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We watched with horror the events unfold at Alton Towers earlier this week, as someone who used to love thrill rides, I felt sick with what happened on The Smiler. We wish all the injured a speedy recovery, and are so deeply sorry for their injuries and trauma. We visited Alton Towers years ago, Rita Queen of Speed was the ride I chose with my eldest daughter, MeeMee who was then probably about 11. The other rides we went on were for the littlies.

I have been on The Big One at Blackpool – with MeeMee again, she was my partner in rides, and was only 7! She loved it.

We’ve been to Florida and, yes, MeeMee and I were the ones to ride Kraken and The Hulk, so we loved our big coasters.

hulk roller coaster

The Hulk Roller Coaster in 2006, Universal Islands of Adventure

We live minutes from Oakwood Theme Park, and have ridden, many times Speed and Megaphobia – until, sadly the park had its own accident, over ten years ago now, but a teenage girl sadly died on the ride that was called Hydro (now it is Drenched). She fell out of the carriage.

It was about then that my thirst for thrills slowed down, in fact, for a good while after, I got panicked at the thought of a ride.
I suppose I never got my thirst back, as a mum, and getting older, I think I saw more the risks involved, as a teen myself I would wait for the visiting fairground, and ride the biggest thrill ride they had! I wouldn’t now, nor would I let my children.

You see, there’s a risk in everything you do, I know that. But I think I’m past putting us at risk, unnecessarily. It’s scary how these accidents happen, and scarier when other rides / parks start closing until safety checks are updated ( or whatever the reason is.)

I’ve heard several, more minor incidents, with no injuries, thank goodness, such as rides stopping for no reason, and getting stuck.

I’ve also heard worryingly, that essential safety checks of rides has become less frequent due to financial cost of the staff to do so. I am not naming which park this is at, but I heard from a reliable source.

I used to very much believe that when ‘ your time is up, it’s up’ but I don’t know anymore.

I was looking at Chessington or Thorpe Park for our first visit this summer, but I don’t think I will now.

I’m not prepared to take the risk.

Are you?


  1. I too was like you. I loved to fast, scary thrill rides growing up and use to love them. But for me my moment of fear came when I got on a fair ground ride “The Waltsers” and half way through the ride the sweat broken and my cheeks were cms away from the wheels underneath. When I screamed though they thought I was enjoying the ride and made it go faster.
    Ever since then I have been scared or afraid to go on big rides.
    Whereas my kids love them, I am like you can only see the risks involved and the what if something went wrong like at Alton towers.
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  2. I used to love Rollercoasters years ago before kids….I went to Alton towers not long after the Nemisis opened and loved it….Now all the money in the world wouldn’t get me on one…..
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Project 365 – Week 23My Profile

  3. I’m not now. The last ride I went on was with teen at Drayton Manor and I had my eyes shut and screamed all the way round. I won’t be getting on another now. My son though, he’s practically an adult and loves his rides. I’m going to have to let him make his own decisions 🙁
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  4. I use to like them but now the older i get the more i realise can go wrong.
    Mum to a Monster recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  5. I have become so much more risk averse now I have children. I have never been into rides like this anyway, watching them scares me. With kids though, I feel i have a responsibility to keep myself safe. Great post even though my stomach knotted reading it!! #myfavouritepost
    Kirsten Toyne recently posted…How to Overcome Self BlameMy Profile

  6. I’m not a big rollercoaster fan! In fact would you believe I only went on my first one LAST YEAR whilst in Blackpool on holiday. And ONLY because my 9yr old said she’d go on it with me? lol! The shame, right? But I reckon the older I get, yeah, I would take the risk, as you only live the once, right? #favouritepost
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  7. As a child I never liked roller coasters and even less now. I don’t think my body enjoyed that stomach flipping feeling, with my brain telling me this is dangerous as well. Strangely I now love to ski!
    For some its great fun … but its hard to know whats a safe risk and what isn’t with these things. We have to trust and for most of the time we are in safe hands here. But sometimes there are tragedies such as these.

  8. I wouldn’t do rollarcoasters and the like, I just don’t like them. But I do other, equally stupid and irresponsible things. I wouldn’t stop anyone from doing it, these things are (thankfully) rare. You hear about them because they are rare. #myfavouritepost

  9. I used to love rides but now I’m a mum my opinion has firmly changed. I wouldn’t go on any of these thrill seeker rides and I’ll do my best to prevent my son doing it as he gets older too – he’ll still be on the teacups when he’s 21 😉

    Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost

  10. Since i’m getting older I am becoming more scared of going on rides. When I was younger, before my 2nd child I used to go on any ride, but the thought of going on the rides I’ve been on before, pretty much scares me. Maybe because I haven’t been on any for such a long time, or I get too worried about things. I’m not sure?

    I feel so sorry for those injured in Alton Towers.
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  11. I loved the rides when I was young, but now I can get vertigo just walking across the floor 🙂 without the help of riding a coaster!
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  12. my daughter already seems to love roller coasters and fair rides. I get nervous when we are at the top of a ferris wheel but not enough to deny her. I just hold her tight and enjoy her laughter
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  13. I have such high anxiety and now that I am a mom, I don’t venture out and do exciting thrill rides anymore. Not that I was ever a huger fan, but I worry too much nowadays and I read too many horror stories.
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  14. I used to love the thrill rides but haven’t ridden in a very long time do to proximity and several chronic issues. I never really considered this point of view when I was younger and while I’m raising my daughter not to fear but to respect it, I see your view and know it’s valid. I also have close friends in “happy” places who know about accidents that aren’t readily available to the general public. It IS scary. This was food for thought. Thank you! #MyFavouritePost

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  15. I will still go on them. I already knew the risks before the events at Alton Towers in the past few weeks and although they can go wrong, it is rare.

    I feel so sorry for those who have had their lives affected (in many different ways) by the events at Alton Towers though x
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  16. I think everything you do has a certain element of risk – you just need to weigh up if the enjoyment you get from it is worth it. I would still ride rollercoasters personally but I think I would feel different if I had children! Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost
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  17. I hadn’t looked at theme parks from the perspective of the risks involved. So sad about the events at Alton Towers. I haven’t been before but I’ll think even more carefully now. Yeah, some risks are not worth taking. #MyFavouritePost
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  18. I used to love rollercoasters as well but these days I just can’t stomach them and after having S, I think I’ve lost my thrill seeker license! Don’t think I’ll be taking any risks this summer apart from maybe LEGOLAND which hopefully won’t be too risky!! #myfavouritepost

  19. Tragic events, truly awful 🙁 Fortunately none of my family enjoy roller coasters so we won’t be taking the risk any time soon x
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