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‘We have three teens in our family, and they spend a huge amount of time on line. They join social networks using their devices, interact with strangers, stumble across inappropriate content and goodness knows what. This can make them vulnerable to being influenced and can possibly affect their abilities to separate reality from the make-believe, especially the younger teen. I have been looking at Parental Controls for Teens.

Since most teens are very impressionable, their access to questionable content, toxic messages and other media forms they haven’t the maturity to process, should be monitored and mentored as it can lead to a significant increase in social problems such as adolescent sexual behaviour, cyber bullying, violence and other forms of psychological and social stress. As a mother, I am keen to moderate my teens digital diet and detoxify them from an excessive intake. For both these options I want a solution and one solution is setting up parental controls.

Parental Controls for Teens

How Can I Set Parental Controls?

I can install the popular FamilyTime app on my teens phone. This app empowers me as a parent to take control over my teens devices while monitoring all their activities not just on line but offline too.


The FamilyTime App offers Web Monitoring, to allow me to monitor my teens’ web behaviour. I can:

  • Check browsing history with the date and time stamps
  • View bookmarks and favorites
  • Keep an eye on most visited sites

It also offers Mobile Monitoring so I can also see the use of the device. With the app I can:

  • Check the call logs and see who they connect with
  • View contacts with additional details
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts
  • Check the list of apps installed on their device
  • Check app usage frequency
  • Blacklist unwanted or questionable apps

Another feature of the app is Location Tracking that lets me:

  • Check current location of my teens on the virtual map
  • Track where they have been all day long with the location details and the time stamps.
  • Geo-fence places to receive automated check in and check out alerts.
  • Receive panic alerts along with location
  • Receive PickMeUp alerts with the location details

By being savvy and installing an app such as FamilyTime, I can  make sure they don’t exceed their average tech use or consume inappropriate content out there. This one smart step can save them from many hazards so consider using parental controls to help keep your teen healthy!

As with most things these days, it is not usually about not trusting your own children, but doing all you can to keep them safe from other unsavoury people and content out there. I can’t stop my teens interacting on line, nor would I want to, but I will do all I can to keep them safe.


  1. My kids are too young for phones but they do have their own kindle so I will be looking into this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post. My son doesnt go online much at home mainly just for school work so I hoping it stays like that because although the WWW can be great it can also be very scary if used incorrectly
    Michelle Murray recently posted…Our December DegustaboxMy Profile

  3. This is really interesting – I’m not quite at that stage yet but I can only imagine how technology might have changed in another decade when my daughter is a teen. A very useful app.
    Cathy ( MummyTravels ) recently posted…Family day out: Sea Life BrightonMy Profile

  4. See I am in two minds about this. On one hand I agree that we should keep an eye on what our teens are up to because there is risk of exploitation or online grooming. On the other hand I think checking browsing history might be a bit extreme as I do respect peoples rights to have privacy no matter how old or young they are. Great food for thought as always x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…David Bowie: Embracing AndrogynyMy Profile

  5. I think there’s a lot of confusion between parents and teens over safe internet usage and privacy for social networks. It’s a really tough situation to manage so everyones happy.
    Zoe Alicia recently posted…Seeking Authentic HappinessMy Profile

  6. Although Sylvia is only 7 she does use ipads etc and we do have to keep a close eye on this. I was talking to my hubby the other day and asking him how we would monitor her internet use as a teen and this kind of was the perfect post to help me think some more about the subject. It’s so so important!

    Angela at Daysinbed

  7. This is really useful, although a while off for Monkey it does make you worry. He is already so competent on the tablet I can see him hitting the social media sites as soon as he’s old enough. With three it must be even more difficult. Have pinned this for the future!! xx
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Nymans in the WintertimeMy Profile

  8. This is a brilliant idea and something I will definitely be doing when my girls are teens. My only concern would be that by then they will be more tech savvy than me and will be able to circumvent it easily.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Really Useful Mum HacksMy Profile

  9. I am very wary of what they can access online. We don;’t allow tech in their bedrooms and have parental controls set for the younger ones but have to admit we trust the teens to be sensible
    Kara recently posted…Beat Head Lice with Hedrin Protect & Go!My Profile

  10. What a great post. I do worry about the Internet age. Our little ones learn to surf the web from so young these days. This is such a good way to monitor what they are up to and keep them safe x
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…January Sale HaulMy Profile

  11. Gosh — I do worry about this!! Not yet, as the boys are only 2, but we live in such a digital age that I absolutely dread the thought of them growing up and having full access to it all. Who knows what will be around when they’re teens? I dread to think!!
    Caro | The Twinkle Diaries recently posted…Home Etc #34My Profile

  12. Although Z is too young at the moment, I make sure all privacy settings are on, this would Something I could look at at a later date. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh I like the sound of this I am so nervous when my kids get to the age of social media. I like that you can keep charge from behind the scenes. #love2blog

  14. This looks great for my eldest- I love the sound of the location tracker too! It sounds great for keeping kids safe online x
    Claire recently posted…Win A Copy of Paper Planes DVD: The Perfect Family FilmMy Profile

  15. Oh goodness, all this stuff really scares me for when my three reach their teenage years. Goodness only knows how technology will have moved on in the next decade! The app sounds great though, I had no idea this kind of thing existed. x
    Cardiff Mummy Says – Cathryn recently posted…Is it ever appropriate to attack a new mum for her choice of baby’s name?My Profile

  16. This looks like a great app. My children both use an iPad, and they are so competent with them even at such a young age. I always keep an eye on them when they are using them, and make sure to set up parental controls and check their history. I will continue with this as they grow older, and make sure I teach them about proper internet safety!
    BloggerMummyLauren recently posted…Monochrome Accessories for the Living RoomMy Profile

  17. Thankfully mine are not near this age yet. I’m dreading it. This seems a very useful app for when the time comes x
    Kerry norris recently posted…I’m bringing sexy backMy Profile

  18. Im dreading the teenage years. At least we can still be in control of them when they are little and manage what they are doing online or with apps a lot easier. x

  19. This is a tricky one and one that I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about for a long time yet! Part of me thinks that it would be great to keep an eye on them and ensure they aren’t doing anything that could put them in danger, another part of me knows that as a teen I would have gone mad if my mam & dad were ‘spying’ on me!

    Leanne Cornelius recently posted…Isotretinoin Update #1My Profile

  20. This app sounds great! I am very big on online safety and try to take as much precautions when it comes to all our devices at home. My sister is a teen and wouldn’t be keen on us checking everything she does, however I think it is necessary because as adults we have a responsibility to keep our children and teenagers safe. 🙂 x

  21. Not looking forward to this stage lol
    Janine recently posted…Home Improvement for 2016My Profile

  22. Thank you for the article! I also use a parental control app, but it is called Kidslox. It is only about control time, block content and apps. I like it more as it has no spying features, don’t want to be over-controlling. But of course everyone decides on his own what to use.


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