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As you probably know, I am quite a well travelled little boy, and am always sharing travel tips with you. Well, I have some more for you! Here are some general tips for travelling with a baby or toddler.

Pack Your Baby’s Essentials: The first and most important thing that you need to remember while packing for your baby before you travel is not to forget to pack all your baby’s clothing and hygiene essentials. This includes nappies, formula, baby clothes, baby wipes, dummy’s and bottles. You can never pack too many of these baby essentials especially when baby is very new, as you have no idea how many ‘accidents’ they may have!

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Check Medication: Before you hop onto your flight with your baby or toddler, make sure that all their vaccinations are up-to-date. Make sure you travel with any essential medications, if any, of your baby. Carrying pain relief such as liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen, and teething gel are a good idea too. Pain relief sachets are handy and can be carried in hand luggage.

Be Psychologically Ready: If you are stressed or anxious, baby will pick up on it so try and relax and plan well in advance to ensure a stress-free and happy journey with your baby. If you can, take little breaks every couple of hours if travelling by car. Let your baby stretch, wiggle, roll over, and even crawl. The moment your baby starts feeling cramped or restricted, he will probably start crying out of frustration. Try and plan your journey with baby’s nap and feed times in mind to avoid further upset and frustration.

If you need a room the night before you fly, or the day you return, don’t forget you can arrange safe and secure accommodation for you and your baby at discounted rates using the Premier Inn Coupons.

Don’t Overdress Your Baby: Last but not least, don’t overdress your baby. Dress him in a vest and soft pyjamas or joggers. You won’t need to worry about the cold getting to your baby, as you can always add extra layers for warmth if needed. Loose clothing like this  is ideal for babies it can help you easily go through airport security and when changing nappies in a aeroplane loo! Don’t forget it can be chilly on an aeroplane.

You can shop for all that your baby needs at great prices by using the amazing coupons offered by Deals lands UK.

Have you any tips to add?


  1. Some good tips and I am sure most parents are anxious about flights with small babies, mainly because planes make for a lot of anxious people x
    Rachel recently posted…Damaged Hot Oil Treatment by LushMy Profile

  2. Great advice, particularly the what to dress baby in on the plane. This can also apply to adults. I always wear comfy jeans on a plane.

  3. Great tips, I will share your post with any mums I know of who are planning on travelling with their babies soon 🙂
    Kacie recently posted…#AutumnWarmers with Waitrose – Recipe: Welsh lamb cawlMy Profile

  4. Fantastic tips! If you are well prepared it need not be stressful traveling with little one’s….
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Aurora Mood Clock – Review!!My Profile

  5. Fab tips! I’ll make sure to put these in practice next time I go away with the little one x
    The London Mum recently posted…London Zoo With 365 TicketsMy Profile

  6. Great tips for travelling with your baby/ toddler especially if you are going on a long haul journey as children can get messy/ irritated quickly.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…The 'Social Other'My Profile

  7. Great tips!! I must confess I am not overly looking forward to our first flight with Boo but I feel better after reading this!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…The Gruffalo Party Pack ReviewMy Profile

  8. Great tips. It’s hard enough going on long car journeys with babies. I haven’t even contemplated flying with them. I think my toddler would be harder work though… I’d need to book an overnight flight or need just want to be running around the aisles
    Linda recently posted…Comment on Christmas Advent Calendar by Sewing Bee FabricsMy Profile

  9. Great tips!!! We don’t travel too much with our little boys as they have special needs but alot of your tips would be useful for travelling with them aswell so thanks a bunchx
    Amanda recently posted…Little VoiceMy Profile

  10. Wonderful tips. I think being psychologically ready is half the battle! Baby definitely knows if mom is stressed & reacts. x
    Becky, Cuddle Fairy recently posted…The Connacht Hotel GalwayMy Profile

  11. Great tips. I found it so stressful travelling when Jack was a baby x
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Win With Discount Supplements – Be James Bond!My Profile

  12. oh such a useful post, the medication stuff is really important. I had some antibiotics for Erin last trip and they broke the machine analysing them and I had to have additional security. But that was still better than having her ill on holiday which has happened too frequently!
    Emma recently posted…Using Aromatherapy at homeMy Profile

  13. I would have no idea where to start with travelling with a baby – these sound like great tips 🙂 x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…5 great things to do in Lisbon*My Profile

  14. Fab tips. We are taking Baby on an aeroplane for the first time on Friday, so will be putting some of these into action x
    You baby me mummy recently posted…The Best of Blog On WinMy Profile

  15. Read this post yesterday, forgot to comment. Great tips. Wish I had of read it on my first trip with a baby 5 years ago.
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…Newborn Photoshoot with Nessa Robinson PhotographyMy Profile

  16. Although Bib is 4 I let her travel to Majorca in her pyjamas. It was a night flight and she was so much comfier! If only I could get away with travelling in my pyjamas! x
    Charlotte recently posted…The Furchester Hotel DVD Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  17. Great tips! I would also add that if you’re flying with a baby, then either feed them or give them a dummy to suck on during take off and landing. It can be really sore for little ears as the pressure changes!
    Sally Akins recently posted…The Martian – Film ReviewMy Profile

  18. Fab advises! I think it must be hard travel with a child especially in plane:(
    Anna recently posted…Halloween Inspirations and Giveaway!My Profile

  19. These are great tips … especially the one about Meds. You just never knoew what you might need!
    When mine were tiny I used to pre-empt ear pain and have the little calpol sachets on standby …
    Anna x
    Anna Fraser recently posted…10 Tips For a First Time Expectant MotherMy Profile

  20. These are great tips! I’ve never taken a toddler abroad so I’ve never really thought about clothing before, pyjamas sound like a great idea for comfort. x
    Katie recently posted…Carrier Bag Charges. Advice from a VeteranMy Profile

  21. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been putting off my baby’s first plane trip out of sheer terror, but I need to bite the bullet one of these days because all the grandparents live abroad. Plus I want to use her passport, which has the cutest picture of her making an angry face.
    Katie recently posted…4 things I never thought I’d do as a parent that I totally doMy Profile

  22. great tips. We recently flew to Cyprus with little J and I was dreading it. A five hour flight with a toddler but it was actually okay!
    Michelle Murray recently posted…Lunch at The Beeches, WrexhamMy Profile

  23. Nice piece of information. I remember incident, My baby was just 5 year old and i forget all medicine box at home. I was Psychologically upset, Alex never stop crying. It’s too horrible. Thanks for sharing it and remembering my old days.

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