Tips for First Camping Trip


We are going on our first camping trip this weekend, and have asked some other lovely bloggers to share their top tips with us.

1. Elaine says ‘Take some bubbles and toys to keep kids busy when setting up the tent.’

2. Samantha says ‘Pack lots of carrier bags – perfect to sit on in emergencies and put on over dirty shoes inside the tent.’

3. Lucindas tip is ‘Take a porta loo or a potty. It’s amazing how much they need to go at night when camping! And who wants to trail through a damp field in the pitch black?

first time camping

4. Kate’s tip is ‘Invest in a gazebo so you have an area to store wet boots and clothes as well as a covered area for cooking and playing.’ Family Fever 

5. Michelle says ‘My top tip is check all your camping equipment and outdoor gear & familiarise yourself with how it all works before you go.’

6. Stacey says ‘Wrap up warm in the night and don’t forget matches!’ Http://

7. Alice says ‘Plan for four seasons in one day – nothing as unreliable as the Good old British weather!’ Loved by Mummy

8. Emma’s tip is  ‘Order an online shopping delivery to arrive at your tent just as you have set up.’ Emmas Little World

9. Cassie’s tip is ‘Take flip flops or jelly shoes to wear in the shower.’ Mummy on a Budget

10. Zena says ‘Make sure you know if you can park near your tent or will you have to carry your stuff to your pitch. If you have to carry it pack wisely, unlike me who took the kitchen sink.’ Zenas Suitcase

And a bonus great tip from Catriona is  ‘If you treat yourself to a takeaway, check it is all correct and complete before you get back to your tent! Loved by Mummy

Thank you ladies – we should be all sorted now! What top camping tips do you have?



  1. Great post – some brilliant tips here! Camping with kids can be a lot of fun, I just think you need to make sure you are very well prepared first – and always pack wellies and coats lol!
    Kate @ Family Fever recently posted…What to do with kids this summerMy Profile

  2. We had such a great time camping with the kids last weekend, but we learnt a lot about doing it again. I’d probably leave the husband at home because he did his back in and became very miserable!
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Knowsley Safari Experience ReviewMy Profile

  3. What great tips….I’m not one for camping but I’m going to have to do it one day just so my girls can experience it 🙂 x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Win a selection of Vanish Products! – Giveaway!My Profile

  4. We’ve never been camping before but I would really like to go. Great tips here. I like the one about the plastic bags-they are so versatile.
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cake MinisMy Profile

  5. Some great tips and a lot of them I really wouldn’t have thought of myself – so thanks for sharing – We are hoping to take Boo camping (her older brothers love camping and are both keen scouts) so we would be camping in Denmark but I feel a little apprehensive and want to wait until she is a bit older!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…A Letter to my new mum selfMy Profile

  6. I love Emma’s tip about online shopping! Great post, thank you for sharing!

  7. We enjoy camping when we go to a festival, but I didn’t realise you could order online shopping to deliver when you are all set up!! Obvs this would be for a normal camp-site and not a festival in a field but still, great to know!!
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…Creative Gift Ideas To Celebrate A Newborn BabyMy Profile

  8. great tips and advice. I have never been camping but if I do go, and i get the feeling i will be lol, I will take the above advice x
    angela hamilton recently posted…Coffee Morning SuccessMy Profile

  9. We love camping. I always take spag bol that I have precooked for the first night and baby wipes!
    Jen aka Muminthemadhouse recently posted…Maths and Art Collide = Parabolic curvesMy Profile

  10. Have a wonderful time! I haven’t been camping since I was at school! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…July at Love Me BeautyMy Profile

  11. Yes to flip flops and yes to a porta loo, I hate camping but the one time that I did these were my life savers. Oh and take some warm clothes it’s surprising how cold it can get in the night X

  12. I am not a camper, but I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure x
    Rachel recently posted…Isle of Light Candles Wax MeltsMy Profile

  13. We are off camping next weekend! Great tips, I am always utterly disorganised but we muddle through! Baby wipes are my top tip – have so many uses!!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Making A Wild Crown for Camp BestivalMy Profile

  14. A portable potty is a great idea if you there with little ones as saves you hiking to the nearest portaloo 🙂 have lots of fun! X
    Lori recently posted…SUMMER STYLE AND JORD WATCHES // MAMA STYLEMy Profile

  15. Was so lovely to meet you finally. Hope the weather perks up for the last few days x
    Kara recently posted…#CelebrateBetter with McDonaldsMy Profile

  16. Some great tips there! We used to go camping as a child although I have to admit I’ve not been since. I’m sure POD would love it though so we must get back out there again!
    Charly Dove recently posted…Costa Verde, Corsica | CervioneMy Profile

  17. i so wish i able to go camping this year but being pregnant i cant enjoy it so much so waiting till next year

  18. I hope you had a great camping trip – these are some really good tips – I always forget to dress warm enough on camping trips!
    Globalmouse recently posted…A fun-filled family weekend at Nozstock Festival 2015My Profile

  19. Thanks for the tips we love camping here such good fun!
    mummy little blog recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 09/08/2015My Profile

  20. These are great tips… I’ve yet to venture into the world of camping so this is a great post for me!
    Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours recently posted…Summer Holidays 2015, Half way ThroughMy Profile

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