Our visit to LaplandUK


On Saturday we set off on a very exciting trip – we were going to LaplandUK for the first time. LaplandUK is in Whitmoor Forest, Ascot, Berkshire.

After quite a long journey, and getting held up on the motorway because of a very nasty accident, we finally arrived.

lapland uk

LaplandUK is quite easy to find, and there were people in the car park showing us where to park. We were in the Mouse Car Park. We walked through the trees to the entrance, and checked in. We were a bit late because of the hold up, but we were just in time to catch our tour. Mummy collected our Elf Passports – we were part of the Husky Team and each had a sticker.

lapland uk

We joined the rest of the people and went through into a clearing where we all sat on logs. It was under cover, and had lots of beautiful coloured twinkly lights everywhere. A big Elf appeared and talked to us children (small folk) and the Mummys and Daddys (big folk). A fairy joined him and talked to us too. They asked the small folk what they had asked Father Christmas for. We all had to do a little dance and think happy Christmas thoughts to open the door to Lapland.

lapland uk

lapland uk


lapland uk

We all did, and eventually went through the door into a truly magical winter wonderland, covered in snow, with more twinkly lights. The path was lined with snow covered Christmas trees – it was really beautiful. We arrived at the Toy Factory.

lapland uk lapland uk 7 lapland uk

Some Elves greeted us here, and we had to help make the toys for Father Christmas to give out to all the children on Christmas Eve. We helped make cuddly reindeer and wooden horses. I sat on a bench with the other children, and Lea and Luke helped too. We then had our  Elf Passports stamped to say we had worked hard.

Some Elves greeted us here, and we had to help make the toys for Father Christmas to give out to all the children on Christmas Eve. We helped make cuddly reindeer and wooden horses. I sat on a bench with the other children, and Lea and Luke helped too. We then had our  Elf Passports stamped to say we had worked hard. lapland uk

We then went on, through more snowy paths to Mother Christmas’s Kitchen.

lapland uk http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/14/stress-awareness-day-relaxation-benefits_n_1424820.html lapland uk 13

We listened to her stories, and about the Elves who help her to make gingerbread, and then we had a go at decorating some gingerbread houses. I had a lovely time with icing and sweeties, sticking them onto the house. We took them with us to eat later. We left her kitchen to go to the Elf Village where we had a lovely dinner in the restaurant and looked around. We could have gone ice skating too, we didn’t because I wasn’t keen and Mummy hasn’t got very good balance. There is a sweetie shop, a gift shop where I found the cutest toy elf for just J5! They had gifts of all prices to buy. Also in the village is the cutest Post Office. I wrote a letter to Father Christmas and posted it on one of the many, special letter boxes. We bought a LaplandUK postcard too, and posted it to our home as a memory of this special day.

lapland uk lapland uk lapland uk lapland uk 17

After a good hour or so, we lined up to go into the Enchanted Forest on a journey to meet Father Christmas. We made our way through the forest to a hut where Mummy went to tell the elves we had arrived. We then waited. A lovely Elf came to get us, and we walked through the forest, again all covered in snow until we reached Father Christmas’s chalet. On the way we passed the reindeer, and the sleigh – all ready for Christmas Eve. We waited outside – I was getting a bit nervous now. I heard him ‘Ho, ho, ho’ and couldn’t believe it. Our Elf told us that he had taken a nap – because he was very old he did it a lot, and we had to wait for him to change out of his pyjamas!

lapland uk lapland uk 19 lapland uk

Father Christmas was then ready for us, and Lea carried me in. Mummy videoed us all, and we went in. Oh my gosh, it really was the REAL Father Christmas! He had a long white beard, and looked just like I imagined the real FC would look like. He knew all about me, and Lea and Luke, and talked to us a lot. He had a big, really old book and he asked us to help him to find our names – it was his ‘Nice List’ Guess what? Our names were all in there! Father Christmas then gave us each the most gorgeous husky dog to keep. He also stamped our Elf Passports with a special bell sticker to say we had passed all the training and were now Elves!

lapland uk

We thanked Father Christmas and left, walking back through the Enchanted Forest to a big marquee where we could look at and pick our photos. After choosing our favourite photo, we left the marquee into the car park area.

Why visit LaplandUK?

It is the most magical experience we have ever had. The detail such as the snow, the little elf doors, the village and the best Father Christmas EVER. If you want to feel as though you truly are in the home of Father Christmas, this is the place to be.

What is extra?

Food and drink. Meals are J6 – J10 (J=Jingle. 1J = £1)

Latte coffee = J3

Cans of pop = J2

Photos. J15 for one, in a Lapland UK mount, os three photos for J30 with a free LaplandUK jute bag.

We all LOVED LaplandUK – even my teen bro and sis. It is a Christmas adventure that we will never forget, and we hope to go again next year.

Have you heard of LaplandUK?




  1. Uk Lapland looks just amazing, I love the idea of the Elf Passport, far too cute x
    Rachel recently posted…Inner-Soul OrganicsMy Profile

  2. what an awesome place to visit , I love taking the grandkids to such fun places myself

  3. This sounds really great!! love the father Christmas, he looks like the real thing. bit pricey for a can of pop. Can you take your own food and drink in? or do you have to buy what’s there?
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Pixels Film + Pac-Man Craft + giveawayMy Profile

  4. Looks amazing! We’re planning to go to Lapland in Scandinavia in a few years time 🙂

  5. This looks and sounds very magical! I have had Lapland UK recommended to me by quite a few people now so it is definitely on my bucket list for next December
    Lisa (Travel Loving Family) recently posted…Family Christmas city break in LondonMy Profile

  6. I’ve never heard of this but now I have I can’t wait to take my girls! They are a bit young this year but next year….

  7. If I was not so chicken I would have visited UK a long time ago…LOL…but 13 hours on any flight is a bit much for me….this looks like an amazing family holiday
    Mardene Carr recently posted…Cold OutsideMy Profile

  8. This is new to me, but what a wonderfully magical experience! I love it all.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Chocolate Chunk Cookie BarkMy Profile

  9. That looks so cool! I would visit it without a second thought!
    The photos are so cute! 😀
    Anna C. recently posted…London Inspiration | OutfitMy Profile

  10. Sounds delightful I’ve been to the real Lapland but the LaplandUK venture sounds pretty magical and not as cold!
    Linda Hobden recently posted…An Interview With Will Bees BespokeMy Profile

  11. Oh my goodness! How adorable <3 My kids would absolutely love this 🙂
    Rachel Mouton recently posted…5 Reasons You Need to Visit The Baton Rouge Symphony #BRSOMy Profile

  12. It looks like you had a great time 🙂 Fantastic photos x
    Claire recently posted…A message of hope to chronic pain fightersMy Profile

  13. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I would love to go to Lapland UK someday.
    MyTeenGuide recently posted…More Great Sci-Fi Movies Like Star Wars: The Force AwakensMy Profile

  14. oh wow this place is just darling! those trees are gorgeous and it looks like a whole lot of family fun is to be had there

  15. Oh my word! This place looks so amazing. I’d love to go there! And we don’t even have children. lol
    Jenn Peters recently posted…19 Pretty Planners And A Link Up #SundayBlogHopMy Profile

  16. Wow! What a wonderland! I would have LOVED this as a kid!!
    Angie Scheie recently posted…Why I Don’t Believe in CoincidencesMy Profile

  17. This looks brilliant. We were booked in to go to something similar local to us last year but it went bust because it was reportedly so crap. That’s put me off things like this a little bit but it’s great to see that this one looks truly magical, perhaps we’ll give it a try next year.x
    Natalie Ray recently posted…Can I really choose a school for my child?My Profile

  18. What a lovely place to go to! The kids look happy as well. I would love to bring family here! It’s fun!

  19. looks like you had a great day. i love the places and the pictures

  20. UK is one of my dream come true destination, I love UK because I’ve always seen a lot of beautiful places there and UK is Harry Styles home lol. Love that hotel and those pictures.
    Nicole Escat recently posted…Track your Belongings with your Smartphone!My Profile

  21. This looks like so much fun! Wished I lived over there to go here. Gotta put this on my bucket list.

  22. Love love this post. I’ve seen a few reviews of here and it looks amazing. Definitely something to consider for next year!! I love all the different things there seems to be to do and the Christmassy look is perfect! x
    Alice recently posted…Christmas Funfetti CookiesMy Profile

  23. I love Lapland UK, we went there right at the start of it. We took our son whilst we were on our honeymoon! We had a UK based honeymoon and only got married 3 days before, it holds very special memories for us and it is one magical place. I would love to go back there as it looks even more beautiful than before.
    Stephanie recently posted…Christmas Food Gift GuideMy Profile

  24. We loved our visit to Lapland UK, we went when it wasn’t dark and it does look a little different in the daylight. Love all the snow! Great review x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Silent Sunday 13.12.15My Profile

  25. Oh gosh this looks amazing!!!! I wanted to go but I think we’ll wait till my youngest is a bit older.

  26. This looks really amazing. I think my kiddos would love to attend something like this also. What fun it would be for the whole family.

  27. It really does look magical. I’d love to take my son to something like this too.

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