Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen


Mummy says…

‘It’s here. My youngest daughters birthday. My second out of four children. Today she turns 16. I can’t believe it. I should be used to it – my eldest daughter was 19 in the summer. Here is my Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen letter to my gorgeous girl…

happy birthday sweet sixteen

Dear Lea

When did you get all grown up?

It seems like only yesterday that you were toddling around in your pigtail plaits, clinging on to your precious first doll, Baby Annabelle.

You have always loved your dollys, discovering reborn ones when you were six. I remember having your first one waiting for you as you came out of recovery following having your tonsils removed. You called him Harry, after the Nurses suggestion. You loved him with all your heart. But not as much as you loved me. You were my girl (and still are) I was your whole world. That is the best feeling EVER.

You were the only one of my four who suffered so badly with tonsillitis, never complaining – even though you were taken into hospital twice before you had the operation.

You were my little doll – my blond haired, blue eyed beauty, my little darling.

happy birthday sweet sixteen

As you have grown up, you have worried about me, telling me to be careful, to drive carefully, to keep safe. You have been like a little mum to me!

You used to write to me, asking for a little baby brother or sister. For years before the magical day when  I told you I was pregnant with Pickle. I will never forget your face. You were absolutely over the moon. You worried about me through the pregnancy – and about Pickle too.

The week he was born you were beside yourself, and were literally sick with excitement and worry. You and the others woke on the Friday morning to a photo of him on your phone – safely here.

From that day to this, you have loved him and cared for him as if he were yours. You stayed with me on his first night at home, waking with me to feed him. You have been my rock, my wingman, my angel here on earth. There is no one I would rather leave Pickle with than you. You know him as well as I do. He adores you. Loves you so much, you are truly a second mum to him.

I know it has been hard for you. We have all been through a lot in the last couple of years, and you have been amazing.

You study hard, work hard, constantly think of others and are the most accepting, non judgemental person I have ever met.

You really are a beautiful soul, a shining light on earth. As you turn sixteen, I think back to your birth, to you being placed on my tummy and looking up into my eyes as we met for the first time, remembering how my heart almost burst with love for you.

I want to say three things to you.

1. I love you. More than you will ever know, more than I can put into words or show you.

2. Thank you. For being there for me – for us. For being by my side. For being my daughter and my absolute rock.

3. Go forward and live your life for you now. We are fine. Be happy, be confident, enjoy your last year of school, and enjoy planning your future. I am always here for you.

I look forward with the greatest pleasure and excitement to see what you will become. Life has great things in store for you, I know that much.

There is so much more I want to say.

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, I love you so very, very much.’


Mum x



  1. A beautiful post! Happy 16th Birthday Lea! xx
    There’s always time for tea recently posted…Goals for the week – 7/12/15My Profile

  2. Awww, this is an adorable letter. It must be so gratifying to see the fantastic woman you have helped to grow. It goes quick though.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…11th December – Ugly Christmas SweatersMy Profile

  3. Aw, what a heart felt letter. Happy Birthday and much love to your gorgeous girl.

  4. Made me well up! Beautiful xx

  5. Awww, this brought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful letter for a beautiful daughter xx
    Claire recently posted…Apple cinnamon spiced smoothieMy Profile

  6. A beautiful post! Happy birthday to your daughter:)
    Lisa (Travel Loving Family) recently posted…Family Christmas city break in LondonMy Profile

  7. Awwww Happy sweet 16th to your beautiful daughter. Such a heart felt letter. My eldest is 14 1/2 and I really wish I could press the pause button x
    Emma Page recently posted…Christmas Lights in LondonMy Profile

  8. This is such a beautiful post and your daughter sounds so lovely, I hope to raise my own daughter to be as wonderful as this. You must be so proud of her kindness and compassion.

    Happy Birthday Lea!

    Lucy Melissa Smith recently posted…What’s On The Tellybox This Christmas?My Profile

  9. This is a beautiful post. Happy birthday cutie.
    Stella recently posted…Fashion Diva CharlotteMy Profile

  10. Aw bless what an age to be right now, I hope a good day was had and Happy Birthday x
    Rachel recently posted…Balance Active Formula Dragon’s Blood RangeMy Profile

  11. Ah this is so lovely it made me cry. I hope to be able to write such a heartfelt letter to my daughters one day. xx
    Ali recently posted…The Princess and The Pea at Sherman Cymru – A ReviewMy Profile

  12. Reading this has just given me goosebumps. So beautiful and heart-felt x
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…A Toblerone Fondue for ChristmasMy Profile

  13. Happy birthday! Hope she had a wonderful day! I have got my daughter a reborn doll for Christmas. x
    Charlotte recently posted…Bow’s Winter WardrobeMy Profile

  14. Beautiful post and letter and a huge happy birthday to her x p.s the top picture is beautiful x
    kerry norris recently posted…Stick To Stigu planner reviewMy Profile

  15. Oh bless, I hope your daughter had an amazing birthday, what a beautiful tribute x

  16. What a beautiful letter for your beautiful daughter, you must be so proud of the beautiful young lady she has grown into. Hope she had a lovely birthday x
    StressedMum recently posted…Stick To Stigu ReviewMy Profile

  17. Aww happy birthday to your youngest daughter – I can imagine that time just flies by to quickly. x
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  18. She sounds like an absolutely wonderful girl! Have a very happy Birthday xxx
    Sonia recently posted…Quomo Framed Quote ReviewMy Profile

  19. This is such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Lea! You sound like an amazing young lady. x
    Working mum Blog recently posted…Christmas gift ideas 2015My Profile

  20. Aww Happy Birthday! This letter is so sweet to your little girl. 🙂 Enjoy the day!
    Cassie recently posted…Saving Money & Living Frugally – NSC SeriesMy Profile

  21. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl, you sound like an amazing lady but how could you not be with such a fab mum? xx
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Vision Direct | A Pug’s ChristmasMy Profile

  22. Happy birthday to your not so little girl! 🙂 She looks beautiful and sounds like such a lovely daughter. I hope you both had a fantastic time.

  23. Happy birthday to your not so little girl! 🙂 She looks beautiful and sounds like such a lovely daughter. I hope you both had a fantastic time.

  24. Happy birthday to your not so little girl! 🙂 She looks beautiful and sounds like such a lovely daughter. I hope you both had a fantastic time.

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