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Mummy has had two summer babies, my biggest sister and my big bro. And a winter baby, and an autumn baby (ME!)

Although newborn babies need almost the same care whenever they are born, these tips may help if you have a summer baby.

ne born baby

  1. Even if it is hot weather when baby is born, remember he can’t regulate his own body heat, so keep the little cloth hat on for a few hours at least.
  2. For the same reason, you don’t need layers of clothing. Ditch the vest rather than the babygro – I hated my legs bare from a very, very early age!
  3. Babies usually like being covered or swaddled up – choose a lightweight cotton blanket, or cotton sheet if it is very hot.
  4. Be VERY aware of NOT over dressing or over covering your baby, babies can overheat very quickly.
  5. Don’t forget baby will get thirsty, and may be crying for a drink, not food (milk). Give cooled, boiled water in a sterilised bottle from very early on. It is a good habit to start!
  6. NEVER have your baby in direct sunlight. Keep their delicate skin out of the sun. Use hoods, parasols, sunshades etc.
  7. Keep the house cool by opening the windows, closing the curtains in baby’s bedroom, and using a fan if need be. Make sure though, that baby isn’t in a draft.
  8. Make sure that baby’s car seat isn’t in the sun in the car. Stick sunshades on the window, or trap a pram sheet in the window to keep the sun off.
  9. On the other hand, don’t have the air conditioning on too high in the car, or the fans pointing at the baby.
  10. Loose, natural fabric clothing is best, lighter colours all help to keep baby cool. Pop a lightweight cotton hat on your baby

Congratulations if you are having a summer baby!





  1. I’m expecting my first baby at the end of July, so right at the start of summer – this list is perfect, especially the point about getting into the habit of giving baby a drink early on! Thanks so much for this post x
    Amy @ Mum’s the Law recently posted…THE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE AND THOSE THAT HELPED ME THROUGH.My Profile

  2. Fab tips from your Mummy Ickle! I think there are different things to think about when you have babies at different times of year. I’ve had a winter, spring and summer baby so really different things going on with the seasons #pocolo
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Bubabloon ReviewMy Profile

  3. Wonderful tips. It’s amazing how the time of year the baby is born effects so many decisions. #TheList x
    Becky, Cuddle Fairy recently posted…Liebster Awards 3 & 4My Profile

  4. This is really useful to me! Indiana was a autumn/winter baby so have no idea what to expect having a summer baby this time xx
    Emilyandindiana recently posted…Godstone Farm Family Day OutMy Profile

  5. Some great tips! Olivia is now 5 weeks old and hasn’t been bothered by the hot weather so far. Hopefully it continue to not bother her throughout the summer. #thelist
    Stacey recently posted…weekly list #12My Profile

  6. Fab tips lovely. It was cold when Baby was born, so much easier than it being hot. Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  7. Fabulous tips – especially at this time of the year 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  8. I have had two summer baby’s who were both born during heatwaves it was lovely being able to take them out in the pram with the parasol on, some useful tips for new parents x #thelist
    Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Dreaming Of A Full Night’s SleepMy Profile

  9. I always wince a little when I see a tiny baby that looks only a few weeks old being carried around out in the sun. :/

  10. Very informative post.All the tips and guidance are more helpful.
    Jenifer recently posted:best stroller fan for baby”

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