Five Fab Places to be on New Years Eve


What do you usually do for New Years Eve? We are home, or at my Aunty’s house, but we would love to go to any of these five fab places to be on New Years Eve. How about you?

Five Fab Places to be on New Years Eve

  1. Times Square, New York. We have never been to New York, but MeeMee stayed there when Mummy was pregnant with me, nearly four years ago. She said Times Square is amazing – and it certainly looks like it on the TV. Mummy would love to be here one New Years Eve, just to experience it.
  2. London. We watch London every year on the TV – the London Eye all lit up, Big Ben chiming and the fireworks. Now that I have been on the London Eye earlier this year and seen Big Ben, I would love to be there with my family. It looks very busy though, and I guess we would have to be there very early to get a good spot. Mummy always wonders what happens if any of us need the loo?!
  3. Edinburgh. The Hogmanay festival sounds incredible and is now on for three days! How great to go there for a mini break.
  4. Looe in Cornwall. One of Englands best free New Years Eve parties – the whole of Looe dresses up in fancy dress and parties around the town in pubs, clubs and restaurants. For us little ones there are fireworks on the seafront at 6pm and then, if we are still awake, we can see in the new year on East Looe seafront with another spectacular firework display at midnight.
  5. Tenby Pembrokeshire. The only one on our list that Mummy has been to – MeeMee too. Lea is planning on being there this New Years Eve too. Next Year, Mummy is hoping to stay in Tenby for the night so she can take me into Tudor Square for the first time. The town all meets up and fills the main square from 11.30pm to welcome in the New Year with fireworks and a giant balloon drop. Entrance to the square is free.

Five Fab Places to be on New Years Eve

Where are you this New Years Eve? Have you ever been to any of these celebrations?



  1. These are great places to see in the new year. I wondered that too about ringing in the new year in busy London – not enough loos! 🙂 x

  2. These are great places New York is my favorite would love to visit the other places such as London in the hustle and bustle and the english accent I like.
    Patrice M Foster recently posted…Are you having Holiday Blues? Take it Easy!My Profile

  3. I have always dreamed of being on a private resort on New Year’s Eve. I want to witness the very first sunrise of the year. What an awesome experience it would be to watch that glorious sun rising over the horizon.

  4. This time last month my folks were standing in Times Square! Not so sure they would like to be there on NYE though! Gets super packed!! They love watching the telly and the fireworks on NYE 🙂 x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…A toddlers view on ChristmasMy Profile

  5. It’s my bday on nye and i am far from being happy, neither want to celavrate! I am old and everyone is going to expensive clubs, so i cant even organise my bday! i may use your ideas and just go on my own 😉

  6. Going to be in London this year, hopefully I get down to see the lights and fireworks! Have a happy new year!
    Whitney recently posted…Christmas 2015My Profile

  7. Some great suggestions for New Year! I am in Sweden this year – was hoping to celebrate with hubby at a party somewhere nice but looks like we’ll go for dinner instead. Enjoy your New Year x

  8. These are wonderful places to be on New Year’s eve and I hope to visit them all one day. My whole family is staying home.
    OurFamilyWorld recently posted…Busy Moms & Picky Kids Both Agree: EMERGEN-C® Kidz® is Awesome!My Profile

  9. Hogmaney sounds amazing! I like watching London on TV but those crowds would freak me out in person.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…26th December – It’s A Christmas Shopping Nightmare!My Profile

  10. I would love to go to New York to see in the new year and London, although I live very close to London I have never been to see in the new year, like you I think of the silly things like needing the loo x
    StressedMum recently posted…My ChristmasMy Profile

  11. I’d love to spend NY Eve at any of these places. It would be a treat as there is nothing to do in my area for New Years, population 500, 99% rednecks, lol.
    Terri Beavers recently posted…MMF Steelmaster Bundle! @Shoplet #shopletreviewsMy Profile

  12. I’ve been in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and all I remember is being extremely cold.
    Clara recently posted…10 Gifts for Health NutsMy Profile

  13. Nice suggestions. We always watch the London fireworks on tv.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Tidbits in my pantry- Healthy SnacksMy Profile

  14. I too have always wondered what you would do in those crowds should you need the toilet! I have always wanted to go to times square on new years eve, this year I will be spending new year at my friends house

  15. I love Tenby so I wouldn’t mind going there although I question how much would actually be going on there as its such a small town. In a perfect world, I would be seeing in 2016 in Jamaica 🙂
    Kacie recently posted…The Rare Welsh Bit is one of dotcomgiftshop’s 20 tasty foodie blogsMy Profile

  16. Those are all awesome and I have been to a few but this year me and the family are having a mini party just for us cant wait ! Happy New Year !!! Laci @

  17. Times Square in New York on New Years Eve has been on my bucket list for years!
    michelle recently posted…The Revenant Screening & Q&A with Leonardo DiCaprioMy Profile

  18. Tenby is beautiful but I never knew they had a net years event on! Will have to check that out. Times square and Hogmanay are on my MUST DO lists for one day 🙂
    The London Mum recently posted…Marley Spoon Family BoxMy Profile

  19. MOH and I have a tradition now where we go to London to watch the fire works display and have been doing it for a 7 years straight and hoping will do it this thursday too. I would like to go to times square one day.
    Miranda (Myrabev) recently posted…Travels Thus 2My Profile

  20. I can only imagine how awesome the place you list would be amazing what wonderful sites one would see
    angie recently posted…30 day blogging challengeMy Profile

  21. Those all sound so great! I hope to someday make it to those places.

  22. The one in Looe sounds fabulous – I like free!
    We never generally do anything though, just a few drinks at home and a takeaway… Before the diet starts x
    Emma | The Mini Mes and Me recently posted…Drinkaware Resources – Talking To Your Child About AlcoholMy Profile

  23. All these places are on my bucket list! I probably won’t be lucky enough to visit on new years, but hopefully one day!
    Eileen recently posted…20+ Free Printable Calendars for 2016My Profile

  24. Time Square will always have a place in my heart, but it sure would be nice to see the shows in other parts of the world as well. Thanks for sharing this list!

  25. I would love to be in Times Square on NYE just once in my life!

  26. This year we are going to be spending New Year’s eve in Disney world with all of our kids.
    It’s going to be insane but a ton of fun!
    Heather lawrence recently posted…New Year’s Eve for kidsMy Profile

  27. I’m going to be in church for New Years, as usual. I’ve been to Times Square. I wasn’t really a fan. Freezing cold and with people drinking a lot. Not up to doing it again..

  28. We will most likely be staying in, but London would be a dream someday.

  29. I would love to be able to do Times Square, but I would need some serious cash to do it. No way could I stand out on the street for that long!
    Jaime Nicole recently posted…Creating the Perfect Holiday Movie NightMy Profile

  30. I love the idea of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but having been to Times Square at the beginning of Christmas shopping season, I dread to think how busy it would be! I’d love to go somewhere different for new year though… Looe sounds good!

  31. I don’t feel safe this year. I’m happy to watch on the tv.
    Jodie recently posted…Siblings December 2015 – Looking Back On The YearMy Profile

  32. Those places sound fascinating.
    I’d love to travel and experience these places.
    But when you have kids, you stay put and bring the fun 🙂

  33. They all sound great to visit on NYE, I have never done anything apart from seeing friends and family on NYE around peoples houses. I love the sound of the looe one though, thats a beautful place to visit anyway.
    Stephanie recently posted…Coast 2 Coast WhiteleyMy Profile

  34. I have to admit that I am quite happy at home – it is all so expensive and crowded anywhere you go
    Kara recently posted…Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment ReviewMy Profile

  35. I am desperate to go to New York for New Year or anytime really. This is a great list and I hope you have a great night. We will be watching London on the TV
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…My Weekly Photo – Family ChristmasMy Profile

  36. We’re staying home. Most of the time I don’t feel safe going out with all of the drinking and driving.
    Crystal recently posted…Friends To The RescueMy Profile

  37. I’ve been to Edinburgh and it has such a surreal quality to it. I bet it would be amazing on New Year’s Eve.

  38. I’ve always wanted to spend New years in NY. The idea of being in the middle of it all when the clock hits 12 is pretty magical!

  39. I’ve only done London. Don’t think any will happen for a while but I’d love to go to New York for new year

  40. I have been in New York and London on NYE, but looking back I wouldn’t do it again. Too many people! This year I am spending it with my family in Germany, less stress and I can fall directly into my warm bed.

    Happy New Year!
    Nadine-Johanna Stewart recently posted…Getting back into my old beauty routineMy Profile

  41. Oh wow these places sound great. I think New York and London would be a bit too busy for me, ill save that for those who like to party but somewhere in the countryside would suit me down to the ground! xxx

  42. Ooh, Scotland is on my bucket list so maybe I’ll have to plan that trip around New Years!
    Angie Scheie recently posted…My Top Fitness Tools For 2016My Profile

  43. We will saying home this year but for sure when my son is older we would love to ring the new year at NYC. And maybe some of your other recommendations.

  44. I’ve never been to New York City before on New Year’s Eve! I’ll be at home with my hubby and family ringing in the New Year!

  45. My hubbie will be in Times Square, He films the Ball drop every year. Which makes me stay home in my pj’s with my youngest and just relax. Happy New Year!

  46. We usually check out the New York countdown but we have done New Years in Toronto too and that was lots of fun! Not sure what we’re going to do this year yet!

  47. These would all be fab places to be on NYE. I’ve been to New York twice and it’s my fave place ever so that would be top of my list xx
    Alex recently posted…Shopping for baby number 2 with George at AsdaMy Profile

  48. I would love to experience Hogmany at some point – the atmosphere always looks electric!

  49. I would love to be at Times Square New Years Eve. The most exotic place I’ve been is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for New Year’s. That was years ago before kids though. lol
    Jonathan recently posted…Understanding Insurance – Part ThreeMy Profile

  50. Lovely places to visit at new year. One of our greatest ones was on the lake in Roskilde in Denmark so so so many fireworks!
    Becky recently posted…But she’s wearing BLUE!My Profile

  51. I personally love to be home on New Years. But perhaps that’s because I have little ones and dragging them out in the crowds just isn’t that fun right now! 😉 I’d love to visit Times Square some day though!

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