Fab Five for Friday Flying with a Toddler


As you all MUST know by now, we are in Menorca! So this weeks Fab Five for Friday are tips for flying with a toddler.

So, how did Mummy make the flight the best for me that she could?

flying with a toddler

Well, here are some tips to help make flying with a toddler a bit easier:


1. I am nearly 3, from my 2nd birthday I have had to have my own ticket and seat booked. But I also get my own hand luggage allowance. And I can take my pushchair on the plane too. When I was under 2 I didn’t have to have my own seat, but Mummy could have booked me one.

2. Mummy tries to pick’decent’ time flights if possible – We had a morning flight here and have an early afternoon flight home which is perfect. Long haul flights would be best through the night.

3. My little ears usually hurt as we take off and land. Stickers and a sticker book distracted me, and something to chew helped my ears to pop to relieve the pain. So remember raisins, a banana, or some natural fruit chewy sweets.  A drink helped me too.

4. Mummy kept my pushchair until we actually boarded the plane  – then we gave it to the crew to put in the hold.

5. Mummy had one bag with all our essentials in – as well as tickets, passports, money and any other important stuff she had my ‘stuff’ to grab easily. Nappies (No comments please, no I have not conquered the potty yet), wipes, my dummy, sheety (blanky comforter) and any special toys.

The flight is only something over two hours long, so it wasn’t too bad. Mummy also packed some colouring for me, a couple of books, and a couple of new treats that I won’t have seen before, for when I get fed up.

I am SO excited to be on holiday – and looking forward to sharing our adventures with you.

Have you any tips for flying with a toddler?




  1. Wow, you’re brave. I am going to wait until the girls are older before I take them on a plane. The idea of a double buggy at the airport….shudder. Hope you have a good holiday and hope you blog about it when you get back. Looking forward to reading it.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Guest Post – Why I Am A Fair Weather ParentMy Profile

  2. We’ve taken our son on one flight, and although he’s not 2 yet I refuse to fly with him again without his own seat lol. He’s far too long and wriggly to be kept on my lap! x
    The London Mum recently posted…CHRISTENING, MORNINGS & YUCKY BUGS | 20 MONTHSMy Profile

  3. We’ve not flown with N before, and we all need passports renewing (or a new one) before we go anywhere. So no tips from us. Although all of these seem sensible.
    Emma T recently posted…A Kids Week London day trip to see The Gruffalo and Buckingham PalaceMy Profile

  4. I’ve never been abroad, I’m a bit scared to get a on a plane! I do like that you kept the pushchair out until you got on the plane! I think I would have done that, too! Great list! Have a fantastic holiday. xx
    Sarah recently posted…Feeling very Autumnal.My Profile

  5. Have a great holiday. I’ll look forward to reading about it! Takes lots of pictures 🙂
    Claire recently posted…The Liebster blog award 🙂My Profile

  6. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! My mum always did the ‘something to chew’ trick with me too, it always helped 😀 Stephanie x

  7. I am glad you managed to keep this one entertained on the flight x
    Rachel recently posted…Luxurious Travalo Milano – an absolute essential for the new seasonMy Profile

  8. Great tips! We flew a few times with Amelia when she was younger but haven’t since she’s been old enough to have her own seat but i’m looking forward to it haha! xx
    Kerry (@Ohsoamelia_blog) recently posted…LEARNING CAN BE FUN TOO!My Profile

  9. Hope you enjoy your holiday and make the most of the hot weather!
    Serena recently posted…The Summer I Turned PrettyMy Profile

  10. These are great tips and make me feel better about the inevitable flight we will have to make soon with Boo to visit family in Denmark. Thanks for sharing these tips!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…WOTW – CuddlesMy Profile

  11. I’ve never taken my children on a plane. I don’t really like flying so tend to stick with other transport methods, but I hope you have a fantastic holiday x
    Emma Page recently posted…No Smartphone Challenge Follow UpMy Profile

  12. All great tips. The last time we took our son on a plane was April and he hadn’t turned two yet so we didn’t have the seat or hand luggage for him. I wrapped up little toys he hadn’t seen before and stickers were my saviour. Thanks for sharing.
    The L’s Mum recently posted…7 Things I tell myself at every nursery drop offMy Profile

  13. We’re flying with our toddler and baby next year so the chewy snacks is a brilliant tip. I’ll remember these ideas, thanks
    Sarah Golding recently posted…Remembering our children’s special momentsMy Profile

  14. Sounds like a well organised mum makes for a happy toddler! Snacks are always essential and great for a little bit of a distraction too.
    Cliona recently posted…5 Indispensable Apps for a Craft BusinessMy Profile

  15. These are such helpful tips. I’ve avoided taking the kids on planes so far but we were thinking of going abroad next year so I’ll definitely be using some of these ideas xx
    Lydia recently posted…OOTD| Good As NewMy Profile

  16. You really have covered everything there, you sound like you were good for mommy on the flight and your mommy taught of everything, and don’t worry about the potty, all in your own good time xx

  17. I flew to Thailand on my own with a two year old, that was fun… The best tip I had was to get lots of little toys and let them have a new one each hour, just stocking filler type things.
    Sally Akins recently posted…7 Days, 7 Posts #22My Profile

  18. Oh I hate when kids cry in plane! Oh makes me mad but I dont blame them! I am scared myslef and i feel the prissure so I do feel sorry for them.
    Anna recently posted…HomeSense Haul in new Cheadle StoreMy Profile

  19. I’ll be coming back to this post in a couple of weeks. The reality of flying with 2 small children is dawning on me. It will be fine, if I follow your tips 🙂

  20. My daughter has just turned 3 and has been on quite a few flights (both short and long haul). She’s been on a few trans Atlantic flights to visit my family, both in lap and in own seat. Infant in lap is awful for long haul flights, especially if there are cancellations/ rescheduling. My advice it to be prepared for things not to go smoothly the entire time. Do your best to remain calm and keep your sense of humor so that your emotions don’t affect your child. (Easier said than done, I know!)

  21. I love to hear about family adventure. I can wait and look forward to reading your family adventures.
    sacha recently posted…8 Quotes on why we need to connect with our inner childMy Profile

  22. Great tips, I’ll bear these in mind for when we go away with Lily in another year or two. I hope you’re having a fab time! X
    Lucy Melissa Smith recently posted…Preparing Your Living Space for Autumn ft. Partylite CandlesMy Profile

  23. I hope you are having a lovely time in Menorca, we go there every summer and I absolutely adore it. Rest assured the weather here is currently rubbish so you are not missing much. I look forward to reading all about your holiday soon.
    Anna Fraser recently posted…Friday Stylefinder: Winter CoatsMy Profile

  24. Great tips for keeping your toddler happy. In particular times that work best for either short or long haul flights.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Ice QueenMy Profile

  25. I dont actually fly due to my own fears, but I can certainly see how these tips would be very very useful!! xx
    hayley recently posted…Getting your home ready for winterMy Profile

  26. Oh I love these tips, we hope to go away next year when T will be one and this will really help us 🙂

    Hope you have a fab holiday. Xx
    Lisa – Leelee Loves recently posted…Specsavers Frame Styling ExperienceMy Profile

  27. These are great tips! I hope you have have/had a great holiday. 🙂
    Daniella recently posted…Sigma Brushes Affiliate Welcome GiftMy Profile

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