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We are very pleased to help spread the word about the Sightsavers #ValueOfSight campaign. Mummy is very, very short sighted, and has been since she was 11, she cannot see clearly more than a few inches in front of her, and has to wear glasses or contact lenses, so has some idea of what it is like to not be able to see properly – but even she cannot imagine losing her sight.

How awful must it be? To not be able to see your children, and other loved ones.

value of sight


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose your sight? Try closing your eyes and imagine going about your day. What would you still be able to do with no sight? Who or what would you miss seeing most?

How frustrating would it be if the condition that caused your sight loss was completely treatable, but medical help was out of your reach?

That is really hard to understand isn’t it? Sightsavers asked three UK volunteers to see through the eyes of someone suffering from cataract for a day, and it totally changed their perception of the value of sight.

A year ago Sightsavers launched the #MillionMiracles appeal with the aim of funding a million sight-saving cataract operations at a cost of £30 each. To support the appeal this year they’re asking the UK public to think about the #ValueofSight, and how they’d probably give anything to save their vision.

At the end of the day the volunteers got their sight back, but millions of people all over the world are blind from cataracts when a 10 minute, £30 surgery could restore their vision.

People like Laurinda in Mozambique, a lady in her early 30’s who has seven children, including her little one year old Telma who she has never seen. Laurinda has been blind for four years, can’t work or even get water for herself, and had no hope of seeing again until the Sightsavers mobile surgery team met her during a village screening.



If you would like to, and are able to, please donate to this appeal, just think about how valuable your sight is to you – what price would you put on your sight?

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  1. My Grandma suffered with cataracts and she was miserable as could no longer read. I was watching children in need on Friday, and there was a little girl who lost her sight and they showed just what it was like, and it really hit home to me. Great post
    StressedMum recently posted…Snapfish Coaster ReviewMy Profile

  2. I can’t even begin to imagine what this is like for people. We take our sight for granted. This is a great campaign to raise awareness xx
    Kerry norris recently posted…Norman the slug who saved christmas: Book reviewMy Profile

  3. This is something I think most of us take for granted every day. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t see.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Gingerbread Oat Waffles by DaniellaMy Profile

  4. It’s scary how quickly yuour sight can be damaged, my mum had a retina start to detatch a few months back and it was really scary! Thankyou so much for raising awareness about such an important matter!
    Claire Ridewood recently posted…Move forwards without fear?My Profile

  5. I can’t imagine losing my sight, I am short sighted as well and that is bad enough.
    Stella recently posted…Alexa Chung Covers Elle UK December 2015My Profile

  6. I can’t imagine being blind. It must be so difficult. A good friend of mine is blind and she has two girls. She has raised them on her own which is hard enough but I have no idea how she has managed it without being able to see. Incredible!

  7. We take our sight for granted and when we lose it our world turns upside down. I would hate to lose my sight I rely on it for so many things.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…The Midnight HourMy Profile

  8. I too started with eyesight problems when I was 11 and have worn glasses ever since. It terrifies me to think that I could never see clearly again, and I would totally panic if I ever broke my glasses
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Hotel Chocolat – The Patisserie Sleekster ReviewMy Profile

  9. I’m a big fan of the work Sightsavers do, will share this on twitter to help spread the word x
    Sonia recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide: For HimMy Profile

  10. Have shared on Twitter too, this is a great campaign!
    Jenny recently posted…Gingerbread Man Biscuit Kit from BKDMy Profile

  11. The thought of losing one’s sight is such a scary thing, I’m glad this charity is helping people in need!
    Camilla recently posted…SimplyCook Review and Goan Fish CurryMy Profile

  12. Lack of simple things like vit A drops in childhood and eye hygiene, which we take for granted, are the cause of blindness in the developing world. And treatable conditions like cataract. This is a really good cause to be supporting, thanks for sharing x
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…Blogging Means…My Profile

  13. This is such a good campaign and losing your sight must be one of the scariest things ever to happen x
    Rachel recently posted…Relax and unwind with KneippMy Profile

  14. What a great campaign, my daughter has virtually no sight in her left eye (with no glasses on) and one time the optician put glasses on me to show me how she sees the world with no glasses! It’s so sad to see that people are living like this and it’s great there is a charity to help them
    tracey bowden recently posted…Christmas Outfit Ideas for OliviaMy Profile

  15. My daughter has terrible sight and it really affects her. She is unable to wear contact lenses too. We have looked into an operation but it will cost far too much money
    Kara recently posted…Our Favourite Things to see at Camp Bestival 2015My Profile

  16. I’m the same, been incredibly short sighted since the age of 10 but I’m terrified at the thought of losing my sight!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…I’m Over On The Rattan Direct site – Creating An Outdoor Winter SpaceMy Profile

  17. I have an eye condition which means I have to wear contacts to see properly, without them everything is fuzzy, one day it is likely they won’t work and the only option will be surgery to have new corneas and that scares me enough, I couldn’t imagine losing it completely. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Christmas at PrezzyboxMy Profile

  18. I’m very short sighted, and have been since I was tiny. The thought of losing the little sight I have has always been one of my greatest fears
    Sally Akins recently posted…Xmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers & Everything ElseMy Profile

  19. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to not be able to watch your children grow up! x

  20. A friend of a friend has recently gone blind and she’s only 19! It really made me think hard about this stuff and how difficult it must be. Thanks for sharing this great cause.. we need more awareness!
    Laura Hartley recently posted…WHAT’S HOT? HAS BEEN NOMINATED AS ONE OF THE TOP LIFESTYLE BLOGS OF 2015My Profile

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