More room please!


Our little house is full to bursting point! Honestly, we need more room please!

Mummy has her own room, as does Lea and I share with big bro Luke. MeeMee still lives here too, although she is away at University, but we always gladly move around for her when she is home – we are just so happy to have her back with us.

Our house is noisy, busy, and full of people and stuff, which we all quite like, but it is getting to the point where we really do need more room.

Mummy has thought about a conservatory, but they are expensive, and we wouldn’t gain a proper room unless we spent a LOT.

An extension would be fantastic – next door has one and it has made a huge difference to their living space. But it is BIG bucks to have one built.

sheds first

Something Mummy has looked at for a couple of years now, are log cabin type sheds for the garden. We are lucky enough to have a big enough garden, and it would be great for us in lots of ways.

1. MeeMee can have her own space when she is home.

2. Lea can have it for sleepovers with her friends, she has to go to them at the moment.

3. Luke could also use it for having his friends over.

4. We could have parties in the summer, knowing we have space if when it rains.

5. We could ask family to stay with us.

Mummy could also use it if she wanted to have her clients to the house, for her holistic therapies or counselling. I would also love to play in there too! My whole family could use it, and it would ease the pressure a bit in our house!

Have you ever thought of having a log cabin in your garden?


  1. I wouldn’t recommend a conservatory having moved into a house with one. A log cabin sounds fun though.
    Erica Price recently posted…This Year: A Real Christmas TreeMy Profile

  2. This is a great space creating idea if you have a big garden. My inlaws have one at their house although my father in law has made it his man den complete with bar etc lol. If I had a garden big enough i’d definitely get one x
    kerry norris recently posted…A review of GRRRRR by Rob BiddulphMy Profile

  3. I would love one but I don’t think I could fit one in the back yard. hehehe
    I think my girls would love one x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

  4. Growing up we had a ‘wendy house’ which was quite big so basically the same thing. It was greta to have this little space at the end of the garden that was private and away from adult ears that we could use for sleepovers too 😉

    My parents still have it. Now it’s used as a summer house so I would totally have one in our garden if we could!
    The London Mum recently posted…October Round UpMy Profile

  5. That looks awesome and by far the cheapest option. It’ll be like a little club house.

  6. What a great space! We really want a log cabin in the garden too. It would be fought over though. I’d want an office, Jamie would want a man shed. xx #lovetoblog

  7. I haven’t thought of log cabin in the garden before – but I would totally love one and probably move into it haha x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Win a Pamper HamperMy Profile

  8. I think they’re great and would love one – just need the room to have one haha
    Rebecca U recently posted…Our Trip to the Lake DistrictMy Profile

  9. What a fantastic idea. I know what you mean about a conservatory. We have one but it really is just an extension of a room and the space doesn’t get utilised as much as it should. The log cabin sounds fantastic though and sounds like you would get a lot of use out of it.
    The L’s Mum recently posted…Ectopic pregnancy recovery – The first week.My Profile

  10. This cabin is almost as big as the flat I live in ha, if I had a garden big enough I would definitely want one x
    Rachel recently posted…Christmas Traditions – PyjamasMy Profile

  11. It’s not something we’d have the space for unfortuantely but I’d love it if we did. I’d make it my office space.
    Colette B recently posted…Pushing my boundaries . . . with a cameraMy Profile

  12. My parents have had something similar to this, so that they can do their cycling training in the winter. It’s fab!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…8 Parenting Lessons I have learnt from my ParentsMy Profile

  13. I would love a little log cabin or shed in my garden so that I could have a work-from-home office and a dedicated yoga space. Maybe one day…. x
    Cardiff Mummy Says – Cathryn recently posted…Christmas 2015: 75 festive family-friendly events in and around Cardiff including where to see Father ChristmasMy Profile

  14. I would love one of these but unfortunately I think that is about the same size as our garden! With the bloke and I both working from home, we could use it as a home office
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure recently posted…Beaches – Ocho RiosMy Profile

  15. Certainly cheaper than an extension! Another option is that it’s possible these days to buy an upcycled shipping container that is done out as the room you want – living room / office / however you want it including windows / doors / heating / electrics etc. and literally dropped into place with a crane. I’m not sure how they compare price wise with log cabins but they are supposed to be a lot hardier and pretty quirky in my opinion! It’s something we may consider doing in the future, I’d love to have a little space that is set away from the house.x
    Natalie Ray recently posted…Dear ToddlerMy Profile

  16. I totally love the idea of a log cabin! I’m not sure that we could accommodate one in our current garden though.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Fully Loaded Mexican Sweet Potato Skins*My Profile

  17. We really want a cabin in our garden but I am worried about loosing our trampoline space as the kids still play on it alot – it would be a great den for the teens though
    Kara recently posted…We’re a nation of Lady Marys…My Profile

  18. I love the look of that log cabin, I would love one of those but alas our garden is too small, we have a small conservatory but it’s too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer so never gets used. Glad we didn’t pay to have it built LOL!
    Sonia recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide: For HerMy Profile

  19. This is such a lovely idea to create extra space. It will be like having an adventure!
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…Cravendale: The Milk Drinker’s Milk StoryMy Profile

  20. I’d love more room, there are 4 of us living in a two bedroom house, our study downstairs is a makeshift bedroom for my husband as the toddler sleeps with me and I don’t see that changing any time soon!
    Daniella recently posted…Libbie Club November OffersMy Profile

  21. I’d like one of these! Perfect mummy retreat for when it all gets too much I think x

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