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I have something to share which will make you smile 🙂

Pampers have launched this video, and carried out research with more than 1,000 UK parents, which reveals that 9 in 10 UK parents admit they can’t leave the house without a pack of wipes! Pampers study shows without doubt just how many messy moments babies and us toddlers find ourselves in!

This cute award winning video shows some of the funny poo faces that every baby pulls warning parents that a very messy moment is on its way!

The research shows that nappy mess is at the top of the list of what mess they fear most. for half of parents, closely followed by the 4 in 10 parents who fear baby food mess the most. The findings also show the different attitudes of mums and dads when it comes to baby mess, with three fifths (60%) of dads afraid of nappy mess the most compared to just two fifths of mums.

Just in case you are not sure when a poo is on its way – here is a little guide to help you 😉


9 in 10 parents use the wipes for their baby’s bottoms (91%) and 8 in 10 parents use wipes to wipe their baby’s face.

For more information visit www.pampers.co.uk or search #PampersPooFace on Twitter.

To help you in clearing up your baby’s messy moments, I have a fantastic competition for you to win 20 packs of Pampers Wipes. Good Luck!



Does mummy or daddy clear up the most messy moments?
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  1. Mummy. Daddy has a very weak stomach lol

  2. Single mum, so mummy does it all!

  3. We have an agreement that mummy does the poo, daddy does sick
    Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows recently posted…Lovely Things: JuneMy Profile

  4. mummy usually but daddy does his bit too

  5. both x

  6. always mum

  7. Mummy mostly does

  8. Mummy normally but Daddy used to get involved too!

  9. Pretty equal!

  10. Me – as I am around most of the time. Daddy helps if he has to…

  11. Both of us do it- its an equal partnership!

  12. Mostly mummy but daddy does help

  13. Of course Mummy!

  14. mostly mummy, but daddy does work hard too 🙂

  15. Definitely mummy!!

  16. Mostly Mummy, but Daddy will lend a hand.

  17. Mummy

  18. I think its fair to say we with three kids we both do our fair amount of cleaning up messy moments!!!

  19. Probably my Dad as he stays at home

  20. sometimes daddy ..mostly mummy

  21. Mummy of course!
    Have typed my twitter handle wrong on rafflecopter, it should be @mrsclark_x

  22. Usually mummy 🙁

  23. we are pretty equal really

  24. Mummy!

  25. Mummy! Daddy is still slightly squeamish

  26. Mummy!x

  27. defo mummy although daddy does help now and again

  28. mummy! liked photo on instagram too x

  29. Always me when there’s a “heavy nappy”!

  30. Mummy of course

  31. Usually mummy

  32. always mummy

  33. mummy does all the messy jobs as daddy is just too lazy and messy himself so technically mummy cleans up after 2 small children and 1 big kid haha xx

  34. Mummy of course! Lol! xx

  35. Pretty equal I would say.

  36. Daddy tends to have those joys!!

  37. Whoever touched him last!

  38. Mummy does most things!!!

  39. Mostly mummy

  40. Mummy and Grandma clear up but Daddy and Granddad are happily join in playtimes and pram pushing.

  41. I have to confess that mummy does most of the cleaning up. But daddy does do his bit too.

  42. I’d like to think we both do our fair share!

  43. it’s mummy

  44. Mummy, always!

  45. Mummy does!

  46. mummy does the cleaning up

  47. Mommy and daddy x

  48. Always mummy!

  49. Mummy 🙂

  50. Got a little one on the way and will make sure the wife cleans up lol 😛

  51. Daddy!

  52. Daddy.

  53. Mummy, most times.

  54. 99% mummy. daddy will do it on a rare occassion that i go out

  55. Whoever is closest at the time

  56. Mummy

  57. Mummy as daddy works away during the week… so I try to get him to do some of the messier moments at the weekend!
    Lynsey Ward recently posted…Am I growing a giant baby?My Profile

  58. Daddy – he’s pretty good!

  59. Mummy cos daddy never does it to my high standards!

  60. It’s usually mummy as I’m at home all day, but daddy does his share on a weekend!!
    Anna recently posted…A (very late) birth announcement!My Profile

  61. Tends to be mummy, but daddy day care means it’s shared!

  62. Equal shares mummy and daddy 🙂

  63. Mummy of course!

  64. always mumy!

  65. Mummy cleans up all the splodges and soggy burps in this house.


  67. Mummy!! Daddy has a habit of disappearing when it gets messy however loves to help create the mess!

  68. Mummy 🙂

  69. Mummy

  70. Mummy always!

  71. Mummy mainly

  72. mummy- every time!

  73. Mummy cleans the most messes – but Daddy had the 1st Messiest one 🙂

  74. Mummy, purely because it’s usually me that’s around!

  75. Mummy – Daddy runs a mile!

  76. Poor mummy

  77. Always Mummy, but no complaints XD

  78. Equally done

  79. Mostly Mummy ♥♥ Great Giveaway ♥♥ Fingers Crossed ♥♥

  80. Usually mummy, but if daddy is at home it’s daddy’s turn!

  81. It would have to be me *Mummy*, mainly as Daddy is at work all week!

  82. Mummy.

  83. Just Mummy!
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted…Debenhams Style a T-shirtMy Profile

  84. Unfortunately for me it is mummy 🙁

  85. Always mummy.

  86. mummy! but daddy does help a lot!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…Win a Six Month Membership to MumsDateDads!My Profile

  87. Mummy or nana

  88. Mummy does it, unless it’s a Saturday and then Daddy has to do it because I’m at work!

  89. Mummy, I’m not going to fib.

  90. daddy does it often enough to believe HE does. Mummy begs to differ..

  91. Mummy, by a long way! Daddy has a “phobia” of vomit!

  92. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!!!

  93. We share it!

  94. Mummy and Daddy! (mostly mummy because daddys in work most of the time!)

  95. mummy and i have liked photo on instagram

  96. Mummy, of course!

  97. Mummy of course!

  98. usually mummy!

  99. Usually mummy

  100. Mummy during the week as I don’t work and daddy at the weekend 🙂

  101. Mummy, Daddy has a knack for creating an even bigger mess

  102. Mummy for the food and poo mess, but daddy for the sick, mummy can’t stomach it.

  103. Mummy of course!

  104. Mummy x

  105. Mummy always, daddy never!!

  106. Mummy 🙂 xx

  107. Definitely mummy!

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