Christmas #BostikBlogger Crafts


This is our third month as a #BostikBlogger and we have received another great box full of craft goodies. We were keen to get started on some Christmas crafts.


I wanted to make a special card for my Nana and Grandad, and chose a foam Christmas Tree shape to glue some jewels on to, and I drew on some tinsel with the fab glitter pens that we were sent. The ‘fine and wide glue pen’ is a great glue pen, with two different size nozzles each squeezing out clear glue.

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We then glued my Christmas Tree on to a piece of folded red card. What do you think?


Next, I wanted to make a present for my biggest sister MeeMee, who is away at University, and I miss her very much. Mummy had a Kilner jar that I could use. Mummy helped me, and cut out a red felt circle for the lid. I glued on a silver heart which I chose especially for her.

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We then glued some pretty ribbon which I chose, around the jar, using glu dots from an earlier #BostikBlogger craft box we had been sent. Mummy wrote on a little fabric leaf , and cut a hole in the end of it to make a tag which we tied on to the jar with a glittery red pipe cleaner. I then filled it with sweeties! Isn’t it a lovely present for MeeMee?


In our craft box there were some blank cards, and we have wanted to make reindeer handprint cards for ages, so this is what we did!

Mummy mixed green and red paint, then added blue which made a really dark brown. We added yellow paint to make it lighter. I pressed my hand into the paint, and the onto the card. After the paint dried, we drew black eyes on him, and stuck on a glittery red pom pom nose.

TIP – if you are planning on making these hand print cards with a three year old like me, have lots of practise runs on non important paper first. And Mummy – asking me not to wiggle or move my fingers means, guess what? I will wiggle and move them 😉 After a few tries and Mummy’s face turning the same colour as Rudolph’s nose, here is our finished card. I am sorry, there are no other photos recording this experience!

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We hope you liked our Christmas #BostikBlogger crafts!



  1. The handprint Reindeer is just so cute, what a great activity this is x
    Rachel recently posted…Blogger Beauty Box – DecemberMy Profile

  2. Love all these crafts. I think it’s brilliant to get kids making things this time of year. The reindeer is my favourite too
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Giveaway: Win A Silver Chamila Charm BraceletMy Profile

  3. These look fantastic! Christmas crafts are the best. Can’t wait for penny to get a little older to start craft projects properly x
    Emma recently posted…Our family traditions #12daysofparenting #Day4My Profile

  4. Looks so good have to say my kids love doing Christmas crafts .

  5. Loving this. It is a great craft idea this season.
    Stella recently posted…Getting Cosy This WinterMy Profile

  6. Some great crafts. I love handmade Christmas cards, we made a family reindeer cards using thumbprints this year.
    Daniella recently posted…Tiny Trolls Of NorwayMy Profile

  7. love all 3 of these crafts. I love doing christmas crafts with the kids
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Wicked Uncle ReviewMy Profile

  8. I have bought my niece a TON of craft stuff for Christmas and I am going to see her this weekend, so it’s going to be a fun weekend I think.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Quinoa Vodka Christmas Cocktail by DanniiMy Profile

  9. I’m laughing at the “don’t wiggle my fingers” part and your face turning the color of Rudolf’s nose. What great crafting fun – making holiday gifts and making memories.

  10. I love a good crafting session especially at this time of year. Not that I am any good at it mind!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…S/S 16 OverviewMy Profile

  11. Well those sure are some fun craft ideas. We don’t do a ton of crafting in this house because I’m just not very good at it. But I think my kids would love making the reindeer handprints. Surely I couldn’t mess that one up.
    Cat Davis | Mom by the Beach Blog recently posted…It’s Time to Speak Up, Learn More and Talk About IBSMy Profile

  12. This is so cute and would be great for my daughter; she loves arts and crafts. I love that this allows the creative juices to flow but provides a little suggestion. What a great way to share the holidays with your little!

  13. Great ideas! I love to get my son involved with crafts especially around the holidays. He is so happy to be able to see stuff he made on display.

  14. These crafts turned out so cute!! My son is still young enough that he loves to make crafts for the holidays.
    Vera Sweeney recently posted…Begin Your Star Stable Adventure This Holiday Season (plus giveaway)My Profile

  15. These are all great ideas. I’m on a hunt for Christmas crafts because as of Friday, the kids will be out of school until after the new year. We love crafting together.

  16. Oh how fun. I loved making crafts like these with my kids. I love how the jar turned out!

  17. Aah, this post has brought back memories of the mother & toddler group I used to go to with my kids and at Christmas there would be lots of craft activities for the kids to do:-)
    Camilla recently posted…Greek Lamb Burgers with Lemon MayonnaiseMy Profile

  18. I love crafting with my daughter. I already know that next year we are going to make snow globes as gifts. They are so cute in the mason jars.

  19. These are such cute crafts! I love making crafts with hand prints – a lasting memory as the kids grow!

  20. This looks a fun and easy DIY project. Kids will love this. I will be doing this before the holiday.

  21. The Christmas tree is cute. I like the pop of color on the red paper. And the jar is a fun gift for anyone.

  22. Cute and precious crafts that will be treasured for many years. Love the hand prints one.

  23. What cute crafts! My favorite ornaments are the ones that I have collected over the years that my kids made me.
    Jaime Nicole recently posted…Get Your Family Game on This Holiday Season with HasbroMy Profile

  24. The hand print reindeer is so adorable! Crafting at Christmas is wonderful, it really helps to get into the Christmas spirit and it’s so great for the kids. x
    Zoe IKIWN recently posted…Simply Be Turtle Neck Jacquard Skater DressMy Profile

  25. What great crafts ideas, I cant wait to share this with my niece and nephew, they both really enjoy crafting and it will be wonderful to do this with them! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Janet (@Beautyboxchic) recently posted…Introducting Prana New Organic Coconut Chips + Thoughts and First ImpressionMy Profile

  26. You’re so lucky to get a shipment of crafts to play with…I’m jealous. I actually saw something on TV about making stocking stuffer Mason jars…I think I’m going to do that this year.
    Yona Williams recently posted…Congratulations to the ModernTribe ‘Oy Vey’ T-Shirt WinnerMy Profile

  27. So cute, these will keep the kids busy during the holidays. Gonna try these!

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