A New Royal Baby


A new Royal Baby is due very soon – a new little Prince or Princess, a brother or sister for Prince George. Although they are very special, in most ways they are just the same as you and me.

For example, did you know that Prince George left hospital in a Britax Baby Safe Infant Carrier?

It is very exciting, but it can be scary too – introducing your other child(ren) to the new baby, no matter what family you belong too!

Inspired by Britax asking their Facebook readers for their tips when there is a new baby arriving, I have some of my tips to share with you …

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1. Tell your other child(ren) about the new baby when it feels right for you. Mummy has always told the others early on in her pregnancies, and shared the scan photos, and showed them her bump as it grows. With me, the others were so much older (9, 12 and 15 when Mummy found out she was pregnant) so she told them at the beginning, so that could understand when Mummy got really tired – and help her too.

2. When the baby arrives, let the other children choose a present for the new baby. I had teddies from my bro and sisters.

3. Choose a special gift for the other children from the new baby, and tell them who it is from. Mummy can’t remember what she got them from me! (Baby brain!)

4. Let each child hold the new baby – with your help, if needed, of course.

5. In the first few weeks, find a little time for just you and your eldest child(ren) even if just to read them a story, or have a cuddle.

6. Let the others help in whatever way they can – make them a special part of settling in the new baby.


Have you any tips for welcoming a new baby?





  1. What a lovely little post. I think it’s really important for any sibling to be involved. My mum had my little brother when I was ten and I remember being taken to see him within minutes of his birth. We built a loving bond. He turned out to be very “special needs” and his 21 now. I did so much to help and it gave my mum little breaks. preparing for a baby can be so exciting for the little ones if we get them involved.

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  2. Sometimes I think siblings aren’t as interested / concerned as we think they are. When my sister was born by home birth apparently my dad woke me up to tell me the exciting news. “You’ve got a little sister”, he said “and we’re going to call her Sarah”. “Oh” I said and went straight back to sleep. I’m used to her now mind x

  3. We had a gift bag for Beth when Joshua arrived with big sister items in and the DS game she had been saving for

  4. Some good tips and hints as it is a difficult time for a child.

  5. There were no issues here when no.3 arrived. I think the twins were so used to sharing attention that adding another person didn’t phase them 🙂

  6. My first was only 14 months when Mini was born, sop we didn’t have any issues at all. He didn’t understand or realise to be honest!

  7. A lovely post with lots of great tips! x

  8. Some good tips here. I would say that lots of praise for the older sibling is good, when they’re kind to the little one. Helps stop all those jealous feelings from spilling out too badly!

  9. My children have a significant age gap, so I also tried to involve them as much as possible. I gave them little baby development books to fill in with their brother’s milestones so they could be really involved in his progress.

  10. see when i had my last child the other children wer all so vry small , now they have grown and our youngest is now 5 im hoping this makes things a lot easier x

  11. What a lovely post, I can’t wait for the Royal Baby to arrive, totally exciting x

  12. Siblings need to feel that they will not be replaced with baby sister or brother. It can be very hard for them to think that they may not get the attention.

  13. What a lovely post – it is very exciting knowing a new royal baby is on the way!

  14. I think it’s a really good idea to get the other children involved, as they can feel a bit put out with a new baby in the house xx

  15. Some really great tips – so exciting when any new baby arrives, I love it!!

  16. It is hard preparing a young child for a new baby. I would say helping them bond very early usually eases the tension.xx

  17. The new baby was always very clever and remembered to bring gifts for its siblings :0)
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  18. I also found presents from the baby to other family members is lovely too x
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  19. We had a present for Emmy in my hospital bag which Harry then gave to her when she visited
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