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You may know that we had a recent road trip to London, and we had a fantastic time and did some amazing things, one of which was our first ever visit to The Rainforest Cafe, Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

We have never, ever been anywhere like this before. Ever.

Even from the outside, it looks incredible, and makes you feel that you just have to go in.

rainforest cafe

How would I describe The Rainforest Cafe?

It is a unique shop, restaurant and experience all in one.

Pickle says …

rainforest cafe


rainforest cafe

I went into the big shop with Mummy, bro and sis. WOW! Just WOW! All I could see were toy animals everywhere. We walked through them, to the side, and a lady took us downstairs. There was a waterfall, and trees, and more animals. A nice man took my buggy to store, and we followed the lady.

rainforest cafe

Downstairs was just like being in a forest. It was a bit darker, with trees and bushes everywhere, there was a bar on one side, and the bar stools looked like animals legs!

rainforest cafe

rainforest cafe

We were taken to our able, which was right next to a Mummy Elephant and her baby! I thought they were real, they were moving, flapping their ears and lifting their trunks, and making elephant trumpeting noises! I was a bit scared – but excited too.

rainforest cafe

Mummy told me the elephants weren’t real, and she tickled their ears!

Around the restaurant there were lot of animals too.

rainforest cafe

There was a HUGE choice of food on the menu – and a fab Children’s Menu too. It took Mummy and sis and bro ages to choose – there were so many dishes. Pasta, fish, steak, burgers and much more. I chose one of my favourites – Macaroni Cheese pasta. You can choose to have an activity pack with your meal, which has lots to do inside, including a mask, activity book, pencil, car sticker, ruler and a pack of cards.

rainforest cafe

Mummy chose:

Tagliatelle Verde Carbonara – £16.20

Tagliatelle verde cooked with carbonara cream sauce, topped with bacon & Parmesan cheese

Lea chose:

Linguine Prawn Pasta – £19.50

A wonderful combination of shelled & unshelled prawns with crabmeat, chillies, spring onions & garlic, tossed in cream sauce & linguine pasta

Luke chose (off the childrens menu)

Mini Mojo – £12.95 (includes main course, desert and a drink. Activity pack is £3 extra.)

Oven roasted tender pork ribs smothered in our BBQ sauce with fries.

The food was delicious – hot, tasty and just lovely!

rainforest cafe

rainforest cafe

Mummy and Lea were too full for any pudding, but Luke and I had a Mudpit Sundae each. It was delicious! Cha Cha the restaurants mascot, came around (I broke into a bit of a sweat, I don’t like dressed up creatures!) but Mummy, very bravely, had a selfie with him!

There is a twinkly sky in the ceiling which has the same stars as above the real rainforest. Every fifteen minutes all the animals ‘wake up’ and move and make noises. Every half an hour there is a ‘storm’ when the lights are dimmed, and you can hear the rain and thunder.

rainforest cafe

rainforest cafe collage 13

The Rainforest Cafe is truly amazing, we will never forget our visit, and our meal.

I want to say a big thank you to our server Tamas – he was super friendly and helpful, and very nice to us 🙂

ickle pickle recommends

WooHoo Points

The surroundings. This is truly an amazing dining experience.

The quality of the food.

The friendly, lovely staff.

Waaaah Points

It doesn’t open until 11.30am (12 noon in the week).

I wish there was a tiny tiddler menu for us toddlers – I only drink water, and could only manage half my pasta, and less of the desert, so £12.95 is a lot for that.

Special Offer

I have a fantastic discount offer for my lovely readers – print off the voucher below for 15% discount 🙂

rainforest cafe discount voucher

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  1. Wow that looks amazing! Looks like you had such a fun time!
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  3. I’ve never been to the Rainforest Cafe but have always thought it looked like a lot of fun!

  4. Oh wow it looks amazing. I’d love to go one day for the experience.
    Angela recently posted…Memory Maker – Is it Worth The Money?My Profile

  5. We’ve only really been once a couple of years ago now but really loved it and the menu was fantastic. Z was slightly nervous with the noisy animals but I think he’d probably love it now!

  6. Will definitely have to visit, it looks fab!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…What Jack Is Packing For HolidayMy Profile

  7. Oh wow! I want to eat there….It looks such a fun place! The food looks pretty yummy too x
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  8. This looks and sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to go in whenever I’ve walked past 🙂 x
    ghostwritermummy recently posted…Maternity Matters link up (12)My Profile

  9. I am so going to visit this cafe on our next visit to the capital. My son will love it!
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  10. Wow what a fantastic place! I’ll definitely have to plan a trip there one day! xx

  11. Wow! This place looks amazing- I would love to go there. Might have to wait until Boo eats a bit more though!!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…My Secret BlogMy Profile

  12. We went to one in America and really enjoyed the experience. The food was lovely too. Glad you had a lovely, although rather expensive, time
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  13. This looks like such a unique experience! I love the stars in the ceiling and that the animals move. Those ribs looks very tasty. What a great experience!
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…#BostikBloggers Monster CraftMy Profile

  14. The rainforest cafe is a great experience though when we went I thought the food was rubbish and overpriced. The kids loved it though! x
    Louise Edwards recently posted…Silent Sunday 14/06/15My Profile

  15. I have been to an event down stairs and visited the shop (fab family experience). My Sons love the shop, its the cuddle Jungle and all the sounds effects are smashing too. Its a very cool London attraction.
    I had no idea the food was so expensive, I’m not sure I would eat there even with the discount. Great detailed post, thank you x
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  16. I have been a couple of times. Love the surrounding but have been disappointed by the food. Glad to hear yours was good, may have to give it another try. #TriedTested
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  17. We took Monkey a couple of years ago after an event at Hamleys. It was amazing but very expensive for kids I thought. #TriedTested
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  18. I went here years and years ago with some friends and their children and it was brilliant x
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  19. Wow it really does look amazing! Somewhere definitely to take the kids to when we visit London x
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  20. I just have to go here. It sounds amazing! I love your review, and it sounds like the most amazing experience!
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  21. We have been before and love it big agree they need a tiddler menu! #TriedTested
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  22. My kids used to love the Rainforest Café when they were younger too. We used to go to one at Disneyland Paris quite often (when we lived close by).
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  25. The rain forest cafe looks great! I did not realise there was so much to see there.
    Maybe i should take my little girl for her birthday treat next month!
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  29. oh i do wish these places were everywhere , we miss out on so many great places to eat here in the north east

  30. Oh it looks like so much fun at the Rainforest Cafe, we must pay it a visit at some point. So glad you had a good time 🙂
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  31. What a lovely place to visit, its such a lovely experience visiting the rain forest cafe.
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