Ready for Christmas – NOT!


Ok, so as we speak, Mummy is having a little breakdown. It is the evening of December 2nd and we are nowhere near ready for Christmas. Ok, I can hear you from here – ‘It’s only the 2nd of December! There is plenty of time yet!’ You are right, but Mummy likes the tree up at least on 1 December. And last year, our first Elf, Cookie came to stay with us – all boxed with a letter and treats and everything, under the tree ready for me for the morning.

This was the scene on 1 December last year:

ready for christmas

And this year:

ready for christmas

Now there are some reasons why this is. Big sis is 16 next week, and we all went to Cardiff last weekend for her to go to a concert as her birthday present. I was poorly from Thursday last week with tonsillitis, and because I was very poorly in the night with a raging temperature which touched 40 degrees on Thursday and Friday nights, Mummy didn’t get much sleep either. She was very worried about me. She has been exhausted this week.

Last night we met Daddy for tea in town, then went to our local village pantomine – my first one, which I loved. We didn’t get home until 10.30pm. I was asleep!

This weekend we are off to Lapland UK, then staying over in Bristol to meet up with MeeMee (biggest sis who is in Uni) on Sunday morning to see the lovely Christmas Market there. So nothing will get done this weekend either!

Our tree broke last year, it had lights built into it which stopped working and couldn’t be fixed so we needed a new one. Which we bought tonight. And you can see that it is up now, but that’s as far as we have got. I waited up, jiggling around, so excited to decorate it, but we ran out of time. I am still not 100% well and was very tired. As I went to bed, Mummy promised me I can help tomorrow.

Cookie, our Elf hasn’t arrived yet – Mummy says he has got held up at the North Pole, and will be with us very soon  😉

Please don’t stress Mummy, I am sure we are not the only family who is not ready. I am sure there are others who are not sat by twinkling Christmas Tree lights sipping hot chocolate with Christmas songs playing whilst the house is like a Pinterest board, and the visiting Elf is where he should be.

We are together, we are healthy, we are too busy living and building amazing memories at the moment. It will all be ok 🙂

Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. Oh dear, don’t stress it will all come together – that’s the magic of Christmas. We had our tree up on Sunday (and it now looks like yours as Boo has taken to ‘picking baubles mummy!’ and hiding them…
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…My Autumn PhotosMy Profile

  2. Oh hon it will all work out, and the wonderful thing about small kids (as you already know) is that they’re very forgiving about these things. Hugs xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Introducing Roco ClothingMy Profile

  3. Ahh! Don’t stress! It sounds like you have had a busy time….
    Our tree isn’t up yet…..I’m not worried. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Another Minecraft Wishlist!My Profile

  4. Don’t worry about the tree not being up yet. We never used to put it up before my dad’s birthday which is 21 December!
    Ness @ JibberJabberUK recently posted…Allotment planting in DecemberMy Profile

  5. I am definitely not ready for Christmas yet hun! It is so hectic in my world that I don’t know where I am coming or going!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…November RecapMy Profile

  6. We have also done very little so far this year. Your mummy should stop putting too much pressure on herself, I’m sure you will all have a lovely Christmas regardless xxxx
    Mummy’s Blog recently posted…Starting our own Christmas traditionsMy Profile

  7. I wouldn’t worry too much! Christmas will be perfect no matter how long it takes to get ready for! xxx

  8. It sounds like Mummy has things under control :p Christmas is about spending time with family as much as anything else x
    Emma Page recently posted…10 Christmas Movies you might have forgotten aboutMy Profile

  9. I have to admit I only did some of the shopping the other night, we are definitely not ready for Christmas! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Win $400 this Christmas – open worldwideMy Profile

  10. No I am not at all. I need to get decorating.
    Stella recently posted…Product Review: Dolled Up Hair ExtensionsMy Profile

  11. At the risk of sounding like one of those people I’ve always wanted to strangle, I’m actually surprisingly organised this year! Tree is up, most of the pressies have been sorted, and I’ve even ordered the Xmas groceries. I’m not sure what’s different this year – finally growing up, at the ripe old age of nearly 43, perhaps?? Anyway, plenty of time left – tell your Mum to take a Christmas chill pill… 😉 x
    Jacqui @ Mummy’s Little Monkey/MLM Life & Style recently posted…MUMMY MAKEOVER (what happens when you let your children dress you)My Profile

  12. Absolutely nowhere near ready! Do not panic – it will all come together. I always remember the year I had all my Christmas cards written by the end of October. Oh how times have changed x
    Helen at Casa Costello recently posted…Crochet 2016My Profile

  13. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end. Write a list and prioritise xxx

  14. I am not at all ready for Christmas, not a thing bought or wrapped oops x
    Rachel recently posted…Purrfect Box for Cats – November BoxMy Profile

  15. Ahhh…. No pressure. I’ve still to get a few gifts, and then that dreaded evening of wrapping everything. Other than that, the tree is up, so that’s good enough for now. Phew….
    Renna recently posted…Get More Done When You Eat The Right Foods by Quill.ComMy Profile

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