Looking after your child’s teeth


Looking after your child’s teeth: what you need to know

Teeth can have a significant impact on a your health, so caring for your children’s teeth from their earliest years is one of the best ways you can help them grow into healthy adults. You can do your best for your children’s teeth by taking them to the dentist regularly, keeping an eye on their teeth-brushing regime and educating them about oral health.

1.When to start brushing and how to do it

It can be difficult to know when your children should start having their teeth brushed, as there is a concern that their delicate mouths could become damaged. However, good oral health for your children begins as soon as their teeth start to appear. There are special, soft toothbrushes available for babies so that their gums are not damaged, as well as appropriate toothpastes. Tooth brushing, even for babies, should be a daily routine, performed both morning and night, but make sure that it takes place at least an hour after any  food or drink to give their teeth time to build up their mineral content.

By the time your children are seven, they should be able to brush their teeth unaided, using a brush suitable for young children and fluoride toothpaste roughly the size of a pea. To help train your children to brush their teeth properly via gentle circular motions, you can use disclosing tablets that, when chewed, show up any areas with plaque in a bright pink colour that show what they may have missed when brushing.

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2.Regular dentist visits

Many adults are actually afraid of the dentist, but this is mainly because of the dental practices of the past. Modern dental medicine and care means that regular visits to a dentist, such as The Dental Suite Southampton, are the best way to care for your child’s teeth. If your children are nervous about visiting the dentist, reassure them that there is nothing to fear and go with them into the treatment room. If you have a fear, be sure not to show it to your child! Regular visits will allow them to become familiar with all the sights, sounds and smells associated with a dental practice.

3.Prevent tooth decay

Whilst it is unreasonable to expect any person to wipe out sugar or acid from their diet, it is important to know that these are the primary causes of tooth decay. Fortunately, you can control what your children eat and drink, and this is the best way to prevent their teeth decaying. Don’t give your child sugary or acidic drinks, such as cola or fruit juices,or, at the very least only give at mealtimes; at other times, restrict them to milk or water. Give them fruit or nuts as snacks rather than sweets, biscuits and chocolate, but remember that even healthy snacks may contain sugar.

Left to their own devices, children will inevitably neglect their teeth, so it is up to you to ensure they are doing all they should. Supervise their teeth brushing regimes, keep a watchful eye on their diet and support them on visits to the dentists to instil good care habits that will follow them into their adult lives.

Have you established a good dental routine with your children?


  1. My girls teeth are well looked after….I have always insisted they brush them properly!
    Kim Carberry recently posted…I nearly forgot….My Profile

  2. Visiting the dentist from as young as possible can really help avoid fear as they get older. I blogged recently about my son’s fear of the dentist and my advice is switch dentists if you don’t think they are right for your children, I didn’t realise there were more suitable options available and left it a bit later than I should have.
    Lucy Dorrington recently posted…How Davina McCall Improved my MarriageMy Profile

  3. Great post. It’s so imports that children understand why they need to brush their teeth. #myfavouritepost
    Emily recently posted…Have you heard of peer-to-peer lending yet?My Profile

  4. Our dentist is lovely, so the kids like visiting him. Its really tempting though to threaten the kids with the dentist when nagging them to brush – sure this is why I used to hate going! Thanks for a great linkyx
    Sarah recently posted…Pond Dipping at The Cotswold Water ParkMy Profile

  5. Great post. One of the things that wprries me is tooth decay….! We started brushing our little guy’s very first tooth and we brush his teeth daily.
    Ann Winters recently posted…DIY Photo Canvas MontageMy Profile

  6. I agree, it is very important for children to keep their teeth clean. We have a good routine but now and again, it has been difficult to get my children to brush their teeth. We have had all sorts of weird and wonderful shaped toothbrushes as a result!
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…Dairy Free and Egg Free Biscuit Recipes #BloggersBakeAlongMy Profile

  7. We have taken the girls a couple of times it’s so important that they learn the importance of teeth care fab post thanks for hosting
    Nige higgins recently posted…Twins do and say the funniest things part 10My Profile

  8. It has been so important for my youngest in particular to go to the dentist regularly to get him over the fear. It wasn’t a fear of dentists just strangers up close to his face. Understandable really. Kirsten
    Kirsten Toyne recently posted…Talk To Yourself – The Summer Self Worth Challenge Part 5My Profile

  9. Teeth brushing is a constant source of concern in this house. Princess eats the toothpaste, which can’t be good for her. She wants to do it herself, and I don’t think she gets all the way round either. We soldier on though!

  10. Great post. It’s always been a bit of s battle but we’re getting there
    Mrs Tubbs recently posted…Time to Make The #Mommitment. No More Mum Wars Any More. Or Dads. Or Carers. No More!My Profile

  11. Great tips 🙂 Oral hygiene is so important! Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost
    Random Musings recently posted…Avon Haul 1My Profile

  12. We brush our boys teeth morning and night; and sing a sing we know lasts two minutes. The trouble is he hates the dentist even though we started him young 🙁 #thelist
    Jemma Chambers recently posted…The GBBO Challenge – Biscuits; Lemon, Thyme and Salt ShortbreadMy Profile

  13. Brush the teeth in small circles covering all the surfaces and let your child spit the toothpaste out afterwards. Rinsing with water has been found to reduce the benefit of fluoride.

  14. Good dental hygiene is so essential. My husband works in the hospital and he sees children coming in with rotten teeth that have to be removed they are so bad. It’s made him very anal about teeth hygiene. In fact, our youngest visited the dentist before she even had teeth!
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…Parenting Superpowers!My Profile

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