Five Fab New Years Resolutions for Everyone


With a brand New Year just around the corner, I have thought about the resolutions I want to make. Taking inspiration from my children, I have finally decided and they are a bit different to the usual wants of maybe losing weight or giving something up. These are five fab New Years Resolutions for everyone. I wonder if any resonate with you?

Five fab New Years Resolutions for Everyone

  1. Be in the moment. Be mindful. Focus on this moment in time, especially when I am with my children.
  2. Schedule and plan more. Particularly with relation to my blog, which is my ‘job’ now. Have set times when I am working, and stop being on my phone ALL the time.
  3. Judge less – I really try not to judge, training to be a counsellor taught me a lot, and I want to take a leaf out of my daughters book. She is 16 and the least judgemental person I have ever met. I am proud of her attitude and outlook. She judges no one, no matter what their circumstances.
  4. Take a breath. Literally count to ten. I find myself sometimes ranting on and on, losing control and then asking myself why? I want to stop losing my temper so easily.
  5. Accept. What will be will be. Most things are out of my control anyway, and I cannot predict the outcome.

I would also like to share with you my five top mantras which I have found to be very powerful and make such a difference to my mental attitude. Honestly, give them a go – especially if any really catch your eye.

  1. ‘Trust and let go’.
  2. ‘Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow’.
  3. ‘All is happening perfectly’.
  4. ‘I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’.
  5. ‘This too will pass’.

Do you have any mantras or sayings that make a difference to you? Please share them with me 🙂

Ickle Pickle and I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year. Kaz x


  1. Very wise words….
    All the best for 2016 x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…We had the best Christmas….My Profile

  2. I love no 4. No. 5 has been my mantra for the past view months. Happy New Year! Wishing you a wonderful 2016 🙂
    Maureen recently posted…[Review] Irresistible Me Hair ExtensionsMy Profile

  3. “judge less” is a great one and one that I need to focus on more. Happy New Year, all the best for 2016
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…10 most popular posts of 2015My Profile

  4. I don’t have any mantras as such but I try to catch myself and ask if whatever I’m stressing about is really such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I’m getting better at it but still a work in progress lol
    Abi – Angel Eden Blog recently posted…Unique Craft Idea for New Year – Promise Pot TutorialMy Profile

  5. I love these, I think I’m going to use these as my resolutions x
    Jenni recently posted…Lucas’ First ChristmasMy Profile

  6. These are great new year resolutions that will resonate with anyone. I love don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow 🙂 x
    Claire recently posted…Malteser cheesecake – a slice of heavenMy Profile

  7. Absolutely! I really do need to be more mindful of how much time I spend on Social Media. Hope you have a Happy New Year! x
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Food for SantaMy Profile

  8. Wise words and some things we all need reminding of. Happy New Year to you.
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Tout Quarry Sculpture Park, PortlandMy Profile

  9. I need to get my new year resolutions written down too. Nice one x
    Stella recently posted…The Highs & Lows of Blogging in 2015My Profile

  10. I don’t make new years resolutions but love the Mantras!
    Kara recently posted…Our Days Out Highlights of 2015My Profile

  11. Life’s too short is my mantra and helps me to let go of little things that aren’t a huge deal and also encourages me to do as much as possible in life.
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…Is setting up a blog one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s 10 things I wish someone had told me when I started blogging….My Profile

  12. I am often found counting to ten before losing my temper, it works x
    Rachel recently posted…L’Occitane Advent Calendar 2015My Profile

  13. I couldn’t agree more about being in the moment. This is definitely something that I’m going to work towards in 2016……. put down the phone Laura!! xxx

  14. Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow is an excellent one 🙂 Happy New Year xx
    Shell Louise recently posted…Happy New Year and a look back at 2015My Profile

  15. I feel I should plan more for my blog too. I rarely have anything scheduled in advance, but so many people seem to manage it.
    Erica Price recently posted…December RoundupMy Profile

  16. Wise words. I have a couple of matra’s. My favorite at the moment is “this is just a phase”!
    Jen recently posted…Craft Yourself a Happy New YearMy Profile

  17. I find myself saying ‘This too will pass’ a lot lately! It usually gets me through the rough spots. Either that or “She Came, she saw she conquered” when I am afraid to try something! As for New Years resolutions–I don’t make them anymore!!

  18. This is a great list and number three is the best, I always try not to judge other people, though I’m not always successful. Need to work on this more.
    Dogvills recently posted…7 Darling Ways To Make A Pregnancy Announcement With Your DogMy Profile

  19. Sometime we just need to let things go! DOn’t worry about tomorrow’s issue today, right?

  20. My fave saying is ‘life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’. I am going to join you in aiming for number 2! 🙂
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted…What does testing achieve?My Profile

  21. I really love all five resolutions . I didn’t make any but aim to stay healthy and spend more time with my family.

  22. I think being judgmental comes with age. When you’re young you’re more accepting, but once you get older you get tired of dealing with the idiots. 😉
    Scott recently posted…New Year. New Timeline.My Profile

  23. My resolution is to not buy any books for toys for my kids. We have too many toys and can get any book we want from the library.

  24. Your #1 is a top priority for me, as well. Now that I have children, I can truly see how quickly time passes, and something I’m working on is breaking free from the mundane yet consuming hustle and bustle of daily life, and taking joy in being REALLY there and present for the small things that mean so much.

  25. Very good ones, always remember even as hard as things are, it will soon pass. Just don’t give up.

  26. Great resolutions, I have intentions this year that I am sticking too and I hope these are easier to keep.
    Kizzy recently posted…The Year In Books – January PicksMy Profile

  27. These are definitely many of the resolutions that a lot have in mind for this New Year. These 5 are very fab.

  28. I use ‘this too will pass’ a LOT. I need to follow your advice and have strict working hours, making sure I focus on the kids when I’m with them. Blogging can be so distracting! recently posted…First ever family ski at the Snozone, Milton KeynesMy Profile

  29. I love this post, and your resolutions are perfect for me. I hope 2016 is amazing for you.
    Emma recently posted…First photos of 2016My Profile

  30. These are so good…I’m definitely going to try and put some of them into practice. Thank you…I might even print them out!!
    Globalmouse recently posted…A warming winter menu from Pizza ExpressMy Profile

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