Five fab Real Gifts for Christmas


The internet is full of ideas of things to buy for Christmas. Everywhere you look it is gift guides for him, for her, for the children. Lots of stuff to buy, costing lots of money which you don’t really have, to make everyone happy at Christmas. Are you fed up with it all? Does it all feel a bit too much? Well, have a look at our five fab real gifts for Christmas…

Five Fab Real Gifts for Christmas

1. The gift of listening. Listen. Really listen. To your children, your partner and other loved ones in your life. Stop and focus completely on what is being said to you. Show them you are listening.

2. Following on from number one – the gift of presence. BE present in the moment. BE with whoever you are with. Focus only on what you are doing, using all your senses. You will remember more of the moment, and feel enriched.

3. The gift of positivity. Try saying only positive things throughout the day. Stop if you feel a negative comment brewing. Give compliments, point out the positives to other people.

4. The gift of self confidence. Praise your children, (or other loved ones) tell them how proud you are of them. Talk about their achievements of the year – and remember points one and two when doing so!

5. The gift of time together. Spend time together BEING together. Turn off all phones, iPads, laptops and the TV. Play games together, talk to each other, applying all the points above.

All these fab five real gifts for Christmas are free, but will create priceless memories for you and your loved ones.

Do you have any to add?



  1. This is lovely. Some great ideas that we can all try! I think turning off the technology would be hard in this house though
    Sian @ QuiteFranklySheSaid recently posted…Mini Style: Christmas Jumpers with HatleyMy Profile

  2. I love these, they really reflect the true spirit of Christmas 🙂 I love your positivity x
    Claire recently posted…Apple cinnamon spiced smoothieMy Profile

  3. This is a great post and so important. It’s too easy to get sucked into having your iPad on and not giving people the time they deserve x
    Jenni recently posted…Preparing for next ChristmasMy Profile

  4. Great post and all very important points and all of them we should all be doing more often than I am sure we do x
    Rachel recently posted…The Useful Christmas Gift Ideas for BloggersMy Profile

  5. I love this list. These presents are so meaningful and I think will help us all have better lives x

  6. I’ll be working on 2 & 5 on Christmas Day and not doing any blogging for at least a few days:)
    Lisa (Travel Loving Family) recently posted…Family Christmas city break in LondonMy Profile

  7. My partner and I don’t actually buy presents for each other, we buy them only for our child and our individual families. We prefer to provide a great meal for everyone to have and just enjoy the day itself with family and friends.
    I’ve always wanted to donate blood as I think the gift of being able to save someone else life is so important, but I’m so needle phobic it’s unbelievable and I’m considered too light in weight to donate. So that’ll be my request to my partner for christmas instead of a gift or anything else- for him to donate blood on my behalf (he’s not phased by needles so it’s not cruel lol) x
    The London Mum recently posted…London RIB Voyages | Adrenalin Toddler ActivityMy Profile

  8. I think the gift of positivity is so important especially at Christmas. So many people don’t have a happy home during the festive season so we should appreciate what we have.

  9. Love love love love this post so much! The gift of presence is an amazing one. X

  10. Now these are definitely some wonderful gift ideas for Christmas – I think we all need them in our lives.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Christmas Gift Round Up Part 2My Profile

  11. I love that you included positivity here, thats something I believe in so much xxx

  12. This is great and all very true, I have to admit I would love to start the no technology rule a bit more and just have more us time.
    StressedMum recently posted…My Week – 13/12/15My Profile

  13. The gift of time spent together is something I’m looking forward to this year. In 12 years I’ve not had a full Christmas with my husband as he was either doing uni work, private work outside of work or having to go into th office and do paperwork but this year he has promised he will be off from the 18th December.
    Daniella recently posted…Christmas TraditionsMy Profile

  14. I think for me, being with family is very important at Xmas as its the only time we’re all together x
    Kacie recently posted…Deliveroo takeaway review – Pt. 1 – The Hellenic Eatery, CardiffMy Profile

  15. I LOVE this! I have seen so many gift guides around, but none of them mention anything like this. Sure, I do love presents, but the most important thing is having that time off to spend with the people I love.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Christmas Coconut Frozen Yoghurt by DanniiMy Profile

  16. I LOVE this post, it is so positive. I say it’s not whats under the tree at Christmas that matters it’s who is around it! X
    the house that never rests recently posted…Our Top Ten Winter ActivitiesMy Profile

  17. fabulous list! and I think a lot of people including myself need these. I defo need to do number 1 more
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Christmas Scandi Decorating IdeasMy Profile

  18. I love your post and I totally agree with you, more than material gifts we need to give more love to all love ones that is a real gift 😀
    Diana Villa recently posted….. Dillard’s The EDGE Beauty Collection ..My Profile

  19. I need to praise my kids more. Thanks for the reminder.
    Stella recently posted…The Style Icon: Daisy LoweMy Profile

  20. Fantastic post! I love the whole gift giving part of Christmas, but it’s good to stop and think of these kind of gifts as well.
    Sally Akins recently posted…Stay Safe on the Roads with Christmas MocktailsMy Profile

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