Your Computer is still Cool


Everyone seems to have a smart phone, and / or a tablet. But do you know your computer is still cool too?

There are so many things you can do on your computer, and better than your phone or tablet sometimes too!

Mummy loves her iPad and her iPhone, and wouldn’t be without them, but she also has her Toshiba Laptop which she uses every day.

your computer is still cool

As she is getting (a bit) older, she finds the screen on her laptop much easier on her eyes than the small screens.

She also still prefers a ‘proper’ keyboard when typing blog posts or letters. And there are so many things you can still only do on a laptop or computer such as editing and updating websites, and actions where you need to use a mouse. Watching films is much easier too than on a phone or tablet.

Many fun apps that you can get for your phone are available on the computer too. Have you seen Cut the Rope? It is a fun, very addictive game where you have to free the candy so Om Nom (a litte green guy) can eat it! Be warned it is not as easy as it first seems!

Who hasn’t heard of Angry Birds? You can play this online on your laptop too.

Did you know that traditional board games such as Monopoly are also available to play on your computer?

My big bro is a huge Xbox fan and he loves games such as Halo, sites like YouTube have tons of tutorials showing you how to play better too.

Do you or does anyone in your family still use a laptop or computer daily? Do any of you play games, if so which ones?


  1. All my blogging and work is done via laptop, I just couldn’t use the other mediums for writing. My phone is for lazy tim when browsing social apps- hahah Can’t get away from them!
    The London Mum recently posted…Chiltern Open Air Museum, BuckinghamshireMy Profile

  2. I do a lot more on my computer than I do on my phone, though my phone is handy to have x
    Rachel recently posted…Pain free hair removal with the iluminage TouchMy Profile

  3. I use my computer every day – it’s too hard to type on a tablet.
    Ali recently posted…An Anniversary Date NightMy Profile

  4. I use my HP laptop everyday for all my blog work. I can’t leave without it.
    Stella recently posted…10 Ways To Deal With Blogger BurnoutMy Profile

  5. I use my phone or tablet for most things but sometimes I have to switch to the lappie, especially for photo editing.

  6. I couldn’t do all my writing and blogging on an ipad or phone, I am definitely a fan of my laptop. Maybe it is my age. 😉

  7. There will always be a place for a laptop or a computer. I like a key board too, and my soon wouldn’t be without his PC

  8. I really prefer my laptop to anything else. I find phones and tablets are too small and I like having a keyboard.
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…WOTW – HeadacheMy Profile

  9. I love my laptop – I do adore my tablet but it can’t replace a laptop in my eyes. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Take a tour around Dobby and Socks homeMy Profile

  10. I love my macbook, i’m rarely off it. I spend all my life on StumbleUpon haha x
    Jessica McDonnell recently posted…Cheers to the Weekend with FentimansMy Profile

  11. I don’t have a smartphone, though I’d like to get one. A proper keyboard is one of the main reasons I use a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.
    Astrid recently posted…Mental Illness and Attitude #Write31DaysMy Profile

  12. My laptop is my savior, I use it to read, watch programs, work and more and I honestly don’t know what I could do without it.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…From Russia With LoveMy Profile

  13. I MUCH prefer my macbook pro to my ipad any day – so much easier to use for blogging x
    North East Family Fun recently posted…What to expect from an Art Tour with the Glasgow School of ArtMy Profile

  14. My children use the PS3 for games, I don’t want them damaging their eyesight by using anything smaller.
    Jenny recently posted…Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter PartyMy Profile

  15. I still use computer! I hate tiny little keyboards in phone so I type post on laptop.
    Anna recently posted…H&M Home Winter 2015 Collection previewMy Profile

  16. I love my laptop too. It’s much easier to read and comment, as well as write in general when you have more than one window open 🙂
    Emma Page recently posted…Dear InsomniaMy Profile

  17. My laptop is my last resort these days. I do pretty much everything on my phone or tablet. I only use the lappie if it is something I can’t do on my other devices. I think it’s just because it’s old and I’m impatient with it.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Why Having Kids Is Awesome!My Profile

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