January Project 366 Week 1


Happy New Year (again!) We are going to try our hardest to bring weekly Project 366 round ups. At the end of last year, they became monthly – but at least we did it!

Here is our new weekly round up of what we have been up to.

project 365

January 1 – We went into Saundersfoot to see the New Years Day swim. Over 1500 swimmers take part! The weather was vile. Wet, windy and cold. We spent the day at Nan and Grandad’s as we do every year.

project 365

January 2 – We went to Haverfordwest for brunch then to a fab store they have there, Vincent’s. A nice slow day really. Weather awful again. Indoor play – and our kitty cat wanted to join in too!

project 365

January 3 – Lazy day at home, trying to sort out a bit after Christmas. Rain, Again. It did dry up and we met Daddy for lunch in Tenby.

project 365

January 4 – Rain. Dashing around getting my uniform and shoes. Lea and Luke back to school and my first afternoon at ‘big’ school – in the Early Years Dept. I played with the PlayDo, trains and cars.

project 365

January 5 – Quick coffee with Nana first thing, it’s colder today, and a bit drier. Then it started raining. Up to Nana’s to play – Mummy is staying with me and not working this morning. School. I had a meltdown. It was wet from the rain. I did go in, but i was hysterical. It rained worse. After Mummy got me we went for a nice coffee to the garden centre as a treat.

project 365

January 6 – We met Suzi for breakfast – we haven’t seen her for ages. Quite a nice day – dry and colder. Bit of blue sky. Back to Nana’s then school again. I was ok today. I even ran around with a couple of the children while I waited to go in. We went outside on the bikes for the first time and I brought home my first painting for Mummy. Stayed dry until the evening when it was torrential rain and winds again.

project 365

January 7 – Nice bright day. But so very cold. Met Granny Jane, and later Stuart for breakfast – we haven’t seen them since before Christmas. After a play at Nan’s I went to school. I was very quiet, not very happy, but not screaming. I came out really bright and happy though. I played with Molly in the house, and painted.

project 365

January 8 – Gorgeous bright sunny day. The sun was out and we wet onto the beach. I found a mermaids purse, and Mummy told me all about magical mermaids. I left the purse on a rock for her too find. At teatime Mummy was very poorly, she had been poorly first thing this morning with a terrible pain in her chest, which went away, then at teatime she started shaking and couldn’t stop. Then she was very sick, she couldn’t get out of bed all night.

project 365

January 9 – Mummy still poorly so we all had a chill day at home – it was raining again and very cold. Mummy did manage to get up at 2pm – she felt a bit better so we all went out to meet Daddy for some food. I fell asleep in the car – I haven’t done that for ages – school has worn me out! Mummy couldn’t eat much at all, but I did! Home again to snuggle together and watch TV.

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  1. Wow those pictures of the beach are gorgeous. What camera do you use I like the play between light and shadow simply beautiful x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Friday’s LookbookMy Profile

  2. Cor that New Year’s Day sea does not look nice – wouldn’t catch me swimming in there!

  3. Gorgeous beach pictures there. I hope your mummy feels better now. School is very tiring and my son has that batcave too, it’s lots of fun!
    Rachel In Real Life recently posted…Project 366 ~ Week 1My Profile

  4. Brave swimmers! Hope Mummy feels better soon and that you enjoy going to school more.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 1 of 2016: Another YearMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous pictures, especially Tenby! Such a stunning place, we loved it when we visited last year.

  6. Such a lovely collection of pictures and January looks to have been great so far. Happy New Year.
    Miranda (Anosa) recently posted…52 weeks ~ Week 1My Profile

  7. Beautiful photos of the beach!
    I hope your mummy is feeling better soon! x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Pie Face Fun! #MySundayPhotoMy Profile

  8. What a lovely read i’m tired just reading it. Really hope Mammy is feeling better My boy Henry has the same batman cave he loves it as im writing now he’s playing with it. I look forward to reading more adventures x
    gemma recently posted…Jam TartsMy Profile

  9. My gosh those swimmers are really brave wow! I love that you have such amazing scenery x
    Rachel recently posted…Libbie Club for JanuaryMy Profile

  10. They were trying to persuade me to take part in the white christmas dip – I couldn’t bring myself too lol – looks like you have had more blue sky than us x
    Kara recently posted…Our Days Out Wishlist for 2016My Profile

  11. Oh sorry to hear you were poorly, it sounds horrible. Hope your feeling better now.
    Stephanie recently posted…Project 366 – A photo a day – Week 1My Profile

  12. Such a good idea to record your days. They’ll be such lovely posts to look back on x

  13. Some gorgeous pictures although you don’t look very happy in the car on your first afternoon at big school. I hope your mummy is feeling better now. Very impressed you are doing 366 x
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Childrens Memory JarMy Profile

  14. You always post fantastic pictures! I hope you had a lovely first day at big boy school. WIshing you all a lovely new year x

  15. Gorgeous photos, I really must take a trip down to the beach we havent been for ages 🙁
    Becky wilkinson recently posted…Blogging Goals 2016My Profile

  16. All this rain needs to stop. Nice you did get a beach day.

  17. Great Pics!! I absolutely love a rainy cloudy day .. especially on the beach

  18. I love the colours on the third photo. Hope mummy is feeling better xx
    Shell Louise recently posted…Meal Planning Monday #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

  19. Ooooh I spot lamb & bear leggings! Look fab 🙂 shame about the weather but well done you for getting out and about. I’d be so tempted to stay on the sofa all week! Hope mummy is feeling better xx
    Alex Lamb & Bear recently posted…Maternity Fashion FavouritesMy Profile

  20. Oh dear at the meltdown at school, that was a bit silly, but glad you have had fun the other days and realise it is nice after all.
    Lots of nice trips to the beach.
    Oh dear 1500 people must be of the heads, rather them than me.
    Hope mummy is feeling better
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 366 week 1My Profile

  21. You have been out and about on the beach a lot this holidays Ickle Pickle, I hope you had a lovely New Year celebration. Aren’t those people crazy going for a swim on the beach? Hope mummy is feeling better now?

    Thanks to mummy for linking up.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted…Project 366 #01My Profile

  22. When I see photos of Tenby it reminds me how much I miss it.
    I hope you’ve had a better week at school.

  23. hope mummy is feeling better and that you get into the swing of school and realise its not so bad, lovely beach pictures.

  24. oh I love his little coat. It is so so cute. He must have been tired out re, the car seat photo. I like sushi! Angela

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