The Last Female Taboo


Mummy says….

‘What would you say is the last female taboo? If you are a mum then it probably won’t surprise you to know that it is bladder sensitivity or adult incontinence (AI). After four children, surprisingly I don’t suffer too much, but I have many friends who do!

1 in 3 women over the age of 18 experience this problem at some point in their lives, and for millions of women, it is pregnancy and child birth that bring about this condition.

Despite being such a wide spread problem, us women still find it hard to talk about. You are not alone if you suffer from this, and there is no need to struggle in silence. Today, Always Discreet are releasing new research which reveals millions of British women are feeling older than their years and 42% of women with frequent bladder leaks agree that the condition makes them feel older.

Always Discreet launches the research as part of its mission to break the silence around AI so that women can feel empowered to live the age they feel inside, with nothing holding them back. With nearly half (45%) of sufferers admitting sensitive bladder affects their happiness, the brand wants to help give these women a voice by inviting them to share their stories.

the last female taboo

Live the Age You Feel Inside Expert Tips 

Always Discreet for sensitive bladder believes that every woman should be able to live the age they feel inside with nothing holding them back. Here are some top tips from Campaign Ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis:


Share how you are feeling with someone. If you feel too embarrassed to speak to a loved one then set up an appointment with your GP. Millions of women in the UK suffer from sensitive bladder, you are not alone and there is help available.


Your bladder is trainable: if you’re troubled by needing to pass water very often and needing to rush to the toilet, talk with your doctor about a daily schedule to build up your bladder’s holding capacity. Remember; allow your bladder to empty completely each time you go to the toilet.


There’s no need to avoid drinking in order to reduce the urge to visit the bathroom. Limiting your water intake makes your urine more concentrated, which boost your chances of bladder irritation.



Caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks could be your new worst enemies– they can irritate a sensitive bladder. Everyone with sensitive bladder could benefit from cutting down on alcohol. If your symptoms include needing to rush to the loo, try limiting those coffees, teas and carbonated beverages for a week or two to see if it helps.


If you experience anxiety, worry and concern because of your sensitive bladder, mental relaxation can be a very valuable aid. Avoid worrying about problems excessively. Deliberately include activities in your daily life that bring you pleasure for example meeting friends, going to the cinema or taking a walk.

Top tips for taking care of your sensitive bladder whilst exercising fromBody Control Pilates founder, Lynne Robinson:


Pilates, yoga, cycling, tai chi, brisk and Nordic walking are all great low impact activities that will keep you fit.


Strong abdominal exercises can put too much pressure on your pelvic floor. Opt for gentler core exercises instead, to keep your abdominals in shape.


By practicing at least three times a day, these exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give you more control when you need it. If you’re not sure how to do them, speak to your doctor or visit Always Discreet.


Be aware of your posture whilst you exercise and go about your daily activities. Slouching inhibits your deep core muscles from working properly.


Learn to breathe more efficiently with Pilates or yoga. Never hold your breath while exercising as this puts pressure on your pelvic floor.


We perform many of our daily activities without consciously thinking about our movements. Stand square and close, bend from your knees and hips, keeping your back straight.


 Do you suffer with this condition? If so, do you have any tips to share?’







  1. I had no idea that this problem could be exacerbated by pregnancy and childbirth! This is such a comprehensive list of tips that I’m sure are useful for many other conditions too, great post!
    Laura Hartley recently posted…GIVEAWAY – MAGNITONE BAREFACED SONIC CLEANSERMy Profile

  2. Such a sensitive subject but so so common!!! Its horrible to think how many suffer in silence. Great post.
    Charlie recently posted…Win an Adaptil Calming Diffuser with Profile

  3. One of my close friends is actually going in for an operation on Friday morning to help her “stop pi**ing herself” (her words) after having her two children. I think this is a topic that should be talked about more.
    Daniella recently posted…Jean Queen By Lipstick QueenMy Profile

  4. I am very lucky. After two children I’ve avoided this issue. I feel bad for people who suffer it. I have Crohns Disease and know all about the embarrassment of “accidents”.

  5. It’s so important to talk about ‘taboo’ things and make them less taboo! There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and by talking you can learn how to deal with things. Thankfully, this isn’t something I’ve had to deal with yet, but I’ve learnt some stuff about it and if I ever do end up needing it, I’ll know 🙂 x
    Codie recently posted…My Favourite Lush Bath Bombs & Bubble BarsMy Profile

  6. This was always a scary thought for after birth. They tell you do your pelvic floor exercises so much….you wonder why…..and then afterwards you realise….lol!
    Renna recently posted…Messy Me Tunic for Babies & ToddlersMy Profile

  7. It is so important to talk about these things! I am lucky in that it doesn’t affect me (yet) but I can’t imagine how awful it must be for the women who do suffer but feel they can’t say anything about it.
    Jess @ Catch A Single Thought recently posted…The Beach Life…My Profile

  8. Wonderful post and tips! I really need to Breathe better 😀
    Diana Villa recently posted…………….. Beauty Month Favorites ……….My Profile

  9. I’ve never suffered this way thankfully, but it’s something that I’m aware about and keen to avoid.
    Erica Price recently posted…Trolley Bags ReviewMy Profile

  10. Great tips, i know I need to be more aware and exercise as prevention.
    Emma recently posted…Forest Holidays – Blackwood ForestMy Profile

  11. Great informative post. A lot more awareness needs to be raised.
    Stella recently posted…Celebrity Style: Kelly Rowland In Stella McCartneyMy Profile

  12. It’s definitely always good to talk about the taboos. We should be empowering each other, not silencing people so I definitely always encourage ‘It’s good to talk’! Lovely positive post. 🙂
    A recently posted…Sheet Masks – Are They Worth The Hype?My Profile

  13. I have recently posted about this and think its important to share to burst the Taboo, finding others who suffer is equally important to support each other.
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Pregnancy Update – October … 6 Months InMy Profile

  14. It’s so good that people are starting to talk about this kind of problem more now. So many women are affected by it after having children – great post!
    Sally Akins recently posted…Autumn Nails: Cashmere Pastels and Berry RedsMy Profile

  15. I am really lucky that after 6 children I dont have this issue, although when I have to go I HAVE to go lol – glad people are finding the courage to talk about this now
    Kara recently posted…Crocs for all the family!My Profile

  16. I am just so thankful that I haven’t been plagued with this problem as of yet, I had a friend who couldn’t really leave the house as it was so bad, she had an operation in the end and is fine now x
    Sonia recently posted…New Super 4 Toys by PlaymobilMy Profile

  17. I never understand women that find it uncomfortable to discuss or admit having problems with. I haven’t suffered from it, but after childbirth and pregnancy it doesn’t surprise me that many women do have issues. That kind of pressure is bound to affect how everything works and definitely should be seen by the GP’s to rectify. Admitting to it is the first problem though. x
    The London Mum recently posted…Halloween OutingMy Profile

  18. This really is such a taboo subject but its so important to talk about xxx

  19. I think it’s great that they are getting people to talk about it more. I think there must be so many women that suffer in silence, which is a shame. Great tips x

  20. Remembering to do my pelvc floor exercises is the bane of my life, I need to get much better!
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…Thank You Lord for My BoyMy Profile

  21. So many useful bits of advice and it is definitely an issue not to be embarrassed about x
    Rachel recently posted…Accessories You Need For WinterMy Profile

  22. It can be such a big problem for women, and you’re right, we don’t talk about this stuff enough. Great tips here, need to be using a few of these myself
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Baby & Toddler Charity Gift IdeasMy Profile

  23. Such a common occurrence but so many don’t talk about it. Thanks for sharing x
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…WIN | Transformers Prime – Beasthunters The Complete Season Three Box Set on DVDMy Profile

  24. Some great tips here, for general health as well as bladder issues. I do fancy a bit of Nordic walking! recently posted…ASDA George Home delux wooden kitchenMy Profile

  25. Great tips and great to break all of these taboos.

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