Potty Training with Thomas & Friends


We haven’t talked about it on my blog yet, but potty training is proving to be, well, a little difficult in our house.

Mummy had everything ready for the start of the school summer holidays, fully intending me to be ‘trained’ by September.

Day One – I sat on the potty all morning. For three hours I sat on it. I did a wee. It was like we had won the lottery. Photos, treats, chocolate – ‘Wow’ I thought, this is easy! I asked Mummy ‘Is that potty training done now?’ Mummy burst out laughing – why, I don’t know.

I then made a decision – I had other ideas. I. Did Not. Like. The. Potty. End of.

Mummy has since tried everything to get me to sit on the potty – and at first I did. I fussed a bit, and ran around a bit, and created a bit, but I did eventually sit on it. Briefly.

As soon as my bot touched the potty seat, I wanted to get up. Mummy (and my bro and sis) asked me, pleaded with me, begged me, bribed me, threatened me even that I would not have my new Thomas train if I didn’t sit on the potty. After an exhausting round of this, the thought of not having Thomas was enough to make me stay put. For a few minutes.

This went on several times a day. I was exhausted 😉 I mean, I couldn’t even understand what the big deal was anyway! I had my nappy on – as I always have had. Why now, suddenly did Mummy have this huge obsession with this potty training lark? ‘Because’ Mummy said wearily ‘You are a big boy now!’

As soon as Mummy looked at the potty, or mentioned the P word I started shreiking loudly, running away, breaking out into a hot sweat. In the end, so did Mummy.

So, I decided that enough was enough. I was NOT going to go anywhere near the thing. That was that.

Mummy obviously decided the same thing, Because it wasn’t mentioned again.

Yessssss I thought. I have won.

Until now.

potty training with thomas

At the weekend, Mummy came into me, all happy and smiling and told me she had two fab new books for me. I was very excited.

I saw they were a Thomas and Friends Potty Book and Thomas & Friends Well Done Thomas, Activity Book from Egmont. ‘You are a big boy now,’ smiled Mummy.

Oh. No. Not again.

Mummy pulled the potty out from behind the chair.

Noooooooooooo! I wailed.

I then heard Mummy mention Thomas. I looked up. The books were all about Thomas and Friends – and Thomas was telling me what a big boy he had heard I was. Because I sat on the potty.

potty training with thomas

Well, if Thomas says it……

I sat next to the potty  looking at my new books. Then I actually let Mummy take off my nappy and I SAT ON THE POTTY!

potty training with thomas

Mummy, and bro and sis couldn’t believe it!

I wasn’t completely happy about it you understand, but I did sit on it. And it was ok.

potty training with thomas

Mummy is thrilled. When we come back off our holiday Mummy says we are going to ‘do’ this potty training thing – with the help of Thomas and Friends. And do you know, because I want the fabby gorgeous special Thomas stickers, posters and certificates, I think we will. Because, I AM a big boy now 😉 Thomas says so.

Mummy says …

I was thrilled to have the chance to review these two books – I was looking desperately for something that would really entice Pickle to use his potty. Everything else has failed. Pickle adores Thomas and Friends, so I had a sneaky feeling that these would work.

The books are great quality, and both come with really lovely Thomas and Friends stickers. So lovely, that I know they are enough to convince Pickle to use his potty.

The Thomas & Friends Well Done Thomas, Activity Book also has lots of certificates I can use, and posters too.

I really do believe this is the turning point in our potty training journey. Watch this space!

You too can win a set of these fab books, just enter below. Good Luck!
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  1. Aww, this is a really sweet post! Good luck with the rest of your potty training journey 🙂
    Kacie recently posted…Eating out in Cardiff for the Rugby World Cup – Restaurant review: Hilton CardiffMy Profile

  2. Great post! Quite funny 🙂 This made me smile x
    Claire recently posted…White chocolate and raspberry blondiesMy Profile

  3. My 3 year old has gotten it almost figured out. We’ve been working on it for months.

  4. These look great. I am looking for things now to help when we start potty training Boo (something which I am not looking forward to I must admit.) I am thinking next summer might be a good time
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  5. You’ll get there. We found adding pull up pants to the mix really helped and taking Princess to the toilet regularly to get the habits started a good way of starting off. She really wanted to use the toilet, as who wants to sit on a plastic pot in front of everyone? Her big brtother didn’t know what all the fuss was about when he started too xx
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…5 Ideas For An 18th Birthday CelebrationMy Profile

  6. Urgh, potty training. I feel your pain. I’ve been in potty training hell for weeks. However, I think we’re nearly there now. I didn’t see anything like these books. I bet they would have helped.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Guest Post – Why I Am A Fair Weather ParentMy Profile

  7. we have these books too and Noah really loves them! Stickers are just a sure fire way to win him over
    Sian @ quitefranklyshesaid recently posted…REVIEW: Gro-lightMy Profile

  8. Arthur loves sitting on the potty but would rather do a wee or poo on the floor!

  9. I hope the potty training goes well. Also that you had a wonderful holiday x
    you baby me mummy recently posted…Our #ThriftyOrganic Challenge – Organic SeptemberMy Profile

  10. This must be one of the hardest things of bringing up a child! Glad it was eventually successful!
    Serena recently posted…The Summer I Turned PrettyMy Profile

  11. I remember potty training hell! You have my sympathies, I bet Thomas and friends really help you out though who doesn’t love stickers x
    tracey bowden recently posted…*Review* ZofloraMy Profile

  12. Well done on finally sitting on the potty! Thomas sounds like as good an incentive as any x
    Emma Page recently posted…Silent Sunday…My Profile

  13. Wow, it’s amazing that these books actually got him to sit on the potty!
    Kacie recently posted…Make your own yoghurt! Product review: Hansells Yoghurt MakerMy Profile

  14. Good luck! I know stickers really helped us with potty training – hope Thomas is as helpful.
    Cathy (MummyTravels) recently posted…The September round-upMy Profile

  15. What a fantastic idea – so pleased I don’t have to go through potty training again but if I was I would definitely use this method as my youngest was THOMAS MAD
    North East Family Fun recently posted…A visit from the tooth fairy – how much is too much?My Profile

  16. Adorable post. How brilliant is he? I had something similar few years back for my 5 y/o they really helped with entertaining her when she sat on her potty.

    Made me smile! Best of luck!!
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…Offers, giveaways and what to check out at the Pregnancy & Baby FairMy Profile

  17. I know my Sister-in-law bought a book about Poo for my niece which she loved to read on the potty lol x
    Rachel recently posted…Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection by Makeup RevolutionMy Profile

  18. What a good idea! We need to start thinking about training Alex soon – he is three at the end of next month but is showing absolutely no interest in using the potty. Definitely entering this – he is obsessed with Thomas!
    Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows recently posted…Lands’ End Clothing EventMy Profile

  19. We attempted potty training & it failed miserably. I’m going to wait until closer to 3. I have entered your competition & have fingers crossed to win because this book sounds fantastic!! x
    Becky, Cuddle Fairy recently posted…Candid Cuddles #21My Profile

  20. Aggh I hate potty training! Anything that makes it easier is a bonus in my book!
    Ali recently posted…Autumn Fashion WishlistMy Profile

  21. Well done, I’d also planned to have DJ potty trained by September but he’s still refusing to use it without his nappy. I’ll try again at pre-school’s half term holiday so will look at these books
    Sarah Golding recently posted…Evie’s 3 year old photo shootMy Profile

  22. I have absolutely no clue how I am going to teach my child that! haha
    Anna recently posted…Shortlisted in Amara Interior Awards!My Profile

  23. Not looking forward to this stage at all! They say boys are harder to train than girls?! Books are a GREAT idea
    LadyNicci recently posted…8 photos of happiness – what would yours be?My Profile

  24. Potty training is one of those things that seems to need to be led by the child. I am glad I don’t have to go through that again, but that book does seem like a good tool to have.
    Emma recently posted…Brabantia Flip Bin reviewMy Profile

  25. Working on it slowly and going well at the moment

  26. Good luck with the rest of your potty training journey, it is a difficult process but you will feel elated when your child successfully potty trains.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Pulse Clinic: A ReviewMy Profile

  27. We are not ready for it yet 😉

  28. My grandson is just about to start potty training.

  29. Not started yet, but only a few months to go…

  30. The potty training is going very well better than i thought

  31. My kids are past that stage now but would love to win for my friend who is just about to try potty training with her little boy!

  32. Well I’m entering for my sister- her daughter (my niece) is currently starting potty training. She’s trying bless her but she isn’t quite at the stage where she really wants to use the potty. But I know it can seem to be going really slowly then all of the sudden it clicks and they figure it out, like with learning to walk. I’m wondering if an exciting potty system like this would help. Even if I don’t win I’m considering finding her a super potty that she will be pleased with. 🙂

  33. This would be a great idea for my daughter to use who is just about to start train my grandson.

  34. Thankfully fine, as little one seems keen as views it as growing up, and becoming like older cousins etc.

  35. nearly there just needs to get use to having pants on x

  36. Trying to make things as fun as we can doing really well

  37. we are going to start in the next couple of weeks

  38. I’m only the grandma, think its going well

  39. Still trying to potty train my 3 year old and my 2 year old is showing signs of being ready

  40. How fantastic! One of my older children used to love to read on the potty and that worked really well
    Mummy Fever recently posted…A Mummy’s Guide To Looking And Feeling Fabulous At The Office Christmas PartyMy Profile

  41. We have just brought one, so just getting used to it at the moment with a view to start soon. Eek!

  42. It’s not started yet but these books looks fab for when it does start 🙂 x

  43. easier that expected x

  44. getting there

  45. Hoping to win this for my godson – he’s just about to start!

  46. a bit stressful

  47. Better than expected, but having a problem with nights.
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted…Cardboad Dream House Competition – Ocean FinanceMy Profile

  48. I haven’t started yet but Its very close

  49. It’s not going well!

  50. Some good days! Lots of patience still – it will happen when he’s ready! 🙂 x

  51. awful! my 3 year old will not cooperate at all!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…Oxelo B1 Scooter – ReviewMy Profile

  52. My daughter has shown signs of being interested, but we haven’t fully started yet. She will tell me if she’s pooped too

  53. We haven’t started yet! I’m hoping to take the plunge just after Christmas – eek! x

  54. My 2 years and 3 months grandson is potty training at the moment, it’s going quite well, this prize would certainly help with encouraging 🙂

  55. my nephew hasnt started yet but this would be lovely for when he does

  56. Not very well. Hope winning this prize might help!!!

  57. It is requiring a lot of patience

  58. I’m on to potty training child number 4. He’s just turned two so we are not going to rush it. He’s not showing much interest yet.

  59. We havent started yet x

  60. William who’s two is finding potty training very amusing when he gets praise for doing it in the potty he loves it, however he does get bored if we put him on the potty to get use to it

  61. We’ve only just started so have had a fair few accidents and needed to buy another potty as harry hatednthe first one so wasn’t the best start

  62. Potty training is finally done for my older son, the younger is still too small. I think. We bought a massive bundle of engines (Thomas, Percy, Edward etc.) and every day he could pick one engine and it did its magic. Thanks Thomas and your friends.

  63. We havent started actual potty training yet. We have a potty, my son currently likes to store his crayons in it…

  64. My 3 year old has it sorted during the day but not yet at night.

  65. Not started yet but think he is nearly ready

  66. Pretty well this week 🙂

  67. We havn’t started potty training yet however we will be soon. These books look like a great help. My son is Thomas daft and I have already got him a thomas potty but the stickers look like such a good idea. Good luck.

  68. Liked your #nomorenappies instagram photo
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted…Cardboad Dream House Competition – Ocean FinanceMy Profile

  69. Grandson (nearly 3) not really interested but his sister (nearly 2) seems pretty keen so hopefully this may spur him on a bit (wishful thinking). As their baby sister or brother is due next May I’m sure my daughter would appreciate the other two being out of nappies. Fingers crossed x

  70. I have twin boys, one of them is doing amazing with his potty training, my other son is just not interested at all.

  71. So far so good!!

  72. We are trying at Christmas, hoping all goes well!

  73. getting there

  74. for a 1 year old he done very well he uses it every morning and most evenings all from copying his cousin on skype. xx

  75. Potty training is errrrrrrrrm aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! For my daughter it went fantastic, she took to it straight away and job done we were sorted. My son is a completely different ball game. If he’s in a nappy, he’ll sometimes ask to go on the potty and do a wee. If he’s naked he’ll ask to do a wee on the potty. But put him in pants and he’ll go stand in a corner and wet himself…. Without fail, every time!!

    It’s a work in progress 🙂

  76. Day time – great.
    My daughter is 4 now.. how on earth do you get them dry at night 🙁 I feel like we’ve tried everything

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