Half Term Project 365 44/52


This week has been Half Term, and another busy week here. It is all about potty training too!

Saturday 24 October – Mummy decided that today is the day that we start potty training properly. Project No More Nappies was on! Mummy took my nappy off, put my big boys Minion pants on me and said I had to go on the potty. But I didn’t want too. I didn’t like my potty. At. All. We went out in the afternoon for a couple of hours to Heatherton. Mummy was very nervous, but I didn’t have an accident. I just didn’t wee! I would not go near the potty. We got home and Mummy was quite stressed at this point. I was screaming and crying, We had met Daddy and he had to carry me to Mummy’s car. Eventually, when my little body physically could not hold another drop of wee, I went. I had a wee on the potty. Mummy was all smiles and very happy. I did have an accident a bit later, but it was ok. No poops today – and no more wees.

project 365

Sunday – 25 October – Nappy off straight away in the morning. I was still hating my potty. I just did not want to sit on it. Why can’t I just stay in nappies? Why Mummy? Lea, Mummy and I went over to our favourite marina for breakfast and a walk. We took my bike too. I was holding my winkie, and jiggling around. Mummy KNEW I needed a wee. I did need a wee, but I was NOT going on my potty. I figured that if I held out long enough, Mummy would put me back in a nappy. Mummy and Lea took me into the marina loos after breakfast and said we were not leaving until I did a wee. We sat. Mummy tried holding me on the toilet itself. I screamed. Mummy tried getting me to sit on the potty. I screamed. I cried. Mummy cried. Lea got cross. Mummy got cross. Ladies came in and out of the loos and Mummy explained what we were doing. They smiled at me. I did not feel like smiling. We must have sat for an hour. I had a melt down and screamed and shouted and cried. Mummy suddenly marched me out. We went home – no walk or bike for me. Mummy said I had to go to bed for a nap. I said I would sit on the potty at home. When we got home I screamed. I did NOT want to sit on it. Mummy took me to bed. I screamed. Mummy was crying. Asking me, begging me, getting cross with me, everything. I did feel a teeny bit bad. Lea came in and said how upset Mummy was. She asked me please to go on the potty. I went down with Lea, Mummy had gone into her room. It looked like this was going to happen. Ok. Mummy is serious. It looks like I have to do this. I sat on the potty and had a wee. Watching Peppa Pig. No drama, no screaming. I did it! Mummy came down, and the look on her face made me feel so happy. I had made her so happy by doing a wee. It felt good. We went over and met Nana for a coffee. Now that I had done a wee, Mummy said we could go out. Nana and Grandad were so happy and pleased with me too. I had a chocolate ice cream for being such a good boy.

Monday 26 October – Mummy had to go out in the morning, and Lea and Luke looked after me. I had my pants on as soon as I woke up, but didn’t do a wee until mid morning. Guess what? I did a poop on the potty too! My first one! Gosh, Lea and Luke made a fuss – so did Mummy when she got home! She bought me this fab Batman outfit for my potty success!

Tuesday 27 October – Mummy was working today, and I went to Nana’s. I had my pants on again, and kept asking to go on the potty. I do have to hop on and off quite a few times before I do a wee – and many more before I do a poop, but Mummy said that’s ok. I didn’t do a wee until 10am – just after Mummy left for work. Nana text Mummy to tell her! And later in the afternoon, I did another wee – and a poop!

(No photo on Tuesday – but two for Wednesday):

project 365 project 365

Wednesday – Mummy was feeling so much better about the whole potty thing. I am asking to use it – and am holding my wee in so long that Mummy feels much happier. I hadn’t had a wee from getting up – all the way to Nana’s then all the way to The National Botanical Garden of Wales. We had a walk, had lunch, and walked around again and still no wee. I jiggle around, and hold my winkie, but will not go. I don’t really know why. I just don’t. I asked then for the potty, and had to sit at the side of a path, but I did a wee. Mummy literally jumped up and down! We left the gardens, and I said ‘I need a wee Mummy’. Mummy had to pull in to the side of the entrance, on little roundabout and got me and my potty out of the car! I sat on it, but no wee. Mummy kept asking me all the way home, but I didn’t want to. When we got to Nana’s, I told Mummy that I needed a wee. I sat on the potty, and did a wee! I am kind of getting used to it. And it isn’t that bad 😉 I made this crown the gardens.

project 365

Thursday – I woke up and for the first time, I said to Mummy that I needed a wee! And I did! A big one on the potty. AND my nappy was dry through the night. I thought Mummy was going to keel over – honestly, she was so super happy with me! That is a really nice feeling. We went to Haverfordwest in the morning – breakfast at Wetherspoons, my favourite. I went to the Doctors first with Luke too – we have both had terrible coughs and colds and Luke had a sore throat. At 3pm I went to my first birthday party at India’s in Heatherton. My trusty potty came with me, but I didn’t need it.

project 365


Friday 30 October – No dry nappy through the night, but Mummy said that didn’t matter. We dropped Lea off to school – she had Maths revision with her class, then we went into Tenby. Luke was with us – he has been poorly all week. We met Daddy and then I had my own little birthday party in the playgroup room – it was for Halloween too. At night, we went on the Trick or Treat trail in the village. It was such a warm night, and it was so busy. I got the last ticket! Daddy came, and Mummy and Lea (Luke was with his friends).

project 365

Saturday 31 October – Wet nappy after last night (and  a poop too) but Mummy didn’t mind – I am doing so well during the day. Mummy, Lea and I went to Carmarthen. With my fab Bumble Bee Carry Potty which has been everywhere with us this week! We had a yummy roast lunch in the Toby Carvery, I asked for the potty and did a wee then I bought some Paw Patrol toys and a Spider Man in The Entertainer with my birthday money. They have little steps for me to reach the till – I love them! More wees in my potty – and another poop when we got home!

Although Mummy thinks I hold my wee and poop in for far too long, I have had no accidents after the one last Saturday. I hop on and off my potty a dozen times or more, Mummy has had to stop in a few lay bys on the road, but she doesn’t mind that either. We have both ended his week much happier!

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  1. Well done on the potty training! It sounds like a difficult week for you all, but you got there in the end! I hope it keeps getting better for you all.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2015 Week 44My Profile

  2. It sounds like quite a week for weeing on the potty but well done. It sounds like you’re doing really well. I have to admit I cried when Z was potty training too. Took him a week but he got it in the end!
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…Reaching the 6 week milestoneMy Profile

  3. Well done on the potty, my daughter was a nightmare ended up buying a musical one that played a fanfare worked straight away x
    StressedMum recently posted…My Week -31/10/15My Profile

  4. It sounds like a battle but you are getting there 🙂 Keep going!
    Claire recently posted…How to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary…My Profile

  5. It sounds as though the potty training is going really well, you should be proud of yourself x
    Rachel recently posted…The Power of Power NapsMy Profile

  6. Potty training sounds exhausting, but the leaf crown and Batman outfit are awesome! Sounds like it’s been a mostly successful week 🙂 Stephanie x
    Oui Stephanie recently posted…NaBloWriMoMy Profile

  7. It’s always a tricky time, but it sounds like it’s going really well.
    Erica Price recently posted…ASDA Wooden ToysMy Profile

  8. Well done on the potty training sounds like you are doing so well! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Are you safe from mobile malware?My Profile

  9. It sounds like it’s going well, I must admit I’m glad that potty training is behind us
    Abi – Angel Eden Blog recently posted…Drayton Manor’s War of the Worlds Fireworks Spectacular ReviewMy Profile

  10. I like Sunday’s “Why can’t I just stay in nappies?”!! But well done on the potty training – sounds like it is going well.
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…The Mum JuggleMy Profile

  11. Very well done to both you and your son!! Sounds like it’s been tough but glad it seems to be going well 🙂
    Laura Hartley recently posted…GIVEAWAY – MAGNITONE BAREFACED SONIC CLEANSERMy Profile

  12. Well done little dude! And Mummy for keeping at it. x
    Emma Page recently posted…Silent Sunday 1.11.2015My Profile

  13. Well done for initiating potty training hope next week is better for you!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…The Puppet MasterMy Profile

  14. Oh well done! Great achievement! Its gonna go all easier from now!
    Anna recently posted…Sugar Skull Candy, La Muerte InspirationsMy Profile

  15. Well done on your week’s achievements! I think potty training is one of the most stressful times for everyone concerned!
    Ness @ JibberJabberUK recently posted…Yorkshire ParkinMy Profile

  16. Well done on your potty training. I need to get my little ones trained asap.
    Stella recently posted…October Outfits 2015My Profile

  17. Potty training sounds so stressful from the other posts that I have read, but it sounds as though you are doing well.
    Stephen recently posted…Winter Footwear Trends For 15/16My Profile

  18. Great potty training progress! I think a lot of little ones wonder why they can’t stay in nappies. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?!
    Lucy Dorrington recently posted…Which School Mum Are You?My Profile

  19. My boys missed the potty out and went straight to the loo, thankfully. I HATE potties with a vengeance. It was nothing to do with me, I just followed their lead
    Jen recently posted…11 more Poppy crafts for Remembrance DayMy Profile

  20. I hate the potty training phase but it sounds like you are doing well!
    Ali recently posted…Halloween Crafts at Pugh’s Garden VillageMy Profile

  21. Wow, you have brought back so many memories. I really have not enjoyed potty training in the past. I felt awful and mean when my little one held her wee for hours. Took us about a week too. Night time…..don’t worry about it. That stops on its own accord. Mine just decided one day out of the blue that they did not want to wear bedtime pants anymore and that was that.
    Good luck.
    Renna recently posted…Messy Me Tunic for Babies & ToddlersMy Profile

  22. Ps, I did a reward chart for wees on the potty, and then did the same for the big toilet. They both got a big prize for doing it solidly for a week.
    Renna recently posted…Messy Me Tunic for Babies & ToddlersMy Profile

  23. Well done on the potty training – I keep trying Sebby but he isn’t ready yet
    Kara recently posted…The Snow Queen – Magic of the Ice Mirror DVD GiveawayMy Profile

  24. aahhhh potty training, I remember it well. First child was easier the others were not. But none of them started school in nappies!! Been a battle of the wills by the sound of it. be surprised how quickly it clicks and not be long till the night nappies are away as well.
    Never been a lover of a potty, much preferred the toilet seat route myself but then we lived in a flat so no mad rush upstairs.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 44My Profile

  25. Well done on the potty training, sounds like it’s going really well. Good luck
    Helen Neale recently posted…My brother lived on the streets so it really COULD be you #ItCouldBeMeMy Profile

  26. Yay congrats on all the wees in the potty!! A stressful time, but all done pretty quickly in my experience!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…The Beach At SunsetMy Profile

  27. Wow! Well done you. You’ve done brilliantly, your Mummy and your whole family will be very proud of you. My little boy is 16 months old and is still to young to be potty trained, but when he is we may be coming your way to ask for some tips and tricks.


    Laura x
    Mummy Lala (Laura) recently posted…The Wishlist Linky #1My Profile

  28. Well done, little man and mummy ;-)!xx
    oana79 recently posted…Halloweek: Cooking with HelloFreshMy Profile

  29. Love the fabulous Batman gear!

    I remember our son preferred to wee standing up, so the ‘Tippitoes Boys Toilet Trainer’ worked better than a potty in our house.
    Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy recently posted…Why I’m quitting the magazine habitMy Profile

  30. Well done all ~ great potty training Batman
    Ninjacat recently posted…Picking Up My MywanwyMy Profile

  31. how fab does he look in that batman outfit and well done everyone with the potty training

  32. Ah it sounds like it’s going really well – hope it continues to be so successful.
    Globalmouse recently posted…A week of sport & fun with Mark Warner holidays at Levante Resort, Rhodes, GreeceMy Profile

  33. Well done on the potty training! It’s always tricky to get right. We had months of POD lining her potty with loo paper but not actually doing anything! Then one day she just started using it!
    Charly Dove recently posted…Awesome family games from MegableuMy Profile

  34. Takes me back to those days… glad to hear there’s been lots of progress for you!
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted…Disney ‘From Our Family To Yours’ campaignMy Profile

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