Is your relationship financially sorted?


Mummy says …’Relationships can be tough. ( I should know!) and  we all have to admit that any relationship comes with its ups and downs.

To ensure that your relationship remains in the best possible place, it’s crucial that you communicate and discuss all the important things, however daunting that may seem.

Did you know that money is one of the main causes of breakups within relationships? It might seem surprising but, when you think about it, dealing with our own individual finances can be stressful enough, so when you bring someone else into the equation, it’s easy to see how tensions can flare.

This is why it’s so important that you ensure that your relationship is financially sorted, and that it stays that way. Luckily, Mrs Moneypenny from Channel 4’s Superscrimpers has shared her expert advice on money and relationships

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Here are some of Mrs Moneypenny’s tips that are really useful when ensuring that your relationship is financially sorted…

1.Establish your attitudes to money

As with anything, it’s only natural that you and your partner will have slightly (or significantly!) different attitudes to money. And, as with anything, to avoid this becoming a major issue, it’s important to figure out where you agree and disagree, and how you can both take each other’s attitudes into account in order to form a united approach.

2.Be honest and open

So you’ve had a few financial issues in the past? You’re certainly not alone. The most important thing is that you are open and honest about your financial situation so that you are able to tackle any problems head on, together. It might sound scary, but it really is essential.

3.Credit Report

If one, or both, of you does have any areas of concern, you should be aware that, if you enter into any financial commitments, such as joint bank accounts, they will impact on both of your credit reports.

For this reason, Mrs Moneypenny suggests that it’s a good idea to actually take the time to sit down together and go through each of your credit scores. As well as providing the perfect opportunity to identify any issues or potential problems, it will also give you an idea of how likely you are to secure joint credit when it comes to applying for mortgages, loans, etc.

4.Establish ground rules

It might sound extreme, but when you have joint financial responsibilities, it’s no longer acceptable to splurge on a new designer bag, or a last minute holiday, whenever the mood strikes. Now you’ve made a financial commitment to one another, your actions have an impact upon each other, and so you must consider each other’s feelings and opinions.

Something that is a good idea to introduce, as suggested by Mrs Moneypenny – money advice, is to agree a spending limit. Anything that comes under this figure, whatever it may be, can be bought by you or your partner, without needing to consult the other one. If, however, you are tempted to buy something over that limit, it has to be discussed and a joint decision has to be made.

As well as spending, your ground rules also need to outline responsibilities in terms of bills. Which bills will be split? And which will remain one person’s responsibility? It may seem straightforward, but when you really start to think about it, it’s not that clear cut.

Do you have any other tips to add?





  1. USeful advice and doesn’t surprise me that money is such a cause of stress. After year’s of living with a financiaol car crash, Mrs Adams and I are just beginning to get our finances sorted out. It’s so important. Interesting post. #PoCoLo
    John Adams recently posted…A review of Moustache Stationery with reader offerMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing on #PoCoLo. So important to be honest about finances x
    Rebecca U recently posted…Tips for Planning a Road Trip AbroadMy Profile

  3. This is a useful post. I’ve really had to think about my attitude to money, else me and my husband would have divorced a long time ago. It’s been a good thing for me to evaluate, it’s just a shame it took me until I had a partner to think about it 🙁
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Travelodge York Central ReviewMy Profile

  4. This has been interesting, it’s not something I’ve ever really thought about! Might be some handy tips for the future 🙂
    Catriona recently posted…50 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPYMy Profile

  5. I leave all the money side of things to my other half, as long as I have a bit in my purse I’m fine 😉
    Sonia recently posted…Mum in Business – Vicky MorseMy Profile

  6. It’s important to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to money. An honest talk is sometimes hard but best I think!
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…The Instagram Way Of LifeMy Profile

  7. Some really useful advice. I often wonder what it must be like to be really well off and wonder what to do with yourself everyday… I wonder if it ever gets boring!
    Stephen – BeautykingUK recently posted…Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner by DeciemMy Profile

  8. This is important advice – all of it. I especially think it’s vital to be honest and open as you say and to know who is responsible for what.
    Sarah Ebner recently posted…The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (by Robert)My Profile

  9. I think when you become parents its probably one of the biggest tests on your relationship. We learnt a lot about each other during those sleep deprived months (years!) x
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…French Holiday destinations, my pick of three quirky properties!My Profile

  10. Thanks for sharing this post some very good information.And its so important to be honest with each other.

  11. I have a top tip – seperate bank accounts 😉 Seriously great advice here.
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Clarins Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Rouge Eclat And Crayon KohlMy Profile

  12. Interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing
    Gemma recently posted…Natural Amber – Baltic Amber Teething NecklaceMy Profile

  13. This really interesting, I imagine money can cause a lot of stress. My husband and I, luckily, have fairly similar attitude towards money. Some really interesting points to consider and all very sensible!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Book Review – Say Goodnight to the Sleepy AnimalsMy Profile

  14. Fantastic advice….Money is probably the only thing my fella and I ever argue about. It is rare though….
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Rocks Organic Drinks – Review!My Profile

  15. The only thing we need to sort is our wills – must get round to doing it
    Kara recently posted…The WeddingMy Profile

  16. Thankfully me and the husbeast are on the same page when it comes to finances. I am not sure how I would manage it we weren’t

  17. Myself and my husband are sorting our phonics and it is such a relief to be open
    Ninajcat recently posted…Frugal Travels Continue Heage Windmill DerbyshireMy Profile

  18. Some really really good advice here x
    Rachel recently posted…August Libbie ClubMy Profile

  19. This is really good advice. I’ve been married for 20 years and my husband and I have similar attitudes to money – most of the time – so we rarely disagree over finances. The main thing is to be honest and open about it, I think.
    Mums do travel recently posted…WWT London Wetland CentreMy Profile

  20. having the same approach is so important i think.
    Emma recently posted…Win a handbag from Glitzy Bits BoutiqueMy Profile

  21. These are such great tips and such useful advice. Money almost broke our relationship until we sat down and actually spoke about things and laid things out. We’re both working on saving for a house at the moment and building our credit scores. But my OH is finding it really hard to get into a habit of spending sensibly because he lived financially independently for 23 years! But we’re getting ther and he’s actually enjoying saving. 🙂 x
    Chloe recently posted…CHORES FOR A ONE YEAR OLDMy Profile

  22. I think you’re right it’s about being open and honest and I think it’s trickier if one of you decides to be a stay at home parent too. We pool all money into one pot and do budgets for everything from groceries to children’s activities. We also have a small ‘pocket money’ budget each that we can get things for ourselves without asking the other’s permission that is nice too if you want to save for that handbag etc.
    Laura’s Lovely Blog recently posted…Creating a Sitemap for your Blog & Improving Your Search ResultsMy Profile

  23. Excellent tips. Rev T and I have occasionally done marriage prep with couples in our church and it’s amazing how few of them have discussed money. (Or other biggies like children etc). Even the ones who’ve been together ages! #thelist
    Mrs Tubbs recently posted…Surviving a Group Holiday Without Ending Up on a ChargeMy Profile

  24. I am not at all surprised that financial matters cause stress with in relationships. Particularly, as a lot of relationships are now beginning later in life, when we’ve all got a bit too used to our own way!
    Lucy Dorrington recently posted…How Davina McCall Improved my MarriageMy Profile

  25. Such a useful post and I totally agree.
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…The Benefits Of Car FinanceMy Profile

  26. This is a great post – money is something we all need and it can cause such issues.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Décor fit for a queenMy Profile

  27. Some good advice – the credit reports is a good one as it will mean you both have a clear idea of the other’s attitude to debt.
    Erica Price recently posted…Keeping The Fun Going This Summer HolidaysMy Profile

  28. Some great advice here, always good to have the same attitude towards money and debt. Doesn’t always happen but at least we try!
    Charly Dove recently posted…Back to school with Marks and SpencerMy Profile

  29. Some great advice good to be thinking on the same page in regards to money.
    Mummy’s little blog recently posted…Wicked Wednesday – how to travel with toddlersMy Profile

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