time, I don’t know a three year old that doesn’t like a table full of play dough. I am dreading Monkey starting school in Sept! The last poem brought a tear to my eye xx
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Gender Predictors – Fact or Fiction? Our RevealMy Profile

  23. Hope he had an amazing first day! I can’t imagine what it’s like, but this time next year I’ll be indoor situation and I’ll have all those mixed emotions too. x
    The London Mum recently posted…Thai Square Spa, LondonMy Profile

  24. So very well written, this is so bittersweet, I can’t imagine the emotions you must be going through! I hope the first day is amazing, he’ll soon settle in. I’ll be in this situation next year, i’m making the most of every day until then!

    Rebecca recently posted…Leesa Mattress // ReviewMy Profile

  25. They grow do do cherish every moment of everyday. Kids are such a Blessing… My youngest just turned 18 and I’m excited for him and his next journey but I selfishly wish I had more time

  26. I may be the odd ball out, I was always happy when they kids went off to school.

  27. Good luck in going to school Pickle. You will love it and have fun with other kids.

  28. Beautiful poem! I remember when my son started school the first time. Such a bittersweet moment!
    Marielle Altenor recently posted…Amazingly Beautiful Body Moisturizer Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  29. Good luck pickle – and mummy too! I hope that his first day went wonderful, that you hid your tears and watched with pride. And relished in the fact that it was somewhere else that playdoh was being smushed in, and paint being splashed….xx
    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks recently posted…How I Parent Differently Second Time RoundMy Profile

  30. That really is a sweet poem. And your pictures are oh so cute.

  31. Ohhh, this is so sweet 🙂 Have an amazing, fun-filled day at school Ickle Pickle!

  32. gosh it’s such a big step isn’t it! Wilf starts in Sept and I get teary eyed just thinking about it! x
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…the shop is closingMy Profile

  33. What a sweet post, I hope Pickle has had a wonderful couple of days I’m sure he’ll thrive xxx
    Hannah Budding Smiles recently posted…Why I’m Not Censoring My Language For My KidsMy Profile

  34. Oh how emotional! I’ll be a wreck when my boy starts school (although it a while away yet!). That poem is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx
    Nearly yummy mummy recently posted…Back to blissful normality…My Profile

  35. Lovely post! My daughter experienced this, as my also 3-year-old granddaughter began preschool last fall. They grow up way too fast! My “kids” are now in their 20s and 30s, and I have two granddaughters (18 months old and about 3 1/2 years old). Cherish them always!
    K. Lee Banksk recently posted…Rules of Happiness #7 – Happiness Is Only Ever Now – January 12 DevotionsMy Profile

  36. That was so beautiful! It’s a mixed emotions time but you’ll be okay 🙂 and will your kid!
    One day it will be great for him to read this and it will be wonderful!

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