Mummy’s Summer Wardrobe


With the warmer weather this week, Mummy has been thinking of getting some new clothes for the summer. We are not going on holiday abroad this year, which makes buying summer clothes even trickier.

We all had loads of clothes last year, with going to Menorca, and although I have grown out of mine -as has my big bro – Mummy still has hers.

cala galdana, menorca

She still likes to get something new though, and loves looking at womens clothing online

Here is what Mummy is looking at….

A new cardigan. One that goes with everything! This one is lovely from Woolovers.

woolovers womens clothing


A new rain jacket, we always have cooler cloudy days in West Wales!

Some new sandals, she is looking at Hotter for some gorgeous ones.

hotter shoes

A new maxi dress – Mummy says you can never have enough!

New sunglasses – Mummy always manages to lose hers from one year to the next!

What do you need to buy for summer this year?



  1. I don’t know what I need to buy for summer yet, apart from new clothes for my son who has grown a lot since last year. I like the look of that cardigan, it would be very useful.

  2. Love those shoes! I bought loads of new summer clothes last year but have lost nearly two stone since then so will need new ones x

  3. I like those shoes and I need to buy kids clothes this summer, they grow out of everything so fast; my clothes can wait.

  4. It would be more accurate to ask what don’t I need for summer? I can’t get by without shoes so I will be purchasing some of those, but otherwise money will go on my little pickle-ish boy!
    Desperate for a decent hat that will stay on his head – and sunnies too!

  5. I think I need some new trousers/shorts for the summer.

  6. What a lovely sounding new summer wardrobe! I adore a nice new cardi as a cover up. x

  7. I should start planning my holiday clothes

  8. I need almost an entire summer wardrobe but am leaving it to the last minute (as ever) in the hope that I will have lost a little bit of weight between now and then.

  9. I need a new summer splurge!

  10. Love those sandals!! Such lovely colours. Bring on Summer – I can’t wait for the nice summery clothes.

  11. You can never go wrong with a Maxi dress in my opinion x

  12. I love that cardigan. I tend to drop odd pieces in when shopping for food!

  13. As usual there wont be much money left for my clothes by the time I have bought new stuff for the kids!

  14. I have nothing for my summer wardrobe this year .. this has got me wanting to window shop 🙂 x

  15. A new season is the perfect time to treat ourselves. I like the shoes. Flowery prints look like being in this year.

  16. Like the cardigan and shows. I need some new summer clothes badly I don’t know what I wore last year but it seems like there is literally nothing in my wardrobe haha x

  17. I literally have no summer clothes. I need to stock up! xx

  18. What a lovely coordinated outfit. I love the shoes,

  19. Oh I love those sandals. I new a few new things for summer as I have lost some weight.

  20. I’ve brought lots of new tops but I need trousers and shorts now

  21. Nice share, I really like the mummy’s summer wardrobe inspiration share here. Also for this summer season I’ve planned to buy some tops and flats.

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